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INTAtranslates as "good place". It is a small town in the Komi Republic, which in the mid-twentieth century was a promising and promising industrial centre for the production of thermal coal. The history of the city takes from the 30-ies of the last century, when a team of geologists, under the leadership of I. N. Sorvacheva, these places were discovered rich deposits of coal. Now, since the closure of almost all mines, the town was abandoned. But this does not prevent intizam to love him with all my heart and cherish the memory of his contribution to the history of the country. Most of the local population – the descendants of the repressed political prisoners of the Gulag and Minlag who built this city and develop the local it is mountain-concentrating production. The main symbol and monument of industrial architecture of the fuchuan isWater tower. Built in the style of Gothic architecture, of red brick, it is topped with a beautiful carved teeth and the steel open-work spire. Here recently, was reconstructed and open a Museum exhibition dedicated to the development of the city and the history of political repression. In the first tier you can see the panorama of fuchuan and information terminals. Above located the monitors broadcasting the images of the barracks, coroner's office, various photos and documents. The exposition is crowned by a watchtower with a soldier. Since 2012, the tower became part of the INTA local history Museum. In the city centre you can also see several historic buildings, decorated with brick ornaments. Next to the buildings and then you can meet cute statues of dwarven miners, in the technique of Kasli casting. A favorite place for walking locals is a pedestrian street, lined with graceful birch, has a large variety of shops. In addition to interesting attractions, the city also has an unusual climate. If since morning the sun shines brightly, and the air temperature warms up to +20, then after dinner you can roam a real snowfall. It is in the Inte may be seen among people walking in a winter coat and a light sundress. Speaking about the nature of fuchuan, it is worth to mention such a beautiful and fascinating phenomenon of the Aurora. This natural wonder is not only featured on the city coat of arms, but also was the name of the tourist train "Siyanie Severa", with cars of high comfort. Center of tourism, the city is difficult to call, but it should be noted that INTA is the starting point for travelers wishing to get to the national Park "Yugyd VA", or raft the upper Kozhim and Balbanyu rivers.
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The Inta webcam offers a view of the streets from the top of the water tower, which is considered a local landmark and a symbol of the city. The lens covers Polyarnaya Street and adjoining houses. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
INTA, Russia 09.04.23
View from the water tower. Webcams Inta
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Inta webcam is installed on the water tower and shows a view of the central area. The lens is directed towards the street. Peace. In the foreground, the view is opened by the House of Pioneers, behind which school No. 5 is located. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
INTA, Russia 08.04.23
View of the city from the side of the water tower. Webcams Inta
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INTA, a city of Republican subordination of the Komi Republic. Located on the North-East of the Republic.-D. station on the line Moscow-Vorkuta.
INTA, Russia 10.10.17
INTA web camera online
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The city name comes from Komi-Nenets word "INTA", which translated means the place where a lot of water. The history of the city and region goes back to antiquity. Close to INTA, in the town of Adak geologists discovered prehistoric man.
INTA, Russia 10.04.17
INTA web camera online. The view from the water tower
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INTA is a town on the North of the Komi Republic, a city whose economy is concentrated on mining of thermal coal. Located in the area North of the railway line, in 1999, km from Moscow.
INTA, Russia 10.04.17
The city of INTA with height of bird's flight
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INTA is a town in the Komi Republic of the Russian Federation.
INTA, Russia 10.04.17
Panorama of the city of INTA. The view from the water tower
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Camera overlooking the main square of the town of INTA in the Komi Republic. The overview covers the square and the monument to Lenin, whose name she bears. Here are the most significant events in the life of city – folk festivals, celebrations and rallies. Located near the city administration and the Central post office of Russia.
INTA, Russia 14.03.16
Webcam online with a view of the main square in the city of INTA
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View facing Gorky street in INTA, Komi Republic. The web camera is located on Lenin square. The overview covers the building of the Central post office and savings Bank. Nearby is the heritage Centre, children's library, scientific research institutes, several supermarkets, as well as the monuments to Lenin and the Emblem of INTA.
INTA, Russia 14.03.16
Gorky Street. INTA web camera online
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View the Lenin square in the town of INTA, located in the North of the Komi Republic (Russia). The camera is attached on the building of the post office. The overview covers the square with the monument to the Leader, as well as the city administration building. This area is full of shops, supermarkets, food service establishments.
INTA, Russia 14.03.16
Lenin Square. INTA web camera online
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The web camera is attached at the Water tower in the city of INTA, Republic of Komi. The structure was erected in 1955 and became the main attraction and symbol of the city. On the construction of this technical facility prisoners worked Antalaha and Milaga.
INTA, Russia 14.03.16
Water tower. INTA web camera online
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