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Salt springs, a marvelous sea aromas, rose bushes, palm and pine trees, first-class service and entertainment, salubrious climate is a few words that can describe the most famous not only in Slovenia but throughout Europe, a resort city with a graceful name of Portoroz, which translated from Italian means "Port of roses". Peaceful and romantic strolls, Wellness and beauty, sports complexes, saunas, pools and spas will fill your body with unprecedented energy, attractiveness and strength, and soul – peace and harmony. Luxury hotels and villas, comfortable hotels, magnificent restaurants and cozy cafes on the beach, exciting excursions and a great variety of tourist attractions will make Your stay fabulous. Popularity portorož gained as a health resort, thanks to the unique mud, salts and sources, healing properties of which were discovered in the NINETEENTH century. Close to Portoroz lies the town of Piran, which is called "the pearl of the coast of Slovenia". The city is characterised by a large number of cobbled streets with closely spaced to each other houses, that betrays the image of the city a typical Italian atmosphere. In the resort of Portoroz and the surrounding area for You provided lots of interesting, exciting and memorable entertainment. It is therapeutic and preventive measures in medical centers, Wellness centers, exercise active sports – diving, Windsurfing, tennis and Golf, riding and Cycling, boating and skydiving. This is a fun boat trips on boats and catamarans, picnics and fishing, introduction to Slovenian wines and dishes of unsurpassed Mediterranean cuisine. And of course – sun and sea baths, as well as the natural inhalation of the most useful sea air. Near the town is a small Peninsula of the same place Slaughter, hidden in lush greenery of olive trees and other vegetation. Here is the place where, in the framework of the international Symposium "forma Viva", a unique exhibition of contemporary sculptures. It invited sculptors from around the world who jointly create new artwork. And after this Grand event, the pieces are here to beautify the streets and parks of this lovely town and its neighbors – Piran, Izola and Koper. Amazing and colorful country of Slovenia, which is nestled at the foot of the Alps and on the Adriatic sea, has a large collection of attractions, culture, history and architecture, its unique appearance, and wonderful recreation opportunities.
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The camera shows a beautiful sandy beach universal Slovenian resort portorož. This is a prestigious city, a popular tourist and Spa center, with a favorable mild climate and well-developed tourist infrastructure.
Portoroz, Slovenia 09.12.14
Beach view from hotel Metropole. Portoroz webcam online
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The camera shows the famous Marina of Portoroz. This yacht harbour, lying closest to Central Europe and is a popular choice for sea travel between the thousands of Islands of the Adriatic. Is protection from the wind the Eastern part of the harbour offers excellent conditions for lovers of sailing. A mariners – 1000 berths, a spacious hangars and a HUNDRED for shipping transport. Close to Marina portorož work Deluxe apartments and two exquisite restaurants.
Portoroz, Slovenia 09.12.14
Yacht Harbor Marina. Portoroz in real-time
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Webcam shows a view of the beaches of Portoroz. A narrow strip of coast with a bulk beaches, divided into small parts, where there are a variety of modern hotels with green lawns, swimming pools and tennis courts as well as Seating areas, nestled under the shade of palm and cypress trees.
Portoroz, Slovenia 09.12.14
The beach in Portoroz webcam online
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The camera comes with a view of the portorož Airport, which is the third largest international public airport located a few kilometers from the resort. In 2 m above sea level – here in lies one runway, receiving all types of air transport, which weigh less than 25 tons adjacent To the airport nice roomy restaurant, and flight school and aviation club.
Portoroz, Slovenia 09.12.14
The airport of portorož
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