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Amazing in its ability to combine the wisdom of antiquity and the beauty of our city Voronezh is a very interesting tourist city rich in cultural, religious and architectural sights, preserving its history, but immediately moving forward. One of the main attractions of the city is the Annunciation Cathedral in Voronezh, standing in third place in the whole of Russia. It was built at the end of the twentieth century, and its construction lasted about ten years. The facade of the temple rises in the midst of the lush greenery of the city garden. Within the walls of the cathedral are famous shrines and the most revered icons in the Orthodox religion. On the territory of the temple, there is also a monument to St. Metrophanes - the First Voronezh Bishop. The city of Voronezh, in Russia and also beyond its borders, is often called the "cradle of the Russian fleet," because Peter the Great, the green square and a monument to which is also located in Voronezh, founded the first admiralty in this city, where they built and military vessels were launched, and the Andreevsky flag was consecrated for the first time. A wide Admiralteyskaya Square extends on the shore of the city reservoir, accommodating a large number of historical sights: the Admiralty Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the construction of which dates back to the 17th century, the rostral column in honor of the construction of ships in Voronezh and the arch, which became a symbol of the development of Russia as a sea state, as well as a modern ship-museum, which is a copy of the oldest of the Russian ships - a linear three-masted ship called "Goto Pre estinatsiya ", which translates as" divination of the Lord ", which was launched back in 1700. Among the favorite places for walking, romantic dates, family vacations and friendly meetings of modern Voronezh citizens, one should note the magnificent, reconstructed a couple of years ago, the Scarlet Sails Park, where in addition to unsurpassed alleys, flower beds and fountains, there are a lot of entertainment places, such as rope town, bird city or boat station. This park also often hosts various creative festivals, competitions, exhibitions and concerts, as well as broadcasts of films in the open. The political and cultural center of Voronezh is Lenin Square, with a monument to the Soviet leader, the buildings of the regional administration, the trade union council with a clock on the tower and the library, as well as the opera house and square, where the water jets of the light and music fountain soar into the sky. Another iconic square of Voronezh is Universitetskaya Square, where the main building of the most prestigious university in the region, Voronezh State University, is located. The Voronezh Kamenny Bridge is a favorite place for photo shoots and walks of the newlyweds, and the cheerful and sweet sculpture "Kitten from Lizyukova Street" - the hero of the Soviet cartoon who glorified the city of Voronezh throughout Russia, became a magnificent highlight of the city. This sculptural composition also appears on the numerous magnets and souvenirs that tourists must bring from Voronezh. In addition to all of the above, there are a myriad of sights of Voronezh, so if you doubt whether to go to this cozy, welcoming and cordial city - having come here, you will be convinced of the correctness of your choice.
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts victory Boulevard in the city of Voronezh. The views of TEC "arena".
Voronezh, Russia 13.05.19
Victory Boulevard. Free web camera online Voronezh
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts of the Moscow prospectus, the views of "the Market of Voronezh" in Voronezh.
Voronezh, Russia 13.05.19
The Market Of Voronezh. Free web camera online Voronezh
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts of the Moscow Prospekt and the view of the Military camp in the city of Voronezh.
Voronezh, Russia 13.05.19
Moskovsky Prospekt. Webcam Voronezh online
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Web camera in real-time translates the intersection of the street on January 9 and street of Revolution of 1905 in the city of Voronezh.
Voronezh, Russia 13.05.19
January 9 - the revolution of 1905. Webcam Voronezh online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts Pesce-Streletskaya street in the city of Voronezh.
Voronezh, Russia 13.05.19
Street Pesce, The Musketeers. Ring. Webcam Voronezh online
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Modern ulitsa Lenina in Voronezh, was formed as a passage along the railroad. Throughout its history, it remains a busy highway, on which rush hour hundreds of cars.
Voronezh, Russia 31.03.18
View of the intersection of streets of Lenin and Uritsky. Webcam online in Voronezh
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Moskovsky prospectus in Voronezh, probably, the longest street. Starting from Zastava square, the highway ends just outside the city, near the exit towards the airport. Passing through it, notice how grew and expanded its borders our city.
Voronezh, Russia 31.03.18
Moskovsky Prospekt. Online web broadcast of Voronezh
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Factory buildings and bases, fences and model houses.... And suddenly, in the midst of all the monotony of the industrial area of Voronezh — street with uncharacteristic area name: Sunny.
Voronezh, Russia 31.03.18
Street Solar. Voronezh in real-time
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Complex on the residential area of the Olympic is new for format residential construction, in which all the benefits and convenience of living in the center combined with the tranquility and advantages of living in a rural green area
Voronezh, Russia 31.03.18
LCD Olympic. Webcam Voronezh online
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Webcam shows a view of the square in front of the registry office of the city administration of Voronezh. It is a beautiful building, made in the best traditions of the Soviet Empire, is located at Ploschad Lenina, 11 in the Central part of the city and is the cultural heritage of our country, left an outstanding city planner N. Trinity. The covered car Parking in front of the registry office that will help You to preview the number of seats available, if You want to stay there.
Voronezh, Russia 10.10.15
The Registrar's office. Voronezh web camera online
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Voronezh, a city of military glory, having five hundred years of history, and distinguished himself in combat during the war. The city is the heart of the Russian air and naval industries. The camera captures the street Koltsovsky, in the Central district of Voronezh.
Voronezh, Russia 16.11.13
Koltsovskaya Street. Voronezh web camera online
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The monument of Glory in Voronezh, is a pyramidal structure in memory of the soldiers of the Soviet army. Located on the mass grave were buried about 17 thousand people in the sulphur district of the city. Voronezh proud crowned with glory but is not the title of hero city.
Voronezh, Russia 16.11.13
The monument of Glory in Voronezh in real-time
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Voronezh, a city marked by great honors, is a place of military glory, the cradle of the Navy and the heart of the air defense of Russia. 15 Voronezh city in Russia, which has a population of more than a million. The camera Area of the Outpost, in the Central area of the city.
Voronezh, Russia 16.11.13
The Area Of The Outpost. Voronezh web camera online
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Voronezh, we can say very European city, in which talking in Russian. The local people can tell you about the city better than any encyclopedia. The camera takes the intersection of the 45 Infantry division and Moskovsky Prospekt, the city's former military glory.
Voronezh, Russia 16.11.13
The intersection of the 45 Infantry division and the Moscow Avenue
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Revolution Avenue, is one of the longest streets in the city of Voronezh. The old name of the street is Most Noble, being before the revolution in 1917, is still used today. As the historical centre, the street is one of the longest in the city of Voronezh.
Voronezh, Russia 16.11.13
Prospekt Revolyutsii, Voronezh web camera online
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