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Market square. Bruges


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Bruges, Belgium,it's just a fabulous city, one of the most beautiful places in Belgium. A large number of channels on which swans float, and on both sides there are fabulous houses. It's not listed, but you can mention the most known: the Museum of Hans Memling, the Gothic Church of Notre Dame, the pedestrian area of sand, Minnewater – an artificial lake with Park area, the Jerusalem Church, Mill St. Janus. Historical and architectural sights: the Palace of Gruuthuse, the ancient city gate Ezelpoort, Burg square, Basilica of Saint – San, and 80 bridges throughout the city connecting the banks through many channels. There are more than 2,000 attractions in Bruges. To see at least a large part of the historical heritage of the city, you can ride on a bike or by boat on the canals. Hotels located closer to the station, as city centre shops, restaurants, squares, parks, architectural buildings. Inexpensive meal can be in kiosks, where they sell in packs of your favorite potato fries , if you want to eat as it is necessary to find a suitable restaurant is not difficult. Very popular among tourists chocolate shops, Belgian chocolate is very tasty, not one tourist will not pass by a chocolate shop. Visit the fish market Dijver, or visiting the main shopping streets Brugges square Markt and Steenstraat and others.
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