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Town Hall tower (overview). Webcams Graz


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The live webcam is located at the Main Square of Graz (Austria) with a view of the city hall and the objects closest to it.

This place is the heart of the old town. Graz City Hall was built in 1893. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.

Graz, whose webcams can be viewed online on this site, is a picturesque town with a huge park area, tiled roofs typical for these places, spacious squares and winding streets.

The appearance of this Austrian city is somewhat reminiscent of nearby Italy, with baroque and renaissance courtyards. But there are also many modern facilities here, which exude youth and ambition. Exhibitions of contemporary artists, vibrant student life and nightlife give this city a vibrant energy.

One of the colorful representatives of modern Graz is the Kunsthaus Museum, the expositions of which are placed in an incredible structure.

Locals affectionately nicknamed this structure "friendly alien". It is lined with glossy slabs and has an inimitable shape, which, by the way, contrasts very much with the old buildings of the rest of the street. Various exhibitions and art events are organized within the walls of the museum.
In contrast to this building, the old Eggenberg Palace stands out, which occupies an important place in the list of historical and cultural heritage sites not only in Graz, but throughout the country.
A colorful, pompous building is surrounded by a luxurious garden and park ensemble. The interior of the palace will also bring unprecedented aesthetic pleasure. Within the walls of the building there are several halls, in which the Planetarium is placed, decorated with ancient frescoes and many other interesting objects.
The Cathedral of St. Egidius in Graz also has a unique appearance. It was built in the 15th century and incorporated elements of two architectural trends at once - Gothic and Baroque. Heavy moldings are complemented by mesh ceiling vaults, and exquisite paintings in massive carved frames are incredibly combined with elegant lancet windows.
Acquaintance with the Eggenberg Palace, as well as the famous Cathedral of St. Egidius, will allow you to dive deeper into the history of the country.

For those who are not yet planning a trip to Austria, Graz webcams, which can be viewed in real time, will allow you to open all horizons and enjoy a virtual journey, wherever you are.

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The camera overlooks Mount Schöckl, which is located next to the resort of St. Radengund in Graz (Austria). It is from there that the cable car begins, leading to the top of the legendary mountain, reaching almost 1500 m in height. From here, a stunning panorama of the surroundings opens, which can also be observed thanks to this webcam.
Graz, Austria 08.04.22
Mount Schökl. Webcams Graz
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The device is installed on the building of the Styria Media Center in the city of Graz (Austria). The company was founded in the 19th century and today is one of the largest of its kind not only in Austria, but also in Croatia and Slovenia, as well as in a number of other EU countries. Thanks to this webcam, what is happening near the media center can be observed in real time.
Graz, Austria 07.04.22
Panorama Styria media center. Webcams Graz
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The camera opens a picturesque panorama of the city of Graz (Austria) from a bird's eye view. From here you can see many interesting sights, including the unusual center of Murinsel, local temples and parks. The camera is updated every 60 minutes.
Graz, Austria 07.03.22
Panorama of the city. Webcams Graz
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PTZ webcam overlooking the Science Tower and surroundings in the city of Graz (Austria). The broadcast is conducted in real time, so everyone can watch the progress of the construction of a new business center and the adjacent territory, as well as what is happening on the road, the weather.
Graz, Austria 06.03.22
Science Tower (overview). Webcams Graz
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Graz is located in the South-Eastern part of Austria, is the second largest city in the country. Graz is a city of students, because there are four University of technology, Institute of Music and the arts, economic and Karl-Franz University. The camera captures the area Hauptplats
Graz, Austria 18.01.14
The Area Hauptplats. Graz in real time
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