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Vorkutalocated in the Komi Republic, on the slopes of the Ural mountain range, 150 km North of the Arctic Circle. Vorkuta, received its name, translated as "bear's corner", due to the large number of bears once inhabiting the place where in the 40-ies of XX century, the city was founded. It was the Northern OutpostRussiawhere extensive development has acquired the mining industry, particularly coal mining, the deposits of which were discovered in this region in the seventeenth century. From the very beginning and almost until the end of the reign of the Soviet regime, the city housed a camp for exiled counterrevolutionaries and criminals. Vorkuta is interesting, as a historical and natural monument. Here you can observe a unique phenomenon of the Northern lights. Picturesque is the appearance of the city, in which architecture dominates the style of Soviet classicism. The most prominent are the House of political education, the impressive Palace of culture of miners, with an extensive colonnade and sculptures, "Rodina" cinema hall, medical school and mining College, which appears in the Concise art encyclopedia "art of the countries and peoples of the world." An amazing monument created by the hand of man and nature is the garden and Park ensemble of the Boulevard of the Victory, who managed to create in the conditions sub-Arctic climate. Beautiful corners of untouched nature are the top Pemba, the largest waterfall in the Northern part of Russia – Khalmer-Yu and waterfall Burman, Marble canyon off the coast of the river Kara, "Spinal" reserve, a wetland sanctuaries of the "Confusing of the lake" and "the area between a Moustache and Yun-Yaga". Among the cultural institutions of the city, you should definitely mention the local history Museum and exhibition centre of Vorkuta, where there are more than 35000 artifacts, photos, household items and Handicrafts of the indigenous population. The younger half of the population will certainly enjoy a campaign in Puppet theater. The town also has several monuments is a common grave of the fallen in the civil war fighters for Soviet power in the North, a monument to victims of Stalinist repressions, the monument to the discoverer of the caves of the coal basin A. Chernov, as well as a symbol of the Arctic – the monument "the 67th parallel." This city, which grew in the permafrost zone, strikes the eye like a plant, to break through the thick asphalt. In Vorkuta tours of the city and the mines, as well as picturesque surroundings. Interesting is also the ethnic excursion to the reindeer farm.
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A dead end intended for reception and sending of cars and containers within city limits.
Vorkuta, Russia 14.05.17
Stalled No. 38. Panoramic webcam of the station Vorkuta
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A dead end intended for reception and sending of cars and containers within city limits. Loading and unloading platform equipped with front and side trestle for Congress- - in automotive engineering.
Vorkuta, Russia 14.05.17
Stalled No. 47. Railway track is not for General use station Vorkuta
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The city of Vorkuta is situated in the Northern part of Russia, in the Komi Republic, on the river Vorkuta. The city located beyond the Arctic circle, with 30 years took his prisoners who were sent into exile. Polar night in the city can last up to two weeks, the camera is the Central square of the city.
Vorkuta, Russia 02.11.13
Central square. Vorkuta webcam online
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The city of Vorkuta is an industrial city in Russia located on the territory of the Republic of Komi. Here is a very developed mining industry, a large number of coal mines operating. The city is in a very harsh terrain where the polar night in winter can last up to two weeks.
Vorkuta, Russia 02.11.13
Vorkuta. Central square. Review with Home life
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Vorkuta is a town located in the far North of Russia in the Republic of Komi, on the Western slopes of the polar Urals, on the river Vorkuta. The name of the city of the Komi language translates literally as "Many bears" or "Bear's corner". The camera shoots Lenin street.
Vorkuta, Russia 02.11.13
Lenin Street. Vorkuta webcam online
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Vorkuta, a Russian city located on the Northern part of the Komi Republic. On the slopes of the Polar Urals, on the river Vorkuta. The city is located beyond the Arctic circle, in the area where the permafrost. The camera captures the Central street of the city of Vorkuta, Lenina.
Vorkuta, Russia 12.10.13
City centre street. Vorkuta in real-time
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