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The Central area of the embankment of Sudak web camera online


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Sudak is one of the oldestcities of the Crimeawhich,in many versions, was founded in the THIRD century. And, as in many other Crimean resorts – here collected are a rich collection of artefacts Dating back to various historical periods. Therefore, the walleye attracts many tourists, not only as a place for a beach holiday, but also as a place where you can see an unimaginable mix of cultures, learn a lot of new, fascinating information and enjoy the unity with picturesque mountain nature. The hallmark of the city is medievalGenoese fortress. Unapproachable and majestic, it towers above the sea, standing on the steep peaks of castle mountain, which represents an ancient coral reef. The citadel was built in tiers on the territory, covering an area of 30 Hectares and having a strategically advantageous position. So, from the South, a fortress to protect the high cliffs, the North dug a deep ditch, and on both sides – built powerful fortifications with battlements and turrets. Of course, despite the inaccessibility, in its history, the citadel was not only the Italians who constructed her for several centuries, but also the Khazars and the Byzantines, and the Turks and the Golden Horde. The modern fortress is a national Museum under the open sky. It is particularly interesting to be here in August, when the fortress held annual jousting competitions and other activities in the framework of historical reconstruction. In second place for attendance among tourists, is a jewel in the South-West coast – the village and the Botanical reserve Novyy Svet, located few dozen km fromZander. It combines the exotic beauty, salubrious climate, and also history of the Crimean winemaking. Here you can go on the tour boat from which you can observe colorful Novyi Svet Bay, where he loved to rest the Emperor Nicholas II and a lush grove of relict juniper forests, creating in these places of indescribable aromas and rich beneficial trace elements to the air. Also arriving in the New world on the bus, to its famous attractions, located in the coastal zone can be reached on foot along a picturesque trail, carved by Prince Golitsyn, who founded herefactory of sparkling wines, which still produces the delicious champagne, made by old French technology, and won numerous prestigious awards. Here is the princely mansion converted into a Museum of the Crimean winemaking, and also the famous grotto of Chaliapin, where, as you know, the singer particularly liked to perform his arias, because of the unusual natural acoustics of this place. There are in Sudak and its surroundings, no less exciting and interesting places – this is another wine center – Sun Valley brewery, capes of Meganom andAlchak-Kaiadjacent to the city of mountain peaks –Perchem-Kaya, Ay-GeorgyBach-Tash, a great Dolphinarium and water Park, intercession Church and the German Church with the Lapidarium, city garden, as well as an unimaginable variety of hotels, rest houses, bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs, markets and shops, mostly concentrated in the coastal zone and on Cypress Avenue.
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Sudak most glorious city on the Crimean Peninsula, one of the oldest mention of which dates back to the VI century, during the glorious warlike people. And the place was not chosen by chance. Beautiful nature fascinates with its beauty.
Sudak, Crimea 09.02.18
Panoramic webcam. The embankment of Sudak
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Web camera shows the interior view of the Grand Hotel "Soldaya" in Sudak. A large hotel complex, built in Mediterranean style, situated at the foot of the medieval Genoese fortress, a few hundred meters from the sea, in a beautiful gorge with a waterfall.
Sudak, Crimea 11.06.15
Webcam Soldaya Grand Hotel & Resort - the view of the Genoese fortress
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The webcam stream which provided entertainment centre "Mojito", demonstrates the views of the coastline, beneath the castle hill. Here is a bar in artificially created and well-equipped beach and a diving club, where visitors can spend an unforgettable underwater walk by huge boulders "Crab island". Evening Mojitos are incendiary disco beach party under the open sky.
Sudak, Crimea 11.06.15
Complexo "MOTO" web camera online
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The camera takes a panoramic view of the city the pike perch. The camera is located on the building of the boarding house Star. The city is a popular seaside resort, every year the city is visited by large number of tourists. The main feature of the city is the Genoese fortress.
Sudak, Crimea 02.11.14
Panorama of Sudak in real-time
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The camera shoots Cypress Avenue is located in Sudak. The alley was planted in the beginning of XX century, and is one of the local attractions. On the walk you can see the fountain which in the evening glow with colored lights. Also, the city is rich in its astonishing history.
Sudak, Crimea 11.07.14
Cypress alley in the pike perch the webcam online
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Ancient town adorned by its unprecedented pomp shore of the Black sea. In ancient times, the city had strategic importance, for the protection was a fortress erected by the Genoese called it the fortress of Soldaya, for centuries it served as a fortified port for many generations. Genoese fortress web camera online
Sudak, Crimea 25.01.14
Genoese fortress. Walleye web camera online
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Perch, the place for a perfect resort, it's a great place on the edge of the Crimea, the city formed at the intersection of cultures, having lived through many centuries, leaving a rich legacy to enjoy sure to go to Sudak. The camera takes the Youth area of the city the pike perch.
Sudak, Crimea 25.01.14
Youth ft landscaped, the city web Cam online
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Sudak is one of the popular resort towns of the Crimea. This city does not get bored even the most boring tourist. The city itself originates from the XVII century, and the main attraction dates from the XIV century. The camera is mounted in a boarding house "Star", encompassing the city mountain.
Sudak, Crimea 09.10.13
The boarding house "Star" pool MIAMI web camera online
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Sudak is one of the most beautiful cities of the Crimea. Great place to stay, just imagine. In Sudak the most beautiful sandy beaches. The city is surrounded by mountain ranges, in the spring, when the mountains are covered with greenery, make this location truly a Paradise. The camera is located in the city centre of Sudak, the intersection of Lenin St. and Gagarin St.
Sudak, Crimea 28.09.13
The center of Sudak in real-time
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Sudak, heavenly nature odarivka city fancy gifts. Climate as for the Crimean Peninsula is very favorable, the city is located in the beautiful green valley amidst the rocky mountains, among which is the fortress mountain. The camera is located on hotels DIVA. Walleye web camera online
Sudak, Crimea 28.09.13
Camera hotel DIVA. Walleye web camera online
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Sudak - one of the seaside towns of the Peninsula, is located in the southeastern part of the Crimea. The well-known city for its famous Genoese fortress, the production of wine and of course a nice resort. Sudak is located in a beautiful corner of the Crimea. The camera is looking at the Central embankment of Sudak
Sudak, Crimea 28.09.13
The camera is looking at the Central embankment of Sudak
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Cape Alchak in the Eastern part of Sudak, closing the Bay on which the city is located in Sudak. The camera is located on the embankment of Sudak
Sudak, Crimea 28.09.13
The embankment of Sudak. Web camera online
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Sudak is a resort city located on the coast of the Crimea. The city lies in a picturesque place on the Peninsula. The city is rich in its architectural landmarks. Here every year attracts tourists and vacationers during the summer season. The camera is located on the waterfront Sudak. View of the Genoese fortress.
Sudak, Crimea 18.09.13
Sudak embankment. View of the Genoese fortress
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