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Banja Luka,Bosnia and Herzegovinalargest city and the capital of the Republic. The town is situated in a picturesque location, surrounded by beautiful green hills on the Bank of the river Vrbas. The first settlement which was on the territory of modern city date back to the Byzantine period, evidenced by the finds unearthed in these places. Part of the settlements belonged to one of the Roman provinces. The Foundation of the city is considered to be the beginning of the fifteenth century. In 1995, the city celebrated its quincentenary. At this time the city was ruled by the Turkish sheiks, Banja Luka came under the ownership of the Ottoman Empire for several millennia. In the late eighteenth century, when Banja Luka was occupied by Austro-Hungarian troops, since the city's economy began its prosperity. It was during this period, from the beginning of the nineteenth century, in the city there are enterprises of public school infrastructure. Before the city was built by mosques and ancient fortresses all in the Oriental style. In the late sixties of the 20 th century, during a strong earthquake, the city was badly damaged when it hit the many historical and residential buildings, the local authorities with great efforts to rebuild the city, but some architectural house remained in oblivion.
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Banja Luka, a city and capital of Bosnia. The history of the city is rooted in the distant past, beginning with the Byzantine Empire, a long period, the city was under Turkish rule. Later when the city came under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city received a new breath in the development.
Banja Luka, Bosnia 08.05.14
Banja Luka - a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina online
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