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The rotary webcam broadcasts a view of the seaport of the island of Fane, which is located off the southwestern coast of Jutland (Denmark).

Thanks to the real-time broadcast, everyone can observe what is happening in the port, sea vessels, as well as beautiful angles.

Copenhagen, whose webcams can be viewed online on this site, impresses, first of all, with its architectural monuments, a special place among which is occupied by temples.

One of the oldest religious buildings in the Danish capital is the Church of the Savior. This building, strict in its outlines, but very beautiful in its decor and interior design, attracts today with the opportunity to listen to a mystical organ, as well as to see unique panoramas from the observation deck. The latter is located on the spire of a high tower, which is reached by 400 steps.
The tower with an observation deck is elegantly bordered by a golden ribbon stretching from below to the top. This ribbon is the railing of the very 400-step spiral staircase, along which those who want to see Copenhagen from a bird's-eye view will have to climb. The staircase is designed in such a way that part of the steps is located inside the tower. And the uppermost spans pass outside. That is why climbing to the observation deck is not suitable for everyone.

The main temple of the Danish capital is the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary.

It was built in the XIII century. However, numerous fires constantly bothered the city in past eras. And the facility was constantly being rebuilt. The last changes took place in the first half of the XIX century. At that time, the neoclassical features were betrayed to the shrine.
The scale of the temple is simply amazing. More than 1000 people can enter it at the same time. The highlight of the temple decor are marble statues of Jesus Christ, the apostles, and angels, which decorate both the exterior walls and interiors.
You should definitely see the marble Frederick Church, which is included in the list of the most beautiful sights of the Danish capital. It is made in the neo-Baroque style, with a stunning dome, reminiscent of the one that crowns the Roman Cathedral of St. Peter. This is the largest temple dome in all of Scandinavia. Its diameter reaches more than 30 meters. But this object is not only remarkable for him. The outer walls of the building are decorated with statues of saints. And inside you can see colorful stained glass windows, a golden altar, wonderful carved benches made of expensive wood and many other unique decorative elements.

If, for some reason, it is not possible to go to Denmark now, Copenhagen webcams, which you can watch online without leaving home, will significantly expand horizons and get to know this wonderful capital better.

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Overview webcam with a view of the port in the Danish city of Frederikshavn. It is located on the coast of the Jutland peninsula, in the north of the country. Thanks to the real-time broadcast, everyone can watch the movement of ships and beautiful views.
Copenhagen, Denmark 11.01.23
Frederikshavn. Port. Copenhagen Webcams
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The webcam is located on a cable ferry between Ore and Hammer Baque (Denmark). Special cables are used to operate the ferry. And the transport comes into motion by means of propellers. The broadcast is conducted in real time and allows you to enjoy the picturesque view.
Copenhagen, Denmark 09.01.23
Ferry between Ori and Hammer Bakke. Copenhagen Webcams
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Overview webcam with a view of the beach in the resort village of Hvide Sande. The city is located in Central Jutland (Denmark) and is a popular holiday destination. Thanks to the real-time broadcast, everyone can take a pleasant walk to the seaside without leaving home.
Copenhagen, Denmark 08.01.23
View of the Hvide Sande beach. Copenhagen Webcams
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A camera with a view of the port in Hunnested (Denmark). The locality is located on the Danish island of Zealand. The lens conveys a beautiful overview of the berths for ships, a magnificent landscape. The broadcast takes place in real time.
Copenhagen, Denmark 07.01.23
Hunnested. Harbor and port. Copenhagen Webcams
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Webcam online with a view of the beach in Henne (Denmark). The lens covers a wide view of the sandy shore and the sea. Thanks to the real-time broadcast, everyone will be able to enjoy the views of distant shores without even leaving their home or office. You can also track the current situation and weather.
Copenhagen, Denmark 06.01.23
Henne Beach. Copenhagen Webcams
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A rotating webcam with a view of the beach in the small Danish resort of Vihers. Only a couple dozen people live here, but there are many places for accommodation and recreation. The resort is located on the territory of the former Ribe Amd and recently belongs to the Siddanmark region. The broadcast is carried out online.
Copenhagen, Denmark 05.01.23
Weathers Beach. Copenhagen Webcams
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A camera with sound is broadcasting live from the Stoppestedet Pub in Haderslev (Denmark). It is a small port city located in the south of the Jutland peninsula. Thanks to the transmission in high quality and in real time, you can observe what is happening in the institution. For example, playing billiards.
Copenhagen, Denmark 26.12.22
Stoppestedet Pub in Haderslev. Copenhagen Webcams
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Klitmoller, a town situated in Denmark, North sea, not far from the city of Copenhagen, home of the state capital. Each year, the city Klitmoller visited a large number of tourists attracted by its unusual color.
Copenhagen, Denmark 29.04.14
Klitmøller Denmark's West coast
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