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Watch Gurzuf webcams online - southern coast of Crimea

Gurzuf webcams, which you can watch online on this site, will allow you to make an exciting virtual journey at any time and from anywhere. This modest-sized village is a real pearl of the southern coast of Crimea. In a relatively small area, amazing natural beauty, architectural and cultural attractions, as well as stunningly clean beaches with azure sea water fit in.
At different times, representatives of bohemia, politicians, and scientists lived, rested, worked and were inspired here. Silence and tranquility, as well as unique corners of nature give unforgettable emotions and impressions to this day. This resort is loved by fans of a relaxing holiday, contemplation. Without crowds of tourists, fuss and noisy parties.

The hallmark of Gurzuf is Mount Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain).

This name was not given to the peak by chance. From afar, it really resembles a gigantic bear that drinks water, leaning towards the Black Sea. According to scientists, the mountain is of volcanic origin. In other words, this is a failed volcano, in which magma could not get to the surface. But people have created their own versions of the origin of this peak, wrapping it in legends and giving it mystical properties.
Ayu-Dag has value not only as a natural landmark, but also as a historical and archaeological monument. Here traces of an ancient man were found, the age of which is calculated for thousands of years. Also here are the remains of a medieval monastery. Today, various excursions are held at the top. The walk promises pleasant communication with nature and stunning photographs among the relic sessile oaks and pistachios that cover the "back" of Bear Mountain.

You can continue your walk along the Gurzuf embankment, webcams of which can be viewed on this site.

This place is the center of attraction for tourists and residents of the town. It stretches for 2 km along the coastline, starting from the sanatorium "Pearl of the Sea" and to the port. The promenade is paved with marble tiles, which shine in the rays of the southern sun, acquiring a golden and pinkish hue at sunset and in the light of night illuminations. From here you can see a stunning panorama of the bay, mountains surrounding the shore, covered with centuries-old forests.
Walking along the Gurzuf embankment, you can enjoy the sea air and amazing views, as well as visit one of the local cafes. In addition, sightseeing ships depart from the shore, from which you can admire Gurzuf from a completely unexpected angle.
Separately, it is worth mentioning the local beaches. Small pebbles on the shore can be replaced by rather large cobblestones hewn by the sea and again turn almost into sand. The closer to Ayu-Dag, the larger the pebbles become. At the foot of the mountain are relatively wild places. Those who love beaches with infrastructure should look for a place to relax closer to the center.

Gurzuf, whose webcams are available in real time on this page, is also famous throughout the world for the Artek international complex, whose name has been heard since the days of the USSR.

Only a select few managed to visit this pioneer camp. Today, only the most talented and smart children of Russia and foreign countries can get here.
There are also monuments of landscape architecture in Gurzuf, as well as historical sights. One of them is the Suuk-Su Palace. It was erected at the end of the century before last by order of a famous engineer who bought a land plot in the village and wanted to build a prestigious health resort on it. The resort complex was opened at the beginning of the 20th century. But after the death of the philanthropist himself, his wife continued his work. On her initiative, a luxurious garden of 40 hectares appeared around the hotel building, as well as a hydropathic and bathhouse.
The hotel itself has turned into a luxurious castle, lavishly decorated, both outside and inside. Mosaics, tiles, carvings, frescoes and fountains - all this created a unique architectural ensemble and an indescribable atmosphere.
After the revolution, the complex was nationalized and for a long time was a resort for the party elite. Later, a children's camp was equipped here, and during the years of fascist occupation, a restaurant. It was the fascists, who were arranging drinking parties here, that on one of these evenings burned the chic palace to the ground.
The restoration of the complex took place in the 50s. Until that moment, only the foundation of the building had reached. But thanks to the efforts of restorers, Suuk-Su was restored to its original form.
Guests of Gurzuf today, as before, can immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of this place by walking through the park. Here you can also visit the Artek History Museum and the Cosmonautics Museum.

For those who cannot yet go to the Crimea, Gurzuf webcams will allow you to move to the warm coast from anywhere in the country and the world where there is Internet.

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Webcam in Gurzuf (Crimea) overlooking the building of the Lazurny camp, which is part of the Artek International Center complex. In real time, you can observe what is happening on the territory of the institution. This is useful for parents, as well as anyone who wants to move to a warm resort from anywhere in the country and the world.
Gurzuf, Crimea 22.05.22
Lazurny camp in Artek. Webcams Gurzuf
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The webcam is located on the territory of the Yantarny camp, which is part of the Artek international children's complex in Gurzuf (Crimea). The lens captures a chess table in one of the camp's recreational areas. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Gurzuf, Crimea 18.05.22
Yantarny camp in Artek. Webcams Gurzuf
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The device is installed on the territory of the camp "Khrustalny", which belongs to the children's health-improving complex of the international class "Artek". In the lens - a recreational area for children's leisure. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Gurzuf, Crimea 15.05.22
Khrustalny camp in Artek. Webcams Gurzuf
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The webcam is installed on the territory of the Morskoy camp, which belongs to the Artek children's health center in Gurzuf (Crimea). Thanks to real-time broadcasting, anyone can move to a warm Black Sea resort from anywhere in the country and the world.
Gurzuf, Crimea 13.05.22
Marine camp in Artek. Webcams Gurzuf
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