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The Western side of the port of Montevideo


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Green cityMontevideo, Uruguayparks and gardens, tall palm trees. The beautiful architecture of the city will not leave anyone indifferent. Two completely different styles combined in the architecture of Montevideo. Definitely worth a visit the museums, which are very much in the city, such as Palacio salvo, the Cathedral of Montevideo, the Presidential Palace Estevez, Fort Sant Miguel, fountain Entrevero, the Taranco Palace, the Solis theatre. Interesting place is the pedestrian street Sarandi where you can listen to live music, admire the fountain. Visit the Botanical garden or the zoo Lecoq. Restaurants with delicious traditional cuisine. Also important object is the port of Montevideo, which represents the largest South American port. Port terminals and facilities occupy most of the Western and southern coast in the city limits of the city. Leaving a few kilometers to the East of the territory of beaches for residents and tourists. The port receives cruise and cargo ships, as well as local based national Navy ships. Amazing Palace at 26 storeys the tallest building in the country, it was built as a hotel, but today there are offices and apartments. Interesting place in the city is the pedestrian street Sarandi, where you can relax by the fountain, listening to live music and musicians to walk through the souvenir shops.
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Montevideo is an amazing city, the capital of Uruguay. The city is famous for its promenade and white beaches, attracts many tourists from all over the world to enjoy the true beauty of nature, wonderful parks, a Botanical garden, overlooking a great port.
Montevideo, Uruguay 27.01.14
The port of Montevideo web Cam online
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Montevideo – Uruguay's capital, largest city by population. Montevideo is a green city with many parks, one of the famous is the Prado Park is a wonderful sanctuary where roses alone there are over eight hundred varieties.
Montevideo, Uruguay 27.01.14
Montevideo web Cam online, views to the East of the city.
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