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Husavik webcams - watch a port city in Iceland online

You can watch Husavik webcams online on the website. This town and its surroundings offer a unique variety of attractions, both natural and cultural. There are many places within walking distance that tell stories about the past and the development of the city today. Regarding the climate, the average temperature ranges from -4°C to +15°C. Usually January is the coldest and July is the warmest. In terms of precipitation, October is usually the wettest month and May the driest month.

Located on the edge of Skjalfandy Bay, Husavik is internationally recognized as one of the best whale watching spots in the world.

In fact, the chances of seeing whales in Husavik are higher than anywhere else in Iceland. The reason for this is the thriving ecosystem in the bay. Melting snow and rivers bring nutrients from mineral-rich places that are fed into the three ocean currents in the bay. Combined with the endless summer sun, this leads to overflowing masses of plankton and fish - the main food source for baleen whales.
This place is also known as a geothermal spa. For centuries, residents have used geothermal heat for bathing and washing. Drilling in search of hot water in the middle of the 20th century. showed that the water was not only hot, but also salty. At the same time, it turned out to have a lot of minerals, so it was not suitable for heating houses, but it was used in everyday life. Locals have created special sea baths that allow you to enjoy nature in a unique way. Thanks to the underground heat, the sea water in the baths is warm and comfortable, and the mineral-rich water environment will be good for the skin. From here you can also see the mountain range to the west, the Bay of Skjalfandi under the rocks, and the Arctic Circle itself on the horizon.
The northeast of Iceland has a lot to offer, and the most beautiful sights are easily accessible from Husavik. Some of them are well known and some are still hidden gems. There are many beautiful hiking trails around the city, ideal for a short evening stroll or a full day trip.
If you want to be active, you can explore the beautiful countryside of North East Iceland on a mountain bike tour, or play beach volleyball, ski, cross country, golf or even disc golf.

Husavik webcams allow you to watch online unusual Scandinavian architecture and nature.

Being the whale capital of Europe, the city became the site of the Whale Museum. It is located in the heart of Husavik. Inside, you can get acquainted with the marine mammals that inhabit the Icelandic coastlines. In addition, there is a historical museum and a Research Museum dedicated to the history of human discoveries.
Other cultural institutions can also be found in the surrounding area. For example, Grønjadarstadur Torf Farmhouse, which will immerse you in Iceland's rural past. After wandering around one of the largest farming settlements in the country, tourists will get acquainted with a well-chosen exposition. It consists of 1,000 items, including a porcelain tea set, a human hair wedding ring, and some elaborately decorated baking dishes. And just 40 minutes away is the Sigurgueira Bird Museum, which houses 330 stuffed birds, an extensive collection of eggs, an aviary and much more.

Of interest is the Earthquake Center in Kupasker.

Here you can find installations and photographs of seismic activity around the world, as well as detailed information about the unusual geography of the region. The emphasis is on tectonic activity in the 1970s–1980s, which led to an earthquake in Kupasker, as well as to volcanic eruptions on Lake Myvatn. Sad fact: in 1976, an earthquake occurred 12 km from the coast of Kupasker in the north-east of Iceland. The earthquake caused extensive damage to the buildings in the village, and a piece of land nearby gave way to two new lakes.
Due to the variety of landscapes, Husavik is an excellent base for studying Icelandic ornithology. The entire northeast of the country is famous among bird scientists for its diverse species of birds. The bird trail covers the entire area that starts at Lake Mývatn, although, of course, you can join the trail anywhere along the route. In Kaldbakstjärnir, you can take shelter from the bad weather in the observation hut. Finally, travelers can book specialty tours that combine whale and bird watching with authentic wildlife immersion.

Husavik webcams will allow you to watch picturesque landscapes of the island online on the site.

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The review covers the western part of the city of Husavik (Iceland). A wide angle allows you to see the picturesque coast lined with green spaces and houses. Mountain slopes are visible behind. The broadcast is in real time.
Husavik, Iceland 13.07.22
View of the western part. Webcam Husavik
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Camera overlooking the southern part of the city of Husavik (Iceland). The overview covers a spacious marina with pleasure and fishing boats moored to the berths. On the front edge of the view, you can see various buildings and a parking lot. Behind you can see a picturesque panorama of mountain peaks. The broadcast is in real time.
Husavik, Iceland 09.07.22
View of the southern part. Webcam Husavik
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The webcam is located in the eastern part of the city of Husavik (Iceland). The lens captures a picturesque city panorama surrounded by incredible Icelandic landscapes. Also, one of the local attractions, the main city temple, the Khusavik Church, falls into the foreshortening. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Husavik, Iceland 03.07.22
View of the eastern part. Webcam Husavik
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View of the "whale capital" of Iceland - the city of Husavik. The lens captures the northern part of the settlement. An extensive city panorama gives an idea of the weather and what is happening on the streets thanks to the transmission in real time. And the HD format allows you to enjoy the walk and see everything in detail.
Husavik, Iceland 02.07.22
View of the northern part. Webcam Husavik
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