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Turaidas street (Turaidas street) in Jurmala, web camera online



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A small town in the Baltic Stateshas long been a popular vacation spot. In Jurmala hosts popular festivals of laughter – KVN and Comedy club. In parallel, you can see a lot of cozy parks, Sunny beaches, interesting sculptures and beautiful, well-kept streets. One of the parks of Jurmala is "Dzintari". Included in the category of refined woods and areas for rest. Here the attitude to nature respectfully placed garbage cans, always clean and cleaned. Paved the driveway, there is an opportunity to exercise and breathe the fresh sea air. Work playgrounds, rope Park is more for older children, and even their parents. In a particularly hot day, the townspeople hide in the shade of tall trees and relax from the city bustle. Near the Park is the coastline and out to sea. The beach of Jurmala, near Dzintari perfect for water treatment with children. The sea is shallow, the water is well heated. In Jurmala you can bring yourself up to try different massage treatments to undergo therapeutic rehabilitation. The cleanest beaches are marked with blue flags as a symbol of livability. In the sand walk in the ball, sunbathe on the couch. If you want to stretch your legs, walk along the city streets. Joma is one of the famous streets of the Baltic city. Here, in any case, I'm hungry, enough grocery stores, snack bars, cafeterias. In one of the museums of the city, located directly under the open sky, very realistic recreations of everyday life of Latvian residents. Are guides who are available to talk about all and miss the fun. Shown national life, a popular craft for women and men of the time. Exhibits are not under glass, and a curious viewer in mind. Also there is an interesting opportunity to see how they work for hand loom, as molded from clay dishes, weaved basket. The main points in the Museum are free. A tourist, walking through the forest, wanders into a fishing village, and around the next bend he had already stopped at a huge windmill. Around it grew lush birch, pine groves, a lot of fragrant greenery. The area is quite large, all hungry for a small amount offered to tasteLatvianthe meat dishes. The house that tourists can see on the site of the Museum of the real or stylized real. In fairs participate craftsmen, you can beg them personally to knock a coin for memory. All the staff are dressed in Latvian national costumes, the experience of visiting the Museum under the open sky is positive, because the place is cozy and thoughtful.
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Camera overlooking one of the oldest and most popular tourist streets in jūrmala. Its name translates as "sand waves". Here completely blocked the traffic, benches, flower beds, beautiful lights. There are a large number of cafes, restaurants, shops, and cultural institutions.
Jurmala, Latvia 23.03.16
Jomas street (Jomas iela) jūrmala web camera online
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The camera is one of the most popular tourist areas of Jurmala – Majori. The view opens on one of the beaches. Sandy beach and clean sea with gently sloping bottom attract large number of tourists. The coastline stretches for many miles, so on the beaches, even though a large number of people, you can always find a spacious place.
Jurmala, Latvia 23.03.16
The Beach Of Maiori. Jurmala web camera online
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View of the resort city of Jurmala – pedestrian Jomas street. The area is landscaped with benches, scenic walkways and flowerbeds. Here are concentrated the best entertainment and shopping in the city, among which are especially popular among tourists is "Cafe53".
Jurmala, Latvia 23.03.16
Jomas Street. Jurmala web camera online. View from "Cafe 53"
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The camera is located on the building one of the best restaurants in Jurmala – "Orizzonte". The view embraces the beach of the Riga Gulf coastline and water areas. Nedaliko here is the Museum of the Earth dragons, and ancient Lubotsky Lutheran Church.
Jurmala, Latvia 22.03.16
The Gulf of Riga. The view from the restaurant "Orizzonte". Jurmala web camera online
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The camera is located on the building "Cafe53" in Jurmala. The cafe is on Jomas street in the Central part of the city. This is one of the oldest streets of Riga seaside. It originates from the building of the railway station Majori and ends at the monument to the "Jurmala globe".
Jurmala, Latvia 22.03.16
Jomas Street. View from "Cafe 53". Jurmala web camera online
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Panoramic view of one of the most popular Latvian resorts – Jurmala. The town is conveniently located between the Gulf of Riga and the river Lielupe. Come here from all corners of the former Soviet Union and other countries, in order to get healthier, to spend a holiday at sea, visit unique monuments and landmarks, and a hugely popular show KVN, music and film festivals, colorful concerts and competitions.
Jurmala, Latvia 20.03.16
Panorama of the city of Jurmala in real-time
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The web camera has the best location and shows a view of the building of the concert hall Dzintari in Jurmala. In this area is significant and popular cultural and tourist center of the whole city, which is known far beyond the borders of the entire country.
Jurmala, Latvia 20.03.16
Concert hall "Dzintari". Jurmala web camera online
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Camera overlooking one of the beaches of Majori in Jurmala. This is one of the busiest tourist areas of the city that stretched for miles along the coastline. Overview covers bright yellow sandy strip of beach and endless sea that can be admired forever, even if you just sit at the monitor.
Jurmala, Latvia 20.03.16
The Beach Of Maiori. Jurmala web camera online
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