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Live webcams Brasov - historical cities of Romania

Brasov webcams, which you can watch online on this site, allow you to see the ancient streets with Gothic architecture and magnificent mountain landscapes.

Brasov - a city in the south of Transylvania is rightly considered one of the most picturesque places in Romania.

Well-preserved medieval castles and Catholic churches create an incredibly romantic atmosphere and attract many tourists. Connoisseurs of the Gothic style of old Europe call Brasov "Romanian Salzburg".
Its convenient location in the very center of the country on the southern slopes of the Carpathians contributes to the development of tourism. Right in the city there is a popular ski resort Poiana Brasov. Due to the temperate continental climate, winters here are long, snowy and frosty.
In just a few hours you can reach Bucharest Airport, and there is a connection with Vienna by rail. All these factors provide Brasov with a relatively high attendance among Romanian cities.
The history of the city begins in 1211, when the knights founded the Teutonic fortress of Kronstadt on this site. Saxon culture later significantly influenced the appearance and established traditions of Brasov. During the Middle Ages, the city was renamed several times, and the first mention of it under its current name dates back to 1256.
Brasov occupies an important place in the development of Romanian culture. It was here that a book in Romanian was first printed in 1535, and a few years later the first Romanian-language school was opened in the country.

If you look at Brasov's sights online on webcams, it is obvious that the central place among them belongs to numerous ancient churches.

The most famous is the Black Church, which perfectly embodies the Gothic style of the European Middle Ages.
This name is explained by lightning hitting the church, and the fire that started painted the walls black. This grandiose building dates back to 1477 and is the largest temple in the eastern part of Europe. The church is famous for its largest antique organ in Europe, as well as a record capacity of 5,000 people.

The oldest religious buildings in Brasov are the Church of St. Bartholomew (XIII century) and the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas (XIV century).

The entire historical center of the city is made in the classical German style and is a real monument of the culture of the European Middle Ages. The fortress walls that surrounded the city centuries ago, cobbled narrow streets and magnificent castles accurately convey the whole atmosphere of life in cities of ancient times.
In the turbulent XV century of constant conquest and religious wars, Brasov was reliably defended by a complex system of fortifications from several lines of walls, ditches and bastions. Most of these buildings have been restored according to old drawings.
The most interesting for tourists are the Black and White towers, dating back to the 15th century, which were part of the outer wall. There are walking tours to these imposing structures from the center of the old town.
Not far from the inner walls are the Catherine's Gate - another famous landmark of Brasov. This is the only fully preserved of the three existing entrances to the old city.

Council Square and the town hall building with an old tower of the 15th century are considered the heart of Brasov; city celebrations are held here.

The streets of the old city, which have not changed over the centuries, deserve special attention. Particularly impressive is Lunga Street, almost every house of which is a historical monument.
Very unusual is the colorful street of Sforia, which is only about 120 cm wide.
But the most attractive and interesting sights of Brasov are rightfully magnificent castles. Similar to fairy-tale palaces, they are surrounded by mysteries and myths of ancient legends.
Peles Castle is a real architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance. It was built in the 19th century and is rightly considered one of the most majestic in Europe.
But Bran Castle, which gained worldwide fame thanks to the myth of Count Dracula, is especially noteworthy. The terrifying character created by Bram Stoker had a prototype - a real person - Prince Vlad Tepes, the owner of the castle.
This majestic building stands on a high cliff, under it is a deep gloomy gorge shrouded in fog. With all its mystical appearance, the castle embodies a terrible tale of a bloodthirsty monster, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Now it hosts exhibitions of ancient weapons and armor, as well as a small museum of antique furniture.

Even if now there is no opportunity to visit this beautiful city, Brasov webcams, which you can watch online from anywhere in the world, will give you an unforgettable virtual trip.

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The Brasov camera is located on Michael Weiss street. The lens captures a cozy pedestrian area with terraces and shops. The pavement is surrounded by colorful two- and three-story houses. In the background, the clock tower of the city hall is visible, towering over the former Market Square. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Brasov, Romania 20.11.22
Michael Weiss street. Webcams Brasov
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Brasov webcam overlooking Piazza Sfatuluy or City Council Square, which is considered the most famous and oldest in this Transylvanian town. Near the square there are many ancient monuments of architecture. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Brasov, Romania 18.11.22
Sfatulu Square. Webcams Brasov
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Camera overlooking the Red Lake in Brasov. The lens captures a picturesque panorama, with capes overgrown with coniferous forests that descend directly to the water. In the foreground, you can see a spacious recreational area and resort infrastructure facilities. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Brasov, Romania 16.11.22
Red lake. Webcams Brasov
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The webcam lens captures the picturesque slope of the Poiana Brasov ski resort in Romania. The device covers a track surrounded by forest, which descends to a spacious area with resort infrastructure facilities. The broadcast is in real time.
Brasov, Romania 12.11.22
Poiana Brasov. Webcams Brasov
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