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Sedona,USAlocated on the border of two counties, Coconino and Yavapai in the Northern part of the Verde valley in Arizona. Nature in these places is so beautiful that can compete with the national parks of Arizona. Valley is surrounded by mountains with red stone shimmer in the sunset, then yellow then red, it's an indescribable picture. The climate in the Verde valley is soft, warm in winter and not hot in the summer. The Indians living in the valley consider this place sacred because of the special energy. How many people, so many opinions, many practice treatment alternative medicine, meditation, etc. it is Important to note that the Sedona is a tourist destination, attraction is valley with many Hiking and Biking trails, and preserved on the surface of the mountain rock paintings with inscriptions who lived in this land of the Indians. Sedona is a cultural center, where there are 100 art galleries, the most famous attraction is the canyon of Oak Creek. Having been in Sedona you can get a lot of fascinating impressions of the beauty of unspoiled nature. Here were filmed scenes for the films of Hollywood Directors. The city has comfortable hotels for tourists or camping, as well as restaurants and various entertainment programmes for tourists ' interest, so bored just do not have.
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Sedona, city in Arizona, lying on red Sandstone. The surrounding mountains around the city, reminiscent of the wild West, where dwelt the tribes of Indians, grazing herds of wild horses and Buffalo. Here and still inhabited by native Americans, has retained the traditions of the past.
Sedona, USA 14.11.13
Sedona, Arizona. Panoramic web camera online
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The camera is located on Prospekt Mira in the city of Chernihiv. The camera shoots TRK Mega Center. Prospekt is the main street in Chernigov. Its the beginning of the prospect takes from the red square, passing through the centre and Victory Boulevard in the city of Chernihiv.
Chernigov, Ukraine 04.11.14
Prospekt Mira TRK Megacenter web camera online
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Webcam with a view of the theater. Shchorsa, located on red square of Chernigov. Here is the intersection of prospect Mira and street Shevchenko, Hetman Polubotko and Trunk. In this area of the city is Musical-drama theatre. Shevchenko, Regional administration, Regional Federation of trade unions, several hotels and cafes, a spacious square. Popudrenko.
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Stavanger, Norway 03.11.13
The Harbour Of Stavanger
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Stavropol, Russia 19.10.13
Lenin square, Stavropol webcam online
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Key West, USA 09.02.18
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Chernigov, Ukraine 25.08.16
The Red Square Of Chernihiv. The views of the regional state administration
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