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City Dmitrov is one of the oldest cities in Russia. Its age is only seven years lower than the age of our capital. The city was founded on the initiative of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky and named after the prince's son, whose church name is Dmitry. The modern city, which recently celebrated its 860th anniversary, is recognized as one of the most comfortable cities in our country. The beauty of this small ancient city is fully revealed in the summer months, when in the midst of green alleys and parks numerous sparkling fountains billow in the blue of the sky, fragrant flowers and music pleasant to the heart sounds everywhere. During the day you can walk in the city center, watch the sailing regattas on the canal, relax or have a picnic on one of the park lawns. In the evening, you can see the enchanting dance of water and colorful lights in the fountain "Lily". And that’s not all. Dmitrov has a very diverse and rapidly developing history, which is why there are a huge number of different attractions that will tacitly but expressively tell about the most significant events in the annals of the city. First of all, it is worth noting the famous Dmitrov Kremlin, which was once a massive defensive structure, with wooden walls, to which powerful drawbridges led through a wide moat. Unfortunately, only a high earthen rampart has survived to the present day, because the walls were burned to the ground by numerous conquerors. However, despite this, now the Dmitrov Kremlin is a huge open-air museum and architectural complex and a state preserve, which includes the oldest churches of the city - the Assumption Cathedral and the Elizabethan Church, as well as various administrative buildings of ancient Dmitrov and the local history museum. In addition to the Kremlin churches, there are many others in Dmitrov that are architectural monuments of the 15th-19th centuries. This is the Borisoglebsky monastery, where the relics of the holy apostles and other shrines are stored, the Kazan, Sretenskaya, Spasskaya, Ilyinsky, Tikhvinsky and Vvedensky churches, as well as the chapel of Alexander Nevsky. In the city and the surrounding area there is a huge number of old estates, the construction of which dates back to the XVI-XIX, and the beginning of the twentieth century. The city is decorated with a huge number of different fountains, modern sculptural compositions, as well as monuments to outstanding figures of culture, religion, politics, who made a great contribution to the history and development of Dmitrov. The city has a Drama Theater and a children's theater studio, founded in the 90s of the last century. Several parks of culture and recreation are open. Fans of sports and a healthy lifestyle will surely be interested in a large ice palace, Lokomotiv, Vanguard, Torpedo stadiums, swimming pools, a figure skating center, numerous yacht clubs, a golf club, a ski resort, as well as many sanatoriums off the coast of the Ikshinskoye reservoir. In addition, Dmitrov is a center for air swimming, which is why annual international competitions of hot air balloons are held here. For young people and lovers of nightlife, the city has a wide variety of various clubs, restaurants and disco bars, as well as a 5D cinema.
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The webcam is located in the Dmitrov district – namely, in city Yakhroma, which is located near the shores of the same river. The city was founded as a work settlement at cloth factory, in the mid-NINETEENTH century. Before the second world war, these places were famous for the construction of the channel Moscow-Volga.
Dmitrov, Russia 02.06.15
Area General Kuznetsova Yakhroma web camera online
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Webcam shows a view of the street, named in honor of a soldier of the railway battalion D. I. Semenyuk in Dmitrov. Being a Bolshevik, Isidorovich Dorotheos was executed in 1907 for participation in the revolutionary movement. Earlier this street was called "the First of the gpou," and was renamed after the Revolution.
Dmitrov, Russia 02.06.15
Street Semeniuk, 18
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The camera shows a view of the street of Markov in Dmitrov, Moscow region, in the area of its intersection with highway on Pushkin street. This street is named in honor of hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel of aviation, participant of Finnish and great Patriotic war, A. M. Markov, is one of the residential areas of the city. There are several shopping centers, and high school.
Dmitrov, Russia 02.06.15
Street Markova. Dmitrov
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The web camera shows is located on the main thoroughfare of the Dmitrov the monument to Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki, which is the patron Saint of the city, as well as Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest, the son of the founder of Dmitrov. The Greek St. Demetrius of Thessalonica, who lived in ancient times, was executed by the Byzantine Emperor for his strong and unwavering faith.
Dmitrov, Russia 26.04.15
The monument to Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki
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The web camera shows light and music fountain "Lily", located in Dmitrov, between Semeniuk and Professional. Another name for this fountain, which was installed in 2004, "the Awakening of Cthulhu". It was created by famous modern sculptor. Special impression on the audience produce a 6-meter bronze leaves of lilies, shimmering colored light from the many lamps illuminating the fountain.
Dmitrov, Russia 26.04.15
Fountain Lily Dmitrov
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Webcam shows a view of the memorial complex "Eternal flame", located in the Dmitrov on the Soviet area. The monument perpetuates the memory of those killed in world war II. It consists of a low granite pedestal, where are carved the names of the fallen citizens and defenders of the country, and the eternal flame, surrounded by a monumental wreath and fresh flowers, which lay residents of the city.
Dmitrov, Russia 26.04.15
The memorial "Eternal flame" Dmitrov
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Webcam facing the street Professional, located in the town of Dmitrov, Moscow region. This view covers the view of the Church of the visitation, built of wood in the XVII century, however, ruthlessly destroyed and restored on the initiative of the wealthy merchants of the stone material, in the period after the victory over Napoleonic France.
Dmitrov, Russia 06.04.15
Ul. Professional Dmitrov
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The camera shows the street Professional, located in the town of Dmitrov, Moscow region, and extending parallel to the canal. Moscow, which connects our capital with the Volga river. The view encompasses the intersection of the street Professional with Novo-rogachevskaya street Averyanova.
Dmitrov, Russia 06.04.15
Ul. Professional
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The camera shows a view of the street in the city of Zagorsk, Dmitrov, Moscow region, assembles a wide roadway, with high-rise buildings of the residential quarter. Also, the review can be seen building the Dmitrov Museum and exhibition complex, located in a conservation area, at the crossroads of Russia and Pushkin streets.
Dmitrov, Russia 06.04.15
Street Zagorsk, Dmitrov
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The webcam shows the city of Dmitrov, in the intersection of Soviet street Zagorsk, as well as with the Soviet area. Once this area was called the Upper Trading, now here like to walk the citizens and guests of the city. The square is the city administration building, Dmitrovskaya passage, a beautiful fountain and a monument to the founder of the city, and the earth wall of the Kremlin.
Dmitrov, Russia 06.04.15
Soviet area
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Before You broadcast on a popular place in Dmitrov, Sovetskaya square. At this point, concentrated a large number of attractions Dmitrov, and also city administration. According to the legend – 8 centuries ago, in this place Prince Yuri Dolgoruky heard a prophecy about the imminent birth of his son.
Dmitrov, Russia 05.04.15
Sovetskaya square, Dmitrov
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