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The southern part of the Embankment. Tambov webcam online

The southern part of the Embankment. Tambov webcam online


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The City Of Tambovbreathes spaciousness, hospitality and cleanliness. There is a well-preserved historical part, where towering homes built before the revolution, sparkle in the sun dome of the majestic ancient temples. One of the most attractive structures of the city is the manor house of Gudovich, built in the early twentieth century. It's interesting that this building, like many significant architectural sights of Tambov attached table of the building code and phone number by calling on which you can free to listen in on this brief historical note. In addition to historic buildings, such signs are installed and old streets. On the facades of many homes located a memorial plaque commemorating the names of outstanding figures of science, culture, art, medicine, charity. Many famous citizens in Tambov devoted an entire alley, which stretches from the Administration building. A terrific exposition of the monuments presented close to the city Park. Here at big red shields are descriptions of Russian military campaigns since the time of the Byzantine war. Fragments distinguished history of Tambov and are stored in the local history Museum, open in the middle of the twentieth century. The famous Tambov and its cult objects. So here is the oldest Orthodox Church in ascension Cathedral, built on the premises of the convent. The highlight of the building is the bright dome, in the style of Russian palaces, and 70-metre high bell tower. Another famous temple of Tambov Spaso – Preobrazhensky Cathedral stands on the banks of the river Tsna, which in 1636 was founded the fortress, later turned into a magnificent city beekeepers and farmers, famous for its hardworking people. Near the Cathedral there is a picturesque urban Park, which has a great variety of attractions, various entertainment venues and cafes. Stroll in the Park, you can visit the State art gallery, located in the picturesque building of the former Naryshkin reading room. A large number of historical buildings preserved in a pedestrian street and Utilities. The appearance of lavishly decorated facades, stylized antique lamps, and the pavement takes us in the nineteenth century. Beautiful Hiking and an unforgettable photo shoot can take place on the Embankment of the river Tsna, which has become a kind of hallmark of modern Tambov.
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Broadcasting from the square. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya in Tambov. The square is located in the historic part of the city. It is decorated with a monument, a landscaped flower beds and benches. Real decoration of this place is the old bell tower of Kazansky monastery, the overall height of which reaches almost 100 m.
Tambov, Russia 24.04.16
The Park named Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy. Tambov webcam online
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The camera is in the ice Palace of sports "Crystal" in Tambov. The overview covers the home arena of the hockey club "Tambov", with adjacent stands. Here you can see the team training as well as sports competitions in winter sports. It should be noted that after the reconstruction, the ice Palace acquired not only a modern look, but also the perfect technical equipment.
Tambov, Russia 24.04.16
Ice sports Palace Crystal. Tambov webcam online
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Stream is from a webcam located in the area of Kronstadt in Tambov. Wonderful vintage square, formed in the manner of the French regular Park, surrounded by picturesque buildings, ancient temples, the most important institutions of culture and education, business centers, entertainment, scenic waterfront
Tambov, Russia 24.04.16
The Kronstadt area. South side. Tambov online
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Webcam shows a view of the area Kronstadsky in Tambov, which stretches from the banks of the Tsna river in the Northern part of the city. This is one of the oldest squares, which was founded during the time of the laying of the Pokrovsky temple. On the square stands a monument to the Tambov peasant and Victims of nuclear disasters. Nearby is the temple complex, Lyceum, musical-pedagogical Institute, the famous Tambov embankment.
Tambov, Russia 24.04.16
The Kronstadt area. North side. Tambov online
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Stream is from the intersection of Michurinsky and Trunk in Tambov. The view covers the traffic in the ring as well as the adjacent house of a residential district located on the Northern outskirts of the city. Located near a large hardware store, gas station, supermarkets, a few cafes.
Tambov, Russia 24.04.16
The intersection of Michurinsky and Trunk. Tambov webcam online
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Camera view ice sports Palace "Crystal" in Tambov. In the institution are held hockey matches, figure skating and other winter sports. There is also a large number of sports sections and clubs. Near the Palace there is a picturesque Park. I. V. Michurin, the area of the Communist international and the Youth House.
Tambov, Russia 24.04.16
Sports Palace Crystal. Tambov webcam online
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