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Entertainment center Khan Shatyr. Astana web camera online

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The City Of Astanais not only the capitalKazakhstanbut a huge, shining pearl of Central Asia. For a couple of decades this city has undergone significant changes and has become a popular cultural, tourist and business centre. He has something to show and something to brag about to their guests. Great attention is paid in Astana to the art, and the unusual architecture of the buildings gives this city a special charm and explosive energy. In the Presidential center of culture, built in a futuristic architectural style with features of ancient Oriental architecture, is a Theater of national traditions, as well as a Museum with a rich exposition, which tells about the development of Ethnography, archaeology and history of Kazakhstan. Those who are fond of creativity is a direct road to the Palace of creativity Shabyt, staffed meeting rooms, lecture halls, dance studios and various rooms of the Union of artists, composers, journalists and designers. There is also a children's theatre Studio, school of visual arts, music and cinema, and even local history group. Another cultural landmark of Astana, which, like the previous impresses with its extraordinary architecture is the Palace of Independence, where there are various forums and conferences of national and international scale. Among the other palaces of culture of Astana should note the Palace of Peace and Accord, the appearance of which symbolizes the friendship of the peoples and religious solidarity. Here is the centre of modern arts, the Museum of national costumes, various function rooms for conferences and meetings, as well as the Academy, the hall of Opera music, and many other unique establishments. If you come to Astana for fresh spectacles, take to the city circus. Even the appearance of the circus building adjusts to the fact that you have to admire and wonder at. Not to mention the domestic equipment with the latest technology. You can also visit the Central concert hall, located in the unusual construction of the building, where you can expect unforgettable performances by artists and musicians, accompanied by a unique audio and video effects.
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Online web camera installed at the family fun center "Ailand" and in real time translates the swimming pools of the Park. Family fun center "Ailand" located in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the city of Nur-Sultan
Astana, Kazakhstan 23.03.19
Water Park "Ailand". Webcam Nur Sultan online
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Online web camera installed in the recreation center "Ailand" and shows the Ferris wheel in real time. Family fun center "Ailand" located in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the city of Nur-Sultan
Astana, Kazakhstan 23.03.19
Ferris wheel. Webcam Nur Sultan online
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Online web camera shows one of the pools of the water Park family fun center "Ailand" in real time. Family fun center "Ailand" located in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the city of Nur-Sultan.
Astana, Kazakhstan 23.03.19
Family fun center "Ailand". Webcam Nur Sultan online
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This webcam takes you into the wonderful modern city of Astana. Overview covers hall shopping complex, Khan Shatyr (Khan Shatyr), where you will find not only a pleasant shopping experience, but also fascinating pastime among the palm trees artificial tropical beach, in a fragrant exotic gardens and other interesting places.
Astana, Kazakhstan 03.11.15
The trading-entertaining centre Khan Shatyr. Astana web camera online
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The web camera transmits one of several broadcasts from the ice Palace Alau in Astana. The Palace has modern technical equipment, built skating track, field hockey, and the rostrum on 7,5 thousand places. This allows to hold here competitions of international level.
Astana, Kazakhstan 03.11.15
Astana web camera online. Ice Palace Alau
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Webcam shows a view of the arena of the ice Palace of world rank – "Alau" is situated in Astana, Kazakhstan. Podium fit about 7.5 thousand spectators. The building of the Palace is superbly equipped technically and has an outstanding architectural design.
Astana, Kazakhstan 03.11.15
Ice doors "Alau". Astana web camera online
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