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Rabat webcam online - Capital of Morocco

Everyone knows the expression: "Carthage must be destroyed", and in this very place, where the power of Carthage ruled, Morocco is now located. It is enough to watch Rabat webcams online to immerse yourself in an extraordinary adventure through North Africa on the coast of Gibraltar.

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, beckons travelers with mysteries that echo through the corridors of time.

The Bickford cord of history snakes through its streets, and the air is spicy and tart with the spirit of al-Andalusian art. Today, Morocco belongs to the Islamic region, but once Carthaginians lived on its lands, then the Romans. After that, he was closely allied with Spain, where the caliphates ruled and bickered for several centuries (fighting simultaneously with the Christian West, and finally, falling under the onslaught of its Reconquista).
Finally, in the first half of the 20th century, the country was under the protectorate of France. Thus, it is worth grasping any thread, and it will lead you into an endless labyrinth with mirrors, curiosities and deadly traps.

Kasbah Udaya is an ancient fort rising above the sea, washed by the foamy surf and blown by the salty winds of the Atlantic.

Its walls keep stories of battles and love, and in cozy coffee houses the traveler finds shelter from the hustle and bustle. Further, among the fragrant flowers and shady alleys of Rabat, the mausoleum of Mohammed V rises, like a sanctuary of eternity, where the sighs of the dead are reflected from the white marble walls. Medina, which simply means “city” in Arabic, embodies ancient exoticism: narrow streets and noisy bazaars filled with aromas and full of bright colors. Here, every step leads to a new mystery, and every turn opens a new chapter in the captivating qasida song of the city.
The ruins of the fortress of Shella (or Shellah) are the ruins of an ancient Roman settlement and a powerful medieval fortress. There is also a necropolis of the Marinids, the Berber dynasty of Morocco (ruled in the 13th century).

Of particular interest is the Bank Al-Maghrib Library in Rabat, which preserves the cultural heritage and treasures of Morocco.

This is one of the most significant and prestigious cultural institutions in Rabat. Founded in 1986, the library has become a center for research and education, as well as a repository for rare and valuable manuscripts and works of art. Despite its recent existence, the library has managed to amass a collection of over 15,000 manuscripts, including religious texts, historical documents, literary works, and scholarly works.
Among the most valuable are several rare manuscript copies of the Qur'an written in Arabic and dating from various periods of Islamic history. The Al-Muwatta Manuscripts are one of the most important works of Islamic jurisprudence, written by the learned Imam Malik in the 8th century.
Separately, it is worth mentioning the works of Ibn Rushd, known as Averroes. A native of Córdoba, Averroes spent much time at court in Morocco. This famous Arab philosopher, lawyer and physician, whose writings have had a significant impact on Western philosophy and science, is extremely revered here.
An important place is occupied by the works of Ibn Khaldun, a historian and philosopher, the author of the famous "Al-muqaddima" ("Introduction on the superiority of the science of history"), which is considered one of the earliest and most outstanding works on the philosophy of history.
In addition to manuscripts, the library also owns a collection of medieval maps, a bank of photographs, a collection of paintings and applied arts. Maps and atlases created by European cartographers from the 16th to the 20th century, as well as the original atlases of Arab geographers, stand out in particular. An extensive photo archive reflects the history and culture of Morocco from the 19th century up to the present day.
The library serves not only as a place to store the treasures of Moroccan culture, but actively promotes their study and dissemination. Lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and cultural programs are held here in cooperation with scientists from different countries. In addition, it provides researchers and students with access to its resources, including electronic versions of manuscripts and documents, which opens up a wide range of opportunities for study.

As you know, Morocco has several royal palaces located in different cities of the country.

However, the main palace "Dar el-Makhzen" is still located in the capital Rabat. It is the residence of the king and the venue for official events and ceremonies. The palace is an architectural masterpiece that combines traditional Moroccan and modern design elements. Inside it are luxurious halls, chambers, gardens and patios. Entrance to it is limited, and of course impossible for the general public, however, from time to time, the King of Morocco makes exceptions for selected individuals.

Without waiting for a special invitation, in the meantime, you can watch Rabat webcams online.

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Webcam with a view of the zoo's savannah Work. The high quality of the signal, as well as the broadcast in real time, allow you to enjoy the views of exotic flora, as well as observe the habits of wonderful animals. The broadcast is available from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.
Rabat, Morocco 17.04.23
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