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Webcam Guayaquil watch online - the largest city of Ecuador

The city Guayaquil is considered the jewel of Ecuador. It is located on the Pacific coast and is the cradle of Latin culture, whose traditions are seamlessly blended into modern life.
The history of this city begins with the XVI century, when Spanish conquistadors led by Sebastian de Belalcázar founded on Indian village his small colony. For some time the Indians and Spaniards coexisted peacefully. But a little later, Indians destroyed the first colonists. A few years later, here returned by the Spaniards, under the command of captain Francisco de Orellana, who along with his squad of armed horsemen laid on the hill of St. Anne, the city of Santiago de Guayaquil. It was a time when each Spanish settler, who wants to get rich, could engage in trade. From that period to the present day, the remains of the fortifications, samples of residential architecture that you can see if the webcam Guayaquil to watch online.
During its existence, the city has experienced many pirate raids, destruction and fires. In the XIX century here took place the most serious revolt of fighters for independence, which was proclaimed in October 1820 On its sovereignty first, said the city followed all of Ecuador. Today on the streets of Guayaquil you can find many monuments to prominent revolutionaries of the era.
During the II World, there was organized transportation of balsa wood in the United States, which has been used in aircraft construction.
After the war, the port of long remained the most important city facility. Some say that once there built the first across the continent the steamer. Gradually Guayaquil received the first title of "the cradle of seafaring", and then "the Pacific pearl" of Ecuador. Until now, the city is an important economic center. Work here enterprises of heavy and light industry, including steel mills, sawmills, and food production. Today webcam Guayaquil to watch online from the comfort of home, directly at our site. In real time, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the exotic city with almost 500 years of history.
If someone decides to go here personally, it is better to combine a trip to Guayaquil with travel to other cities in Ecuador and South America. After all, the flight from Russia is not cheap. It can be reached from the Peruvian capital Lima. There runs the Board in Quito, where also on the plane, you can reach the end point of the route. Another way is to go on a cruise through Latin America. In the port of Guayaquil is often visited by large passenger liners.

The climate of Guayaquil for tourists unaccustomed it may seem too hot

In fact, this state of Affairs is inherent in all of South America. Moist tropical air and the drought of summer gives way to winter coolness. In December, the air temperature can reach +40. The greatest number of precipitation occurs in January and February. Showers can go nonstop for several weeks. This should know when planning a trip to Ecuador. And if the weather is inclement, webcam Guayaquil to watch online, without leaving, for example, snowy Moscow.
The main tourist activities here is a beach vacation. In the Western area of the city is a picturesque promenade with a clean, spacious beaches. Among the most popular spots for sun and sea baths – the beach Los Frailes. The locals prefer to go to the neighboring island of St. Helena, where you can rent apartments, or live in one of the private houses.

The southern coast of Guayaquil

The southern coast of Guayaquil (in particular, the beach of Montanita), is traditionally a favorite destination among fans of surfing. It attracts Amateurs and professionals from all over the country. In addition to the away from the coast of the ocean, in Guayaquil you can find numerous fascinating excursions to unique attractions. To see all of the architectural, cultural and historical monuments, you will need not one or even three days.
To start exploring the city from the Central promenade that has become a hallmark of Guayaquil. Here you can get to the famous Rotunda, photographed on the background of the ensemble of national flags of different countries. Another place to visit is the district of Las Peñas. Here are preserved ancient wooden and stone buildings immersed in the lush greenery of the eucalyptus trees. You should definitely go to the Park to mingle with the local nature. One of them is Historical, is divided into three sectors, where one can see representatives of the local flora and fauna, ancient artifacts of the XIX-XX centuries, as well as copies of the city's buildings and costumed performances. If the opportunity to go there, not yet presented, come to our website to webcam Guayaquil to watch online.
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Stream webcam is from the coast of the Guayas province in Western Ecuador, located on the coast of the Pacific ocean (Gulf of Guayaquil). The country's largest city, Guayaquil, is the administrative center of the province. Administratively divided into 25 cantons.
Guayaquil, Ecuador 27.02.20
The coast of Guayas province. Webcam Guayaquil, watch online
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Panoramic web camera broadcasts the company's office in the largest city of Ecuador - Guayaquil. Guayaquil (Santiago de Guayaquil Spanish) is a port city in the South-West of Ecuador.
Guayaquil, Ecuador 27.02.20
Panorama of the office. Webcam Guayaquil, watch online
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