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The intersection of Gurzufskaya and Turners. Yekaterinburg online


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Yekaterinburg,Russiais an important administrative center of the Ural district. The fourth-largest population, with a highly developed infrastructure and backbone links. Yekaterinburg is a place in the industry it's like light and heavy. Having good transport links, connecting residential areas and Central avenues and streets. One of the busiest parts of the transport message is the intersection of Gurzufskaya and Turners. Ul.Gurzuf in the residential area of the South-West , starts from Moskovskaya street and runs East to the West of Yekaterinburg turning in Repin street. Ul.Turners is located in the Verkh-Isetsky district of the city from 1921 the street Turner was named in the honor of the profession. During Soviet rule, the street was reconstructed in highway city. In the prewar years, in Yekaterinburg, was founded a few plants, but a huge boost to the development of the town got during the reign of the Soviet regime, opened large plants, some of them continue to work. At the intersection of Gurzufskaya and Tokarev –main roads installed the webcam, allowing real-time to see the city of Yekaterinburg.
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Ekaterinburg is the administrative town in the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation, and is the main scientific center of the Ural region. Yekaterinburg is an important industrial center, which is engaged in different types of industry. The camera is located on street 8 Martha and Malysheva.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 27.01.18
The intersection of streets 8 Martha and Malysheva web camera online
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The webcam is installed on the main in Ekaterinburg, Square of 1905 that occurred since the founding of the city, and received its name in honor of the revolutionary events unfolding on it in the early twentieth century. Here was held the first Bolshevik demonstrations and organized political rally.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 16.07.17
Ploshchad 1905 goda , Yekaterinburg webcam online
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The view of the fabulous family holiday Park "Tagansky" in Yekaterinburg. It is located in the Central area of the city throughout the year. In 2009, the Park won the prestigious award. Today, the Park holds many attractions, a mini zoo, a stage, a sports area, children's Playground and landscaped part for Hiking and Cycling.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 05.03.16
Tagansky Park web Cam online
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The dam, located on the Iset river in Yekaterinburg, built in 1723, later rebuilt many times. Residents of the city affectionately call it "Plotinka". Yekaterinburg is the fourth-largest population, is also the administrative center of Sverdlovsk region is the largest administrative, research and educational center in the Ural region.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 05.05.14
The dam, located on the Iset river in Yekaterinburg
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Beautiful city with wonderful parks, wide avenues, and beautiful buildings. Ekaterinburg belongs to the great cities of Russia making it very attractive for tourists of intellectuals. The camera shoots on the street of Vysotsky, and the bridge on the neighborhood concrete.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 02.11.13
Vysotskogo street, bridge district concrete
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Yekaterinburg, the city is interesting for its history and peculiarities, which are divided even true travelers. The Foundation of the city related to the construction of a plant. The camera is located on Lenin Avenue and Moskovskaya street.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 02.11.13
Lenin Avenue and Moskovskaya street. Ekaterinburg webcam online
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Yekaterinburg, the city is the industrial center of the Russian Federation, one of the major cities, where the main production is concentrated in the country. The camera views the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Lunacharsky street. The birth of the city began with the construction of the first large factory in Russia in 1723.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 02.11.13
The intersection of Lenin Avenue and Lunacharsky street
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Ekaterinburg, a city located on the slopes of the Ural ridges of the Central part of Eurasia. The city marked the glorious history that starts from the first settlements to the present day. The camera is located at the intersection of streets of Astronauts and Mechanicians.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 02.11.13
The intersection of streets of Astronauts and Mechanicians web camera online
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Ekaterinburg, a large city, the capital of the Urals, situated on the slopes of the mountains. The camera captures the intersection of Vysotsky and Syromolotova. The city rapidly began to develop in the early twentieth century, when the country zahlestnula Soviet industrialization.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 02.11.13
Street Vysotsky - Syromolotova web camera online
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Yekaterinburg is the fourth in Russia in terms of population. The city, which has a powerful line, and also has an international airport. The camera captures an intersection of East and Malysheva. Ekaterinburg is known for its history in Imperial Russia and IN the War.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 02.11.13
The intersection of Eastern and Malysheva. Yekaterinburg online
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Ekaterinburg, the camera is located at the intersection of Gottwald and Bebel. The city is situated on the slopes of the Ural mountains, and in numbers considered to be the fourth city after Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Novosibirsk. It is an industrial center of the Russian Federation, and is the main city of the Ural district.
Ekaterinburg, Russia 02.11.13
The intersection of Bebel and Gottwald. Yekaterinburg online
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