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Bridge across the Volga river. Kostroma webcam online


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InRussiathere are very few cities that can clearly convey the true Russian spirit like this can make a beautiful city on the VolgaKostroma. This amazing edge belonging to the Golden Ring of Russia and North of Europe with Asia, was founded in the XII century as a fortress guarding the northeastern border of Russia. Kostroma is the cradle of the last Royal dynasty. It was here, within the walls of the Ipatiev monastery was a wedding ceremony on a Kingdom of Mikhail Romanov. In Kostroma there is a private Museum dedicated to the Royal family, the opening of which took place in the presence of Nicholas II. Modern Kostroma is an important commercial, economic and transport hub, where there is a large river port, and also a large number of unique attractions. A magnificent example of Russian town planning is a Central part of the city. Is it a historical core, which has preserved many ancient buildings and temples. Here is an old shopping arcade which was built in the XVII century and miraculously survived almost intact. Near milk hill is Bargaining, lies the main square of the city. I. Susanin, the Russian monument to national hero who sacrificed their lives for the Fatherland. Here stands the famous Fire tower, built in a classic architectural style reminiscent of the lauded of antiquity. Nowadays, the building is not used as intended, and is part of the Kostroma Museum-reserve, which displays materials on the history of fire. There is also the building of the former Guardhouse, where now are located the exposition of military history Department of the Rijksmuseum. In this area you will find a large number of stunning churches mentioned above, the Holy Trinity monastery, the beautiful Church of Resurrection on Debra, with elaborate paintings of the interior, the Epiphany convent, and a large Trinity Cathedral. About the different stages in the history of this ancient city tells a Historical-architectural Museum-reserve, working at the main monastery in Kostroma. A unique collection of works of ancient and modern art awaits you within the walls of a State art Museum. If you come here with young children – will certainly recommend you to visit the Museum, the snow maiden, who was born in this city. Fascinating story and colorful pageant will be interesting to see not only the younger generation but also for adults.
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Web camera with view of the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky in Kostroma, the founder of the ancient Kostroma. Yuri Dolgoruky (1090-ies - 1157) - Prince of Rostov-Suzdal, Grand Prince of Kiev, son of Vladimir Monomakh. According to legend, Prince Yuri Dolgoruky in Kostroma, founded in 1152, however, the first annalistic mention of the city refers to 1213.
Kostroma, Russia 08.02.20
The Monument To Yuri Dolgoruky. Webcam Kostroma online
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Web Cam from the building of the city administration of Kostroma transiret panorama of the city. View webcam get Red ranks, Sovetskaya street, mother of God chapel, the Volga river.
Kostroma, Russia 08.02.20
Red ranks. Panorama of the city. Webcam Kostroma online
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Web camera city on the Volga river - Kostroma town. Stream in real time the Soviet area. Kostroma - an ancient city in Central Russia (340 km from Moscow), a member of the Golden circle route.
Kostroma, Russia 08.02.20
Soviet area. Webcam Kostroma online
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Susaninskaya square is the Central square of the city of Kostroma. Originated under the regular plan of Kostroma 1781-1784. the buildings of the square is a holistic, exemplary in its kind architectural ensemble of the end XVIII—XIX centuries.
Kostroma, Russia 01.09.16
Susaninskaya square. Kostroma webcam online
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Webcam shows a view of the square building a Training camp near Kostroma state agricultural Academy in the village of Karavaevo. Nearby is a sports stadium, educational buildings state agricultural Academy, dormitories, apartment houses, shops, a school and a kindergarten.
Kostroma, Russia 22.01.16
Kostroma state agricultural Academy web camera online
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Webcam shows a view of the Susaninskaya square, is the center of Kostroma. There is a large number of architectural monuments, museums, administrative offices, as well as a commemorative monument to Ivan Susanin. Square's architectural ensemble is a holistic pattern of urban development XVIII-XIX centuries.
Kostroma, Russia 22.01.16
Webcam online on the Susanin square in Kostroma
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Webcam shows a view of the rink, in the building of the Ice arena of the city of Kostroma. The facility was built in 2011, and his arena was the main ice rink in the region and even beyond. Here are held competitions on winter sports – figure skating, hockey, and training events of various sports clubs.
Kostroma, Russia 22.01.16
"Ice arena". Kostroma webcam online
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