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Anfi del Mar is a tiny club resort located in the southwestern part of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). Like many other similar resorts, Anfi del Mar was founded at the end of the last century on the coast of a deserted bay. This place is suitable for those who like a secluded but comfortable stay. Excellent infrastructure combined with wonderful weather, clean beaches and warm sea will make your vacation unforgettable.
On the beach of Anfi del Mar, the coast is strewn with white sand, specially brought from the Caribbean coast. Calm almost always reigns in the bay, and the bottom smoothly deepens under the water. Therefore, the beach is suitable for young children to relax and swim.
In addition to the standard infrastructure, with changing rooms, showers and sun lounger rentals, on the beach you can rent a variety of sports equipment for diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, as well as rent a boat or catamaran.
It is noteworthy that not only happy owners of the resort's club card can get to the beach, but also guests from neighboring regions.
There are practically no attractions in Anfi del Mar. But the absence of cultural and architectural monuments is compensated by the magical panoramas of the local landscapes and the sea. Fans of excursions to historical places will have to go to the neighboring settlements of the island.
Despite the relative autonomy and the absence of huge crowds of tourists, Anfi del Mar has a large number of shops, supermarkets, cafes, beach bars and restaurants.
The local shopping center houses boutiques of famous European brands, and fans of the nightlife can have a wonderful time at the disco club.
Other activities include golfing or tennis, and the famous ocean fishing.
Also, many Anfi del Mar hotels offer health and beauty programs, gym and pool services.
In the evenings, entertainment shows, discos, contests, festivals and competitions are held along the coast.
You can get to the settlement by regular bus, personal or rented car. Also, almost all hotels offer a transfer service, the cost of which can be included in the tour or paid separately.
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Live webcam from the Agaete Valley - Los Berrazales. In the webcam perspective, we can observe the coffee plantations "La Laja", coffee varieties "Arabica Typica" are grown only in this place of Gran Canaria, since only here there are favorable climatic conditions for growing this type of coffee.
Gran Canaria, Spain 09.05.21
Los Berrazales plantation in Valle de Agaete. Webcams Gran Canaria online
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Live webcam broadcasts in real time the picturesque views of the Valle de Agaete in Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is the third largest island in the Canary archipelago (1,560 km2). Although the island is no less popular in terms of tourism than Tenerife, there is very little Russian-speaking contingent here.
Gran Canaria, Spain 09.05.21
Valley de Agaete. Webcams Gran Canaria online
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Live stream Puerto de las Nieves is a picturesque fishing village on the northern coast of Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is the second most populous island in the Canary archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of Africa and owned by Spain.
Gran Canaria, Spain 09.05.21
Puerto de Las Nieves in Agaete in real time
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A web camera broadcasts online mountain views in Agaeta. Gaete is a municipality in Spain and is part of the province of Las Palmas as part of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands. Located on the island of Gran Canaria. It covers an area of 45.5 km.
Gran Canaria, Spain 24.01.21
Webcam in the Agaete Mountains
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Live broadcast live from the beach of Agaete Playa de las Nieves in the fishing village of Agaete, located on the northwest coast of Gran Canaria.
Gran Canaria, Spain 24.01.21
Webcam on Agaete beach
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The live broadcast overlooks the centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital of the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. Las Palmas is the largest city in the Canary Islands, a major commercial and historic centre, a cosmopolitan resort and a significant port.
Gran Canaria, Spain 23.01.21
Panorama of Las Palmas
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Watch the Dunas de Maspalomas in the southern part of Gran Canaria, in the Spanish region of Las Palmas, live. The famous Maspalomasa Dunes is both a nature reserve and a luxurious sandy beach. We will go with in a real mini desert, will die of thirst overcoming dunes, and in the end we will go to the cool ocean and enjoy the golden sandy beach.
Gran Canaria, Spain 23.01.21
Dunes Maspalomasa online
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The live beach webcam shows you the beautiful panorama of the seaside resort of Playa del Ingles and its long sandy beach, one of the most famous beaches on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. The online image shows a beautiful view of the ocean, as well as the resort of Playa del Ingles with many apartments to relax.
Gran Canaria, Spain 22.01.21
Playa del Ingles is a seaside resort on the southern shore of Gran Canaria
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The live webcam takes you to Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, a resort on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. The online camera overlooks the bay of Puerto Rico and a beautiful beach, as well as the harbor. This tourist destination is known as the sunniest place in Gran Canaria. In addition, as the mountains surround Puerto Rico, protecting it from the wind, the sea is usually calm and ideal for many water sports!
Gran Canaria, Spain 22.01.21
Web Camera Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria
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The panoramic webcam is located in Yumbo Centrum (El Centro Comercial Yumbo) in the tourist town of Maspalomas with more than 200 shops and restaurants, as well as nightclubs and discos. The city of Maspalomas is one of the Costa Canaria tourist complexes. It is Maspalomas - the largest tourist area in the Canary Islands.
Gran Canaria, Spain 22.01.21
Yumbo Center, web camera in downtown Maspalomas
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The online beach webcam is aimed at the west of Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, which offers a pleasant view of the ocean from the southern coast of Gran Canaria, the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands. In addition to sunbathing in Playa del Ingles, the beach and resort offer numerous opportunities for water sports as well as on-land activities.
Gran Canaria, Spain 20.01.21
Playa del Ingles Beach
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This pleasant sea view offers from the resort town of Maspalomas, on the southern tip of Gran Canaria, Spain. A live broadcast from the webcam offers an interesting view of Maspalomas beach, as well as an ocean view. In the background is the 19th-century Faro Maspalomas Lighthouse, which is still in operation!
Gran Canaria, Spain 20.01.21
Faro Lighthouse
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This webcam broadcasts live from the east coast of Playa del Ingles, a famous beach on the island of the Gran Canary Islands in Spain. Playa del Ingles is also the name of the seaside area around the beach with numerous hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment as it is an important holiday destination in the Canary Islands!
Gran Canaria, Spain 18.01.21
Beach webcam in Playa del Ingles
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A live webcam broadcast is directed towards the beach of Playa De Las Burras Beach, a beautiful family beach on the coast of San Agustin, in the municipality of San Bartolome de Tirahana, on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. This online channel displays a beautiful sea panorama and a view of the San Agustina waterfront with a variety of restaurants, bars and beach hotels.
Gran Canaria, Spain 18.01.21
Пляж Playa De Las Burras
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Enjoy this beautiful live broadcast from webcams to the beach Playa de San Agustin and the picturesque place of Punta de las Burras on the coast of San Bartolome de Tirahana, Gran Canaria , Spain. These sandy shores of the Resort of San Agustin are protected from the waves and are ideal for quiet swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.
Gran Canaria, Spain 18.01.21
San Agustin Beach
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