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A view of the Wawel. Krakow in real time


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Krakowis a picturesque town, the heart of the cultural life of Poland with a long history and unique style, imbued with the spirit of antiquity and of Royal grandeur and magical atmosphere of celebration and wonder. The city has more than 5000 medieval buildings and an unimaginable number of works of fine and decorative arts, and sculpture. For a huge number of attractions, Krakow is called the city-Museum, where everyone will find a favourite corner, street or the historic building. The magical attraction of the city has captured the hearts of millions of tourists from around the world. In addition to ancient monuments, the city has a well developed infrastructure, there are many luxury hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping and other important tourist facilities. The historical part of Krakow is the cultural heritage list of UNESCO, and is a magnificent ensemble of ancient architecture Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque styles. This so-called "Royal road" leading to Wawel castle, once the center of statePolandbecause Krakow was the capital of the Polish lands almost to the end of the XVIII century. On the "Royal route" once passed, the monarchs and that is why it has erected the most beautiful and significant structures. In this place there are some ancient museums and beautiful Catholic temples, the large areas and picturesque squares. One of the largest medieval squares is considered to be the Market square which is also the main area of the city. It was founded in the mid-thirteenth century, and was gradually covered with buildings. Today it is the largest and oldest trading house of the cloth hall on the ground floor there are rows of stalls and shops, and the second – most beautiful exhibition of the National art Museum. Around the square rise to the heights of the asymmetrical towers of the Catholic Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary. Mariacki the Church has a unique eclectic architecture with features of early and late Gothic, and Romanesque style, and dunena asymmetric design sets it apart from other temples of that era. Another landmark of Krakow's Old town is the Episcopal Palace, where he once lived, Pope John Paul II. The old town covers the ring of the Planty Park, planted on the city walls, where you can always relax from the hustle and bustle or a romantic date.
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Stream is happening with the market Podgorski in the Capital Royal city of Krakow, situated at the left Bank of the main Polish river Vistula. Web camera covers a view of the square, Rynek Podgórski, surrounded by pine plantations and buildings on the streets Boleslav Limanowa and writer Kazimir Brudzinskogo.
Krakow, Poland 17.09.15
Market Podgorski. Krakow in real time
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Webcam shows one of the symbols of Krakow and its main Church – the St. Mary's Church, which is a beautiful Gothic structure, with a two-aisled Basilica and luxurious decoration located on the main square – Rynek Glowny. The camera is located on the historic trading floor of the cloth hall.
Krakow, Poland 17.09.15
St. Mary's Church – Krakow web Cam online
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Stream is from Grodzka street in Krakow. It is considered one of the oldest streets of the city, which crosses the old town and leads straight to the Royal castle. In the middle ages there was held an important trade route to Krakow from the mine suburban settlement Wieliczka salt were delivered.
Krakow, Poland 17.09.15
Grodzka Street. Krakow web Cam online
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The view from the webcam opens in the Peter and Paul Church in Krakow. The camera is located on the property of the Senate on the Grodzka street, which in the IX century began the construction of the then capital around the main square of Krakow. This street leads directly to the gates of Wawel castle, which is why it is a silent witness to the Royal processions in the history of the city.
Krakow, Poland 17.09.15
The Church of St. Peter and Paul. Krakow in real time
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Market square located in Krakow is one of the largest squares in Europe, the one ensemble which was planned for construction, have been preserved to our days. Square, or polka Rynek is the center of attraction of many tourists from different countries.
Krakow, Poland 20.03.14
Krakow Market square
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Floriańska street, one of the main attractions located in the Old Town in Krakow. The street stretches 335 meters, but these meters come home with amazing architecture. The name of the street received from the ancient entrance to the city – St Florian's gate.
Krakow, Poland 20.03.14
Krakow. The old town of St. Florian
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