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Elephants at the Budapest zoo. Webcam Budapest online


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The Budapest Zoo was opened to the public on August 9, 1866. Its first director was Janos Xantos, thanks to whose efforts he was able to collect relatively many by the standards of the fauna. At first, only animals living in Europe were in the zoo, and only on the initiative of the Empress Elzbieta, the first giraffe arrived in Budapest. Soon a generous gift was made by Franz Joseph himself, who handed over 35 species of exotic animals to the Hungarian capital. When they were just brought, they became a real sensation and crowds of Budapest residents visited the zoo to see funny monkeys and multi-colored parrots, although, unexpectedly for all the zoo workers, the brown bear Christophe was the biggest favorite of the capital.

However, the curiosity of the public quickly passed, and to avoid bankruptcy, the zoo management decided to organize theatrical performances, performances of comedians and circus performers. This way to fix the budget was unsuccessful, in connection with which Xantos was dismissed. In the following years, the directors took turns quite often, but this did not bring replenishment of the cash register. Diseases spread among the animals, and the zoo's only concern was to protect exotic species from fox attacks from the City Forest (located near the park). The situation changed only in 1873 when the post of director was taken by Karol Serka.

The thirty-year period of his directorship became the “golden era” for the zoo. From the very beginning, he decided to increase attendance, for which he invited almost all Budapest clowns and comedians to work (therefore, the public had no choice - to see the play, she had to visit the zoo). In connection with the increased viewers in 1875, the city offered the zoo directorate financial assistance for the construction of new pavilions for animals - this is how a pavilion of lions, designed by Alaesh Nausman and the Bird's house of the architect Andorra Semyui, came into being. The increasing annual income provided an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming holidays on the occasion of the millennium of the Hungarian statehood - on this occasion, the zoo regularly acquired new, exotic species of animals, which attracted even more visitors.

With the departure of Karol Sereka, the era of prosperity ended, the last purchases were made in 1898, and in 1907, the zoo declared itself bankrupt.

The new life of the zoo began in 1909 when a comprehensive reconstruction of the pavilions was carried out. Most of the buildings restored in their original form. Outstanding architects worked here, so today many buildings of the zoo are declared historical monuments.

Excursion to the Budapest zoo will be interesting for the whole family. Especially for children, zoo workers organize special shows on feeding animals, often combined with a demonstration of the skills of their wards. I want to pay special attention to the hours of feeding the seals in the main pool, and the twice-a-day presentation “Animals on the show”, during which young visitors to the zoo can see various exotic animals from close range. There is also a pet zoo on the territory of the zoo, where you can play with sheep, goats, and poultry in the pens, and a small playground is also open to those who wish.
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With this webcam we can watch the takeoffs and landings of small aircraft in the suburbs of Budapest. The image from the webcam is updated every 5 seconds.
Budapest, Hungary 01.03.20
Airfield for small aircraft. Webcam Budapest online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts an Airfield for small aircraft in Budapest.
Budapest, Hungary 19.02.20
Airfield. Webcam Budapest online
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Webcam broadcasts one of the oldest public bridges of Budapest - Margaret Bridge. The Margaret bridge was designed by French engineer Ernest Guen and built by the construction company, Maison Ernest Goüin et Cie. between 1872 and 1876 years.
Budapest, Hungary 19.02.20
The Margaret Bridge. Webcam Budapest online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts of the Budapest zoo. Observe rhinos, giraffes, antelopes online.
Budapest, Hungary 25.05.19
The Budapest zoo. Webcam Budapest online
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Web camera in real-time broadcast Park the history of Railways in Budapest.
Budapest, Hungary 25.05.19
Park of railway history. Webcam Budapest online
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Web camera in real time broadcasts to a river dock on the Danube river in Budapest.
Budapest, Hungary 25.05.19
River dock on the Danube river. Webcam Budapest online
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Budapest, one of the romantic cities of Europe. The camera opens up all the beauty of the city, removing the Danube and the centre of Budapest with Hotel Victoria. The hotel is surrounded by various monuments and beautiful places that are fun to see, Thermal baths, cafes and restaurants of national cuisine. Budapest web camera online
Budapest, Hungary 12.11.13
Budapest city centre webcam online
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