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The Helsinki webcam online broadcasts a view of the Western Bay.

The lens captures the seaport, the bay, as well as cars waiting in line for departure and the terminal. Ferries depart daily from here to Tallinn and St. Petersburg.

Helsinki, whose webcams are available on the site, is the capital of harsh Finland.

This is the largest settlement located in the south of the country near the Baltic Sea.
In addition to architecture, the Finnish capital can boast of its parks. There are many of them, given its small territory. For 200 years the main park was the Esplanadi. In the past, people came to Espa to show themselves and look at others. Now people are relaxing on the grass, meeting friends and enjoying treats from their picnic basket. Every season brings some kind of event here: the May Day carnival, Midsummer celebrations, summer concerts on the stage of Espa and St. Thomas market at Christmas. There are kiosks selling things, cafes and restaurants, dozens of benches for relaxing, socializing and people watching.

Esplanadi in Helsinki, whose webcams allow you to enjoy a walk online, was included in the city plan in 1812 and has changed several times since then.

According to the plan of the architect Engel, the crossing of the streets divided the park into three sections: the Theatrical, the Runeberg Esplanade and the Esplanade of the Chapel. The current appearance and landscape of the central part of the park was designed by the Swede J. Gazony at the beginning of the 20th century. He decided to emphasize the continental style with large palm trees and plantings of thousands of cacti and succulents. The park was completely renovated in 1999.
The Esplanade has many valuable plants. For example, four types of lindens, the oldest of which date back to the 19th century. In winter, some trees are decorated with garlands. There are also many flowers: roses, lilacs and various seasonal flower beds that add bright colors to the park.

Few people know, but there are in Helsinki and Lenin Park, real-time webcams make it possible to see the northern architectural style.

The young foreman Pekka Yränkö decided to create a garden area on the eastern slope of Linnanmäki. It happened in 1961. In 1970, it was decided to give this place the name of Vladimir Lenin in honor of the hundredth anniversary of his birth. Many residents are still unaware of the existence of this park, which is hidden behind the hills of Linnanmäki and Kulttuuritalo.
This secret place in Helsinki, whose webcams provide a real-time view of the cityscape, is small in scale. But there is a wide variety of plants. Its curving asphalt and slate paths divide the park into sections with surprisingly different atmospheres and landscapes. A rocky stream flows through the park and flows into a pool of water over which walnut trees curve. The park has unusual trees and a varied array of low evergreen shrubs.
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The Helsinki webcam broadcasts a view of the Redi shopping center in real time. It is located in the eastern part of the capital and was built in 2018. There are hundreds of shops and dozens of restaurants here, and there is an outdoor park on the roof.
Helsinki, Finland 06.05.22
Shopping center Redi. Webcams Helsinki
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The Helsinki webcam online shows a view of the South Bay. Since it is swivel, different views of the surroundings fall into the lens. You can see the market square, ferries, Ferris wheel, embankment.
Helsinki, Finland 25.04.22
South bay. Webcams Helsinki
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The view from the camera installed on the building of the hotel Klaus K in Helsinki. This design hotel is located near the shopping district of Esplanadi. For its guests the hotel has prepared elegant rooms with luxurious furnishings and modern appliances. In this area there is a large number of museums, shops, monuments and other amazing attractions.
Helsinki, Finland 11.08.16
The hotel Klaus K, Helsinki web Cam online
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The view from the Union buildings of business life of Finland to the dock in the Bay Pohjoissatama. Here is the same, but slightly to the right, out of focus webcam is the Uspensky Orthodox Cathedral. Helsinki is the most Northern municipal town in Finland and is the northernmost capital of a member state of the EU. The main monuments of the city is Senate square, the Suomenlinna Fortress and the North harbour, which can be seen from the live webcam.
Helsinki, Finland 16.04.14
North Harbor, Helsinki Pohjoissatama
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