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Live webcams Birsk - Republic of Bashkortostan

Birsk webcams, which this site offers online, represent a small city in the Republic of Bashkortostan, a hundred kilometers north of Ufa. The history of its foundation dates back to the middle of the 17th century, when the great settlement of the territories of the modern republic by Russians began. During the peasant uprising in 1774, the then Russian village of Arkhangelskoye (the first name of Birsk) was burned by the rebel army of Salavat Yulaev. Already by 1781, this strategically important point was rebuilt and began to develop rapidly as a major commercial and cultural center of Bashkiria. Birsk began to be populated by indigenous peoples - Bashkirs, Tatars, Mari. The name of the city comes from the Bashkir "Wolf Water" - this is how the locals have long called the Bir River flowing here.

Since ancient times, the main occupation of the inhabitants of Birsk has been agriculture, trade, hunting, animal husbandry and national handicrafts.

To this day, this administrative center of the district of the same name remains a quiet and cozy province, not much reminiscent of modern megacities. On the streets of the city you can see many old merchant estates, colleges and schools, as well as magnificent temples.

One of the most recognizable architectural monuments of Birsk is the house of merchant Marfa Morozova on Internatsionalnaya Street.

She owned a large cotton manufactory and became famous for her eccentricity and extraordinary generosity. On big holidays, Marfa Petrovna sold fabrics and clothes for next to nothing. The main stores of Morozova were located in a luxurious two-story mansion built in the classical style at that time. The facade of the building is decorated with stucco, pilasters and carved cornice. The interior decoration also remained unchanged - even the tiled stove was preserved.
No less remarkable is the former profitable house of the merchants Sizov and Konovalov, on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. The elegant facade of sky-blue color is generously decorated with columns, arches and numerous windows with openwork cornices.
Many buildings of Birsk date back to the 19th century, some are already used for a different, more modern purpose. But all of them, without a doubt, are a valuable heritage and pride of the ancient city. Thus, the magnificent fire tower on Kommunisticheskaya Street adorns the Birsk panorama as part of the museum exposition. At the very top of the tower there is an observation deck, which is very popular. It offers a picturesque view of the historical part of the city. Nearby is another remarkable building - a monument in honor of the entry of the city fire brigade into the prestigious imperial society. It is made in the form of a decorative arch made of red brick.

If you watch online webcams of Birsk, the former zemstvo hospital, built in 1878, stands out for its special elegant architecture.

The one-story brick building in the classical Russian style is decorated with frequent windows with carved architraves and an elegant pediment.
There is a completely unique railway station in Birsk, located on Kurbatov Street. The building was built at the end of the 19th century by local merchants who received good news about the planned construction of a railway line through the city. But in the end, the process dragged on for a long time - the railway appeared in Birsk only in 1916 and passed much to the north. And the amazing station without a railway is now a special historical landmark of the city.
On Lenin Street, you can see another magnificent building - an old two-story tower, which housed a women's gymnasium. Snow-white platbands, columns and pilasters give elegance to the bright red facade. High oval windows and an openwork cornice give the building a special charm. Now there is an ordinary secondary school here, and around there is a picturesque park with ornamental vegetation, gazebos and stone paths.

Speaking about the sights of Birsk, one cannot fail to note the majestic Holy Trinity Cathedral, located in the center of October Square.

This masterpiece of church architecture is the main religious center of the city and its hallmark. The cathedral was completely rebuilt in 1841 on the site of an older church and was made in the style of Russian church classicism. The stone smooth facade is decorated with magnificent medallions, friezes and carved false windows. This majestic structure is crowned by a huge light drum with a golden dome. A little to the side rises an elegant three-tiered bell tower with a high spire.
If a trip to this city is not included in the immediate plans, Birsk webcams, which you can watch online directly from home, invite you to an exciting virtual tour.
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The webcam broadcasts a view of the local area near the house 161B along Internatsionalnaya Street in Birsk. The lens covers the exit from the entrance, the car park, the playground and the opposite building. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Birsk, Russia 12.03.23
Street International, 161B. Yard. Webcams Birsk
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The Birsk webcam is broadcasting near the house 161G. The lens enters the entrance to the courtyard. Thanks to real-time broadcasting, residents of this and adjacent houses can monitor the current situation, fix possible offenses, and monitor the weather.
Birsk, Russia 07.03.23
International, 161G. Yard. Webcams Birsk
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