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The city of são Paulo, Brazil, is located 430 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, latitudes South of the tropic of Capricorn. The city is located in the southern part of Brazil at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. One of the main factors in the development of the city is connected with the cultivation of coffee. When the fertile lands in the state of Rio de Janeiro began to dwindle, and began to develop plantations in the hinterland. The first immigrants who came here in the early XX century, was from Japan and from Italy. Some of them began to work instead of slaves, hired workers, who were freed in 1888. In 1932 the city of Rio de Janeiro began to give way to the developing state of são Paulo. The city gradually began to gain popularity and then became the economic center of Brazil. At this time 40% of the total national income comes from the city of são Paulo. Nowadays são Paulo is just a huge city, or rather a metropolis. Almost the entire road is made of concrete, and ride it a pleasure. However, the rest of the roads in parks, neighborhoods such as Ibirapuera, Alameda Santos, Morumbi, etc interesting to see the Museum of fine arts in são Paulo, where there are art history. There are over 1000 restaurants where you can taste delicious and traditional dishes of the famous countries: Italian, Brazilian, Japanese, Greek cuisine. The camera is located on Avenida Nossa Senhora-Do-sabara, a popular place in the city.
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Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in Brazil, the largest city in North and South America, and throughout the southern hemisphere and the sixth largest city in the world by population. Avenida Paulista, or Paulista Avenue, one of the main and important road junctions in the city. Sao Paulo web camera online
Sao Paulo, Brazil 11.11.13
Avenida Paulista web Cam online
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Sao Paulo, a city with a large population, is the largest in Brazil, and most economically developed city. This city embodies the dream of Brazilian life. Many people come here to become rich. The camera is located at the intersection of av Bernardino de Campo and av. Paulista.
Sao Paulo, Brazil 22.10.13
The intersection of Av. Bernardino de Campo and Av. Paulista
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São Paulo, a young, modern city in the South of Brazil. The city combined both modern and old architectural style. Web camera views over the proud, the main part is occupied by skyscrapers, it is a very big city and it is here there are many different nationalities.
Sao Paulo, Brazil 22.10.13
Brazil Sao Paulo web camera online
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