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Construction of the house Yugozapad on the street. Elkina, 14. Webcams of Perm


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Perm webcam with a view of the construction site on Elkina Street, 14.

The lens captures the process of building an apartment building, adjacent territories. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, anyone can remotely monitor the process.

Perm webcams, which you can watch online on this site, represent a large industrial and industrial center of Russia.

This city is the second in the country in terms of area after Moscow and St. Petersburg, and its length along the Kama River is 70 km.
Perm is located in the Cis-Urals - the east of the European part of Russia. Convenient location at the intersection of the country's main transport routes and river access to the five seas provided the city with the status of the most important trade hub.
Archaeological exhibits of epochs from ancient times to the Middle Ages are found on the territory of modern Perm. But the history of the city dates back to 1723, when a copper smelter was built here. Now Perm is a center of mechanical engineering, oil and gas and wood processing, energy and food industries.
The active development of enterprises has a negative impact on the ecological situation in the city, reaching a critical level in some areas. The way out can be the modernization of production and processing of industrial waste. Some urban businesses are already developing environmentally friendly technologies.

If you watch Perm webcams online, you can see busy streets and roads filled with vehicles.

This is a million-plus city with a population representing more than a hundred nationalities. Perm can also be considered the center of education, because there are many higher educational institutions, of which more than ten are representatives of the old Soviet school and traditions.
The city-forming river Kama divides the city into left-bank and right-bank parts. The Left Bank is an administrative, historical and cultural part of Perm. Here are museums and theaters, cultural centers and universities, cathedrals and churches. The layout of this part of the city has a regular shape with wide squares and smooth highways of streets. Almost half of the territory is reserved for forest parks; this is also the greenest urban area.
Perm is divided into seven districts, the most prestigious and popular is the central one - Leninsky. Representative offices of government agencies and the regional administration are located here, as well as more than ten large enterprises, including LLC Lukoil and a branch of Russian Railways.

If it is not yet possible to visit the city, Perm webcams, which you can watch online at any time, will give you a virtual tour.

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The Perm webcam broadcasts a view of the construction site along Kosmonavta Leonov Street, 84, where a new hospital building is being erected. Thanks to real-time broadcasting, the process can be monitored remotely.
Perm, Russia 09.12.22
Construction of a hospital on the street. Cosmonaut Leonov, 84. Webcams of Perm
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Webcam with a view of the construction site in Perm, where a center for helping homeless animals is being built. The lens covers a spacious area where the object will be built. The process can be monitored in real time.
Perm, Russia 08.12.22
Construction of a center to help homeless animals. Webcams Perm
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The webcam broadcasts the process of building a school on Kholmogorskaya street, 2zh in Perm. The lens covers the construction site. Due to the broadcast in real time, everyone can watch the construction stage from anywhere in the city and the world.
Perm, Russia 06.12.22
Construction of a school on Kholmogorskaya, 2zh. Webcams Perm
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Perm webcam overlooking the construction site in Novye Lyady, where a new school is being built. The lens covers a large area and broadcasts the construction process in real time.
Perm, Russia 04.12.22
Construction of a school in Novye Lyady. Webcams Perm
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Perm webcam with a view of the parking lot near residential building No. 24 on Chkalova Street. The lens covers the local area. Thanks to real-time broadcasting, the situation can be monitored remotely.
Perm, Russia 03.12.22
Parking at Chkalova, 24. Webcams of Perm
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Webcam in Perm overlooking the queue at the MacNell car wash. The lens covers the entrance to the pavilion. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can observe the current situation and the workload of the car wash.
Perm, Russia 02.12.22
MacNell. Webcams Perm
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