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Theater square. Kaluga in real-time

Theater square. Kaluga in real-time


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In the Central region of our country lies a gracefulthe city of Kalugastriking the eye by the grandeur of its temples, the splendor of the city's buildings, lots of green space and global high-tech facilities. Residents of Kaluga revere the history of their city and love its modernity. Guests of this extraordinary atmosphere welcomes Grand stone bridge, named in honor of the first man to travel into space, and resembling the appearance of a giant Roman aqueduct. It should be noted that the study space in Kaluga given special attention. Here is the magnificent Museum of cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky, the building is designed in futuristic style. Also, the city has the carrier rocket "Vostok", and the planetarium. Space theme even appears in the monuments of the city. Thus, in the Kaluga you can see the sculptural composition representing a globe, near which is a profile of Yuri Gagarin. The Motherland statue, towering over the house, gripping his the first satellite to be manufactured on Earth. Among other areas of Kaluga should definitely visit the historic area of "Old market", where there is a business card of the city – "Gostiny Dvor". Kaluga is also rich in historic buildings. In the list of rare monuments is the building of the merchant mansion, which now bears the name "house of Korobov," and holds a vast exhibition hall that are related to the city's local history Museum. Unique Baroque shape has a old building Chambers Makarov, built in the XVIII century. The most interesting architectural feature are the government Offices – office buildings complex, intertwined arches and galleries. This ensemble was built at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries and in our days, has the establishment of a theological Seminary. Lovers of art and culture will love the colorful exposition of the Museum of workmanship architecture and daily life, or of the Museum "House of masters". Also impressive is the huge number of beautiful centuries-old and modern temples of Kaluga – old intercession and Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church, the oldest Cathedral in the name of St. George, the Optina monastery, Temple complex in Grabtsevo, beautiful at the shamordino convent. And, of course, is to mention a cozy and peaceful atmosphere with numerous urban parks and gardens, where, among picturesque alleys and the unsurpassed aroma of pine needles and fresh leaves, you can regain clarity of thought, inspiration, answers to tormenting questions or lost the mood.
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts outside of the Grain in the city of Kaluga
Kaluga, Russia 22.04.19
Street Grain. Webcam Kaluga online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts of General Popov in the city of Kaluga
Kaluga, Russia 22.04.19
Ulitsa Generala Popova. Webcam Kaluga online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts Kirov street in the city of Kaluga.
Kaluga, Russia 22.04.19
Kirov Street. Webcam Kaluga online
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Camera with a view of the monument to the 600th anniversary of Kaluga. The monument erected in the center of the round square in the historic part of the city. This is a very attractive building, the locals lovingly call "Ball". Absolutely looks terrific and surrounding the monument panorama.
Kaluga, Russia 16.06.16
The monument to the 600th anniversary of Kaluga webcam online
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Webcam overlooking the centre of Kaluga. Broadcast from the street of Kirov – one of the liveliest and most colourful arteries of the city. Here unusually harmonious blend of old architecture and modern buildings. This area has plenty of catering establishments and shops.
Kaluga, Russia 16.06.16
The Centre Of Kaluga. Kirov street web Cam online
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