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City Kolomnais a storehouse of fascinating attractions, unique historical and architectural monuments, magnificent temples and amazing museums. The main attraction of the town is striking, the Kolomna Kremlin, which brought to us its history from the distant XVI century. It was a powerful stone fortress, covering with its walls an area of 24 Hectares, built by the famous Italian masters at the confluence of Moscow river and Kolomenka. During its existence, the fortress withstood a siege one enemy. However, in the most important battle – over time, the Fort suffered significant losses and destruction. Of the 17 towers of the fortress, to have survived only seven, one of which is covered with legends Marina tower, became a symbol of the modern city. However, despite the ruthlessness of time, the Kolomna Kremlin is the most important cultural center of modern Kolomna, a historical heritage of the city and the country, an outstanding monument of ancient Russian fortification architecture, a masterpiece of engineering. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists. The heroic battles and other facts of life of the Kremlin and the city, you can listen to a detailed story, visit the tour to Kolomenskoye Museum, which is located on the territory of the Kremlin and is one of the oldest museums in the entire Moscow region. Collected here are rich collections, numbering about 30,000 exhibits related to the nature, region's history, culture, life and traditions of the people inhabiting these lands since time immemorial. The on-site Museum is also located picture-gallery, which exhibits paintings by masters such as Pimenov, Vasnetsov, Aivazovsky and others. On the territory of the Kolomna Kremlin, which is the jewel of the Cathedral architecture, there are a great many temples and monasteries. The spiritual center of the city was Cathedral square, where stands the main temple of Kolomna Uspensky Cathedral, and the most powerful belfry in Russia, and Tikhvin Cathedral, the resurrection Church and the Church of St. Nicholas. There are on the territory of the Kremlin is famous all over the Russia Novo-Golutvin monastery, which is home to more than a hundred of the nuns who revived the ancient crafts and arts of the Church of spiritual singing. The monastery is the miraculous icon of St. Xenia of Petersburg. The second monastery in the Kremlin – Uspensky Brusensky, including cell buildings, steepled Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin and Holy cross Cathedral. In the walls of the Kolomna Kremlin also military history sports and cultural complex, to revive the long tradition of Russian military and adversarial culture. At the initiative of the founders of the complex, on the territory of the Kremlin jousting tournaments and festivals of historical reconstruction.

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Kolomna webcam is located at the lost chapel of Alexander Nevsky. The lens covers the roadway, the front sidewalk of October Revolution Street, as well as a spacious area in the background with the mothballed foundation of an old religious building, several houses, and the Church of St. John the Theologian. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Kolomna, Russia 19.11.22
Foundation of Alexander Nevsky Chapel. Webcams Kolomna
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Camera overlooking the Golutvinsky bridge in Kolomna. The lens covers pedestrian traffic along the pontoon crossing, the picturesque landscape of the Moscow River. The bridge connects Kolomna with the neighboring village of Sergievsky, as well as other settlements. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Kolomna, Russia 12.11.22
Golutvinsky bridge. Webcams Kolomna
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The web camera transmits in real time the Soviet square in the city of Kolomna. We also observed the Kolomna hotel.
Kolomna, Russia 01.03.19
Soviet area. Webcam Kolomna online
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Mitevski bridge. Kolomna webcam online
Kolomna, Russia 14.05.17
Mitevski bridge. Kolomna webcam online
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Webcam overlooking the sports Aero club "aerograd Kolomna", located in the suburb of Kolomna, Moscow region, at the banks of the river Oka. Here you can get expert training in parachuting, piloting, flights on the airplane and many other exciting air sports.
Kolomna, Russia 26.01.16
"Aerograd Kolomna" web camera online
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The webcam will provide a live broadcast from the square Uprising in Kolomna, adjacent to the Central street of the October Revolution. Here is one of the main junctions of the city, located the railway and bus stations as well as major shopping malls, buildings, food service establishments, and banks.
Kolomna, Russia 02.08.15
Vosstaniya Square Kolomna
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Webcam shows a view of Parentesco (Pitaevskii) pontoon road bridge which crosses over the Moscow river in Kolomna. For him there is a road between the district Mytyajeve and village parfent'yevo. There is a hotel bus, located landing points and places of compulsory landing.
Kolomna, Russia 02.08.15
Camera Mitevska (Parentesco) bridge. Kolomna online
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