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Priehib II - 1342 above sea level. Liptovsky Mikulash's webcams online


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To your attention online webcam mountain Tatra. The yasna ski resort is the largest ski resort in Slovakia and the most popular in the Low Tatras.  It has everything in the Austrian and Swiss Alps. Yasna is 50 km of well-prepared pistes, 30 rope and hill lifts, 12 freeride skating zones, and a snowpark with four freestyle platforms. 

Yasna is Slovakia's most famous ski resort and one of the best in Europe. It is located in the Low Tarts in the Demanov Valley. The highest point of the resort is Mount Dumber, which is located at an altitude of 2043 meters above sea level. And the second largest mountain - Hopok (2024 meters).

Yasna is dozens of different routes, developed infrastructure and the highest service. Plus, it's crystal clear air, mild climate and unique nature. If all this is put together, it becomes clear why thousands of tourists annually seek to get here, preferring to Clear even alpine resorts.

There are 41 ski slopes in Yasna. The total length of them is almost 50 kilometers, and they are all divided depending on the complexity:
- Blue pistes (light) - there are 14 of them. The height differences on them range from only 70 to 140 meters. And these slopes are great for beginners or vacationers with children;
- Reds (average) - there are 14 of them. They are suitable for tourists with a medium level of training, as a rule, we are talking about amateur skiers. Heights - from 40 to 800 meters;
- Black pistes (complex) - there are 6, and they are designed for real extremes. Elevations from 300 to 500 meters, and the length of such slopes reaches 2 kilometers;
All pistes are allowed from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. local time. But there are several routes where you can combine active rest with romance and ride in the light of the moon. They are not kicked out until 9 p.m.

Summer is not a reason to deny yourself a trip to Yasna. Although first of all it is a winter ski resort, but with the arrival of heat life here does not freeze, and continues in the same saturated rhythm. Summer is pure air, active rest and indescribable beauty of landscapes. Some nearby caves can only be visited in the summer, and in winter they are closed for safety reasons. This refers to the famous Demen ice cave, the eternal kingdom of ice and cold. You can see frozen ice lakes and waterfalls, huge icicles-stalactites only when a stable temperature "plus" is installed outside.
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The web camera online broadcasts the eastern slope of Mount Hopok - 2024 meters above sea level. The ski resort of Yasna, the most famous resort of Low Tatr, is by all accounts the best ski resort in all of Eastern Europe. Many pistes on the northern and southern slopes of Mount Hopok are served by magnetic pass lifts, which ensures their high bandwidth.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 15.08.20
Mount Hopok - 2024 meters above sea level. Lyptovsky Mikulash panoramic webcams online
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You are watching an online webcam from the mountain resorts of Tatra. The territory of Slovakia is 2/3 occupied by the Carpathian mountains. This has led to the emergence of ski bases and sports complexes for winter sports. The active winter recreation areas in the country are divided into two parts - High and Low Tatras.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 15.08.20
Priehib station - 1342 above sea level. Lyptovsky Mikulash panoramic webcams online
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You are watching a live broadcast from the resort of Jasna - Tatra mountain resorts. Online broadcasting of the station Luchki - located at an altitude of 943 meters above sea level.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 21.04.20
Luchki - 943 meters above sea level. Webcams of Liptovsky Mikulas online
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Live webcam of the ski resort Yasna, Lukova station - 1670 meters above sea level. The Jasna ski resort offers excellent skiing conditions in Slovakia.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 21.04.20
Lukova - 1670 meters above sea level. Webcams of Liptovsky Mikulas online
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Web camera online from the Jasna ski resort, set at an altitude of 1084 meters above the sea level. The Jasna ski resort offers excellent conditions for skiing in Slovakia.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 07.04.20
Krupova - 1084 meters above sea level. Webcams Clear online
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Web camera in real-time broadcast station záhradky, 1028 metres above sea level in jasná Low Tatras. The Jasna ski resort is the most famous ski resort in Slovakia and one of the best in Europe.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 07.04.20
Zahradky, 1028 m above the sea level. Webcam Liptovsky Mikulas online
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Konský Grúň, web Cam online at the height of 1843 feet above sea level in the ski resort of Jasna, Slovakia. Clear is the most famous ski resort in Slovakia and one of the best in Europe. Set on a Low tart in the Demänovská valley.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 03.04.20
Konský Grúň. Webcam resort Jasna online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts Jasna ski centre is by far the best ski resort in Slovakia. Web camera located at an altitude of 1226 meters above the sea level.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 03.04.20
The Jasna ski resort. Webcam online in High Tatras
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The aquapark "Tropical Paradise" Slovakia
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 02.11.13
The aquapark "Tropical Paradise" Slovakia
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Liptovský mikuláš, a town situated on the North of Slovakia, Camera and entertainment complex Tatralandia, which monthly visited by many tourists from countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 02.11.13
Aquapark Tatralandia. Overview of web camera
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Tatralandia - is a swimming pool located on the territory of 16 hectares and have a purpose for year-round visits. Here everything is provided for recreation, to every detail. The Tatralandia aquapark has outdoor pools for year round swimming.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 02.11.13
Entertainment complex Tatralandia Slovakia
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Aquapark Tatralandia is the largest water entertainment complex in Slovakia. Located in the Liptov region, where are located many monuments, folk culture and folklore. In this part of the region is very beautiful nature of the Slovak mountains High and the Low Tatras.
Liptovský M-W, Slovakia 02.11.13
Aquapark Tatralandia web camera online
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