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Live webcams Gustavia - the pearl of the Caribbean

Gustavia webcams, which you can watch online on this site, will allow you to enjoy the views of this picturesque corner of the planet in real time.
Gustavia is the capital of the French overseas community of Saint Barthélemy, which has recently appeared on the world maps. Only a couple of thousand inhabitants live here. But a huge number of tourists from France and other parts of Europe come here to enjoy the warm climate and exotic vacation.

Gustavia is the main city on the island, which bears the name of the Swedish king.

It was founded off the coast of a quiet bay where the most expensive yachts are moored today. The town has an indescribable atmosphere, which it has absorbed from its Swedish past. The place is renowned for its chic restaurants, breathtaking panoramas, beachfront bars and duty-free shops. Here you can buy Hawaiian cigars, French perfumes, vintage wines and clothes of Italian couturiers at the most pleasant prices.
The main asset of Gustavia is its beaches. Walking along the coast, you can often meet Hollywood stars who come here to enjoy the stunning nature and developed service.

Among the most famous beaches in Gustavia is Shell Beach.

Its main feature is the coast, strewn with shells of various colors and configurations. The shells are washed ashore by the sea current. It is impossible to walk barefoot on such a bank. But the real delight will give this place to children. Shell Beach is just under a kilometer long. Therefore, you can comfortably stay here and enjoy the privacy.
Near Shell Beach there are numerous cafes, souvenir shops, shady awnings. From here you can also get to the neighboring islands. The time spent here at sunset will also cause a storm of emotions. The sun setting behind the horizon paints the water and the sky in the most incredible shades.

Among the cultural sites of Gustavia, it is worth noting the Museum of Ocean Shells of Ingenu Magras.

It was formed from the private collection of the founder of the museum, who over the years of his life collected a variety of shells and sand not only from the coast of Gustavia, but also from other parts of the world.
The exposition of the museum includes about 4,000 varieties of seashells, which are specially marked and are located under glass showcases. The owner of the museum is very sociable, so he will be happy to answer many questions of conchology (the science that studies sea shells and molluscs).

There are many interesting places in the vicinity of Gustavia, for example, on the opposite side of the island there is a beach with white sand, calm sea and sandy bottom.

It is called Saint-Jean and is an ideal place for families with young children. Cleanliness, calm sea, warm, sunny weather will give you a comfortable and safe pastime on the coast. There is also a water sports center, whose owner Jean-Michel teaches windsurfing for everyone. Nearby there is a rental point for water equipment - kayaks, windsurf boards, catamarans.
Saint-Jean beach is divided into two parts, between which is the Eden Rock Hotel. The right side is called "Pelican" and is a calm place where large sea turtles often go. Nearby is the famous Niki Beach restaurant. On the left side of the hotel, there is a long line of villas and hotels that go straight to the beach. The famous beachfront French restaurant La Plage, owned by the Tom Beach Hotel, also operates here. Fashion photography is often seen on Saint-Jean Beach.

Another famous beach on the island is called Gouverner, it is completely sunlit due to the almost complete absence of trees.

That is why it is better to come here in the morning or in the evening. The main reason tourists come here is the coastal cliffs, which offer great diving opportunities. Here you can admire colorful tropical fish. There is even a legend according to which the treasures of Captain Montbars are still kept in one of the caves. Here you can also enjoy superb sea views. The place is located far from the noisy tourist centers. Soft, white sand, beautiful yachts, as well as iguanas that sometimes come ashore, will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions from your stay in this place.

For those who are not yet planning a trip to Saint Barthelemy, Gustavia's webcams, which can be watched online from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection, will provide excellent opportunities for a virtual walk.

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Saint-Jean airport webcam aimed at the air harbor building. In real time, you can watch how planes land and take off on the runway. The camera also allows you to see the busy road that skirts the airfield.
Gustavia, France 15.01.22
View of the Saint-Jean airport. Gustavia webcams
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Live webcam broadcasts a magnificent view of the Bay of Saint-Jean in the city of Gustavia, which is located on the island of Saint-Barthélemy. In real time, you can see the northeast coast in all its glory: a sandy beach, a bay with sailboats and yachts, as well as rocks shrouded in green trees.
Gustavia, France 15.01.22
Bay of Saint-Jean. Gustavia webcams
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Live webcam gives an overview of the beach on the island of Saint Barth (Gustavia). The image is of excellent quality, broadcasting is carried out in real time and with sound. Thanks to the broadcast, you can get acquainted with the closed world of the beautiful life of the richest people on the planet.
Gustavia, France 14.01.22
Island of Saint Barthélemy. Gustavia webcams
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The webcam is broadcasting online overlooking the Flemish Beach in real time. The camera is installed in the city and broadcasts a panoramic view of the surroundings. The broadcast is carried out in high quality, so you can watch all natural phenomena.
Gustavia, France 14.01.22
Flemish beach. Gustavia webcams
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