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The City Of Novokuznetsklocated in the southern part of the Kemerovo regionRussiaat the banks of the river Tom. In the first half of the XVII century here was founded the city of Kuznetsk, guarding the borders of Siberia from the raids of the troops of the Jungar khanate and the Kyrgyz nomads. And swallowed him, later, the city of Novokuznetsk was founded by the Soviet authorities of the factory village of Garden city. Nowadays Novokuznetsk is a major industrial city, a center of metallurgy and coal mining in the Kuzbass. Infrastructure Novokuznetsk includes many social institutions, scientific and educational centers, commercial and industrial enterprises, entertainment and cultural facilities. The main part of urban development have on the Soviet period. However, in the historical part of Novokuznetsk assembled a magnificent architectural ensemble of the XVIII-XIX centuries. A special appeal to have the Boulevard of heroes memorial complex, and the stone construction of district schools and the Treasury building, designed in the architectural tradition of the Siberian Baroque. Another unique architectural monument is a fortification of XIX century – Kuznetsk fortress, built by Paul I that is now the object of cultural heritage of Federal significance and the Museum under the open sky. Not far from the fortress there is a beautiful natural area – waterfall Creek. The most important cultural and educational institutions are in Novokuznetsk Museum of local Lore is the oldest and one of the largest museums in the Kuzbass region, representing the richest collection of objects of historical and cultural heritage and exhibits of the natural world of the Kuznetsk region. As well as the city Art Museum that holds in its Fund of great works of fine and applied arts, sculpture and iconography. Among other institutions of culture of Novokuznetsk note State Drama theatre is the oldest theatrical school of Kuzbass, was awarded many state awards and representing a wide variety of performances for adult and child audience. Another recommended to visit the object of culture is the house-Museum of Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The unprecedented interest and enthusiasm, both adults and children, will certainly city planetarium and also a great place for fun – Novokuznetsk Park. Among the main religious buildings of the city, it should be noted Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral – the oldest Church in Novokuznetsk, erected in 1618, Peter and Paul Church, where the relics and the cross of St. Andrew and St. George's chapel. The outskirts of Novokuznetsk, surrounded by beautiful natural spaces. Tired of city life, take a walk into the protected grove of black poplars, the "Dancing forest", "Lime grove" or "Il'inskie travertine". In winter you can go skiing in the village Kurtukova or on the famous ski resort Sheregesh located in few hours drive from Novokuznetsk.
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Kondoma river, which has a length of almost 400 km, and the area of the water pool is 8 270 km2. Takes its beginning at the place where the border of the Altai and the Kemerovo region, on the ridge of Biyskaya Griva.
Novokuznetsk, Russia 30.04.18
The level of the river Kondoma in between kuzedeyevo web camera online
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Kondoma river in Russia, flows through the territory of the Kemerovo region, a left tributary of the Tom. The length of the river is 392 km, catchment area — 8270 km2. Condom starts on the ridge Biyskaya Griva on the border of Kemerovo region and the Republic of Altai, flows in a General direction North, runs into Tom in the Kuznetsk basin.
Novokuznetsk, Russia 30.04.18
The level of the river Kondoma web camera online
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Novokuznetsk, an important transportation and economic center of the Kemerovo region. The city population exceeds more than five Paris, with a population topping a million. The camera square to the chapel of God's Mother icon "assuage my sorrows". Novokuznetsk webcam online
Novokuznetsk, Russia 17.02.18
The square at the chapel of the Mother of God "assuage my sorrows"
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Novokuznetsk, a huge city, the Russian Federation, which is one of the vast cities of Russia. A major industrial center, and city labor veterans, who have built and Novokuznetsk. Although Tennessee is one of the oldest cities, as the city officially adopted the age of 30. Novokuznetsk webcam online
Novokuznetsk, Russia 26.01.14
Area social events web Cam online
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Prokopyevsk, a city in Kemerovo oblast, Russia. Prokopyevsk is the pearl capital of miners in the early twentieth century, there begins the development of the coal industry, thereby providing fuel a large part of the Soviet Union. The camera captures a city fountain city.
Novokuznetsk, Russia 26.01.14
Prokopyevsk web camera online, City fountain
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The first Siberian cities, among which appeared and Prokop'yevsk. The city was founded in 1604, and later built the fortress, since that time joining Russia. The camera takes the alley at the Mall "Seagull" in the town of Prokopyevsk, in the Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation.
Novokuznetsk, Russia 26.01.14
Alley at the Mall "Seagull". Prokopyevsk web camera online
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