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Hood and Uta Park. Webcams Gudauta


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Live webcam installed in Guda and Uta park (Gudauta, Abkhazia.

Live broadcast shows one of the parts of this holiday destination. In the video you can see a variety of trees and a sculpture by V.I. Lenin. The park is immersed in greenery, so you can safely sit in the shade and enjoy the silence.

Gudauta, whose webcams will let you enjoy the picturesque landscapes, is located almost 40 km from the capital of Abkhazia.

It got its name from the Gudou River that flows through the city. Archaeologists suggest that the first settlements in this place appeared in the Neolithic era. During excavations, traces of a large settlement were found here. Presumably, fishermen and farmers lived in it. Over time, the territory began to develop actively: fortresses, palaces, villas, places of worship were built.
Now almost 9 thousand people live here. Most of the townspeople are engaged in tourism, but many people work in a tobacco factory, grow tea and citrus fruits. Since there is enough rainfall in Gudauta, lemons and tangerines take root here and bear fruit.

Gudauta, whose webcams are available on the site, has a convenient location, it is located on a plateau near the bay on the Black Sea coast.

For more than a century, this city has been considered a popular climatic resort. People come here not only to relax, but also to be treated. A huge plus of this resort is that the mountains cover it from strong winds. This circumstance, combined with the subtropical humid climate, contributes to mild winters and long hot summers. On average, the temperature in winter is about +9°С, and in summer it exceeds +30°С. Tourists and residents open the season in May and end it in mid-autumn.
Often travelers underestimate this city and choose other Abkhazian resorts, such as Gagra or Sukhum. In addition to a beach holiday, there are many natural and historical monuments. In the vicinity there are hydrogen sulfide springs, caves, Abahvatsa fortress, picturesque mountain ranges.
There is no public transport in the city, but it is so small that it is not difficult to get from one point to another. At the same time, it is easy to visit other Abkhaz settlements from Gudauta. Those who wish can get to Lykhna, Sukhumi, Gagra, Ritsa, Pitsunda.
Gudauta definitely deserves attention and a visit. Many tourists are satisfied with their vacation here.

You can be convinced of the beauty of this place just by looking at Gudauta webcams, green streets, ancient architecture, endless sea will not leave indifferent even an avid traveler.

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The webcam is located in Abkhazia, at the entrance to the checkpoint towards Russia. The broadcast is in real time. The image quality is good, all the details are viewed without difficulty.
Gudauta, Abkhazia 11.02.22
Entrance to the checkpoint Psou (from Abkhazia). Webcams Gyachrypsh
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The webcam is located at the railway station in the city of Gudauta. Traffic was opened here in 1944. It is directed to the station square. Live broadcast allows you to see the building of the railway station. All buildings were built in the middle of the 20th century. after the start of train traffic.
Gudauta, Abkhazia 11.02.22
Railway station. Webcams Gudauta
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The webcam is located in Abkhazia, in the city of Gudauta. The broadcast is conducted in real time and the frame includes the intersection of st. Chachba and Ochamchira. Image quality is good, time-lapse mode is available. In case of disputes on the road, the broadcast will be useful.
Gudauta, Abkhazia 11.02.22
Crossroads of Chachba and Ochamchirskaya streets. Webcams Gudauta
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The webcam is located in Abkhazia, in the small resort town of Gudauta. The broadcast is conducted in real time and demonstrates the Avenue of Heroes. Image quality is high, Time-lapse mode is available. Details are clearly visible, so you can see the architecture and everything that happens on the avenue.
Gudauta, Abkhazia 10.02.22
Avenue of Heroes. Webcams Gudauta
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The webcam shows what is happening at the turn that leads to the village of Lykhny (Gudauta, Abkhazia). This is an ancient settlement that has existed for almost 1500 years. In the 19th century this place was the residence of the rulers and the capital of the Abkhaz principality. Here are the ruins of the palace, which was destroyed during the uprising in 1866. The broadcast is in real time and allows you to see the situation on the road.
Gudauta, Abkhazia 10.02.22
Lykhny turn. Webcams Gudauta
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The webcam is directed to the road that leads to the resort village of Bambora. It is located near the village of Lykhny in the suburbs of Gudauta. This is one of the most secluded places that will appeal to lovers of peace and tranquility. Real-time broadcasting allows you to see traffic and weather conditions.
Gudauta, Abkhazia 09.02.22
Bambora traffic police post. Webcams Gudauta
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