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Alberta webcam online - one of the 10 provinces of Canada

The province of Alberta in Canada is full of contrasts. This is immediately evident if the webcams of Alberta watch online. Next to modern megacities, there is a virgin glacier called the Columbia Icefield. From him and breathes the greatness of the ancient cold. The largest ice field in North America, it spreads over an area of ​​about 325 square kilometers and is surrounded by majestic battlements and peaks. Here, in the frame of the Canadian Rockies, on the border between the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, lies this wonder of nature, rooted in the deep past.
The Columbia Icefield was formed during the Great Glaciation, or, in other words, the Illinois period (between 238 and 126 thousand years BC). Since then, it has gone through several stages of maturity, now growing, then decreasing, at the same time influencing the history of mankind. The time of the last significant advance of ice fell on a very recent time, the Little Ice Age, already in the New Age (XIV-XIX centuries).

The Alberta Icefield was one of the last major geological features in western Canada to be trodden by a European.

In April 1827, the Scottish botanist David Douglas climbed one of the peaks surrounding it for the first time. Since then, researchers and climbers from different countries have rushed here, laying new routes.
The ice field includes six large glaciers: Athabasca, Castlegard, Columbia, as well as Dome, Stutfield and Saskatchewan glaciers. From here originate the Athabasca River and the powerful North Saskatchewan, as well as tributaries of the Columbia River. Due to its location on the Triple Divide, waters from the Columbia Icefield flow into various oceans: Arctic, Pacific, North Atlantic (via Hudson Bay). Surrounding the Columbia Icefield are some of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies: Alberta and Andromeda, King Edward and Kitchener, Twin Peak North and South, and Snow Dome and Stutfield. Even Hollywood cinema did not remain indifferent to them, some of these mountains are known to the public from popular films.
One of the most significant achievements in the history of the study of the icefield is the ski route, completed in March 1932 by three men who covered about 500 kilometers from Jasper to Banff. Their trip played almost a leading role in drawing world attention to the Canadian Rockies.

Another natural treasure of Alberta is Jasper National Park. Spread over 11,000 km2 in the Rocky Mountains, the park is amazing.

In 1930, it was founded as a national, and in 1984, received the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists are delighted with its picturesque lakes, mountain peaks, harsh glaciers and powerful waterfalls.
The fauna of the park is diverse. Moose, caribou, deer, foxes and lynxes live here. Beavers dam the rivers, and martens, otters and grizzly bears look for food in the thickets. Loud-mouthed coyotes roam nearby, cougars and wolverines pursue shy prey. Surprisingly beautiful bald eagles soar in the sky, lower rank gray jays and woodpeckers fuss, clumsy black grouse swarm below. Sometimes a shadow with a wingspan of up to two meters sweeps by. It was a noble owl hunting.
The man in those parts was also an active hunter, which is connected with another attraction and a legend dedicated to it. Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo-Jump or literally: "Head Flattened in Buffalo Leap". This place has been used for hunting for six thousand years BC and still remains an impressive example of traditional Indian buffalo hunting. The essence of the process was to drive the buffaloes onto a rock, from where they were forced to jump, breaking their legs or neck. The men of the tribe dressed in wolf skins and drove the herd until the bulls rushed down in horror, and on that their life was cut short. They say that once a young Indian from the Blackfoot tribe looked over the edge of the cliff to watch the fall of a buffalo, and the next collapsed bull crushed his head.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the glacial Lake Louise, named after the young English princess, the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria.

The lake is located at an altitude of about 1700 meters above sea level and is quite large. It is surrounded by epic mountains that do not shed their snow and ice mantles. They are Victoria, Lefroy and Fae. (In general, judging by the names, Canadians were at one time very monarchically inclined). Against the backdrop of the whiteness of the snows, Lake Louise sparkles like a jewel. Its color changes from light green to deep dark blue, which is explained by the melting of glaciers, whose waters bring with them the smallest particles of rocks. A kind of suspension called "mountain milk". It is she who gives the water unusual shades.

To enjoy the views of pristine nature, Alberta's webcams are pulled to watch online.

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The webcam broadcasts a view of the Rocky Mountains of Canada from the Canmore Nordic Centre ski complex. The real-time broadcast allows you to view a picturesque panorama, observe what is happening and, possibly, determine the direction for a future vacation.
Alberta, Canada 27.04.23
Canmore Nordic Centre. Albert's Webcams
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Webcam with a view of the central Albert Memorial Park. The lens covers a small landscaped area with adjacent skyscrapers. The contrast of natural and urban beauty in this form is brought to the limit. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Alberta, Canada 23.04.23
Central Memorial Park. Albert's Webcams
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The webcam is located at the Canmore Civic Center in Canada. The lens covers a well-groomed street and a roadway with an adjacent park. Picturesque mountain peaks flaunt in the background. The broadcast is conducted in real time.
Alberta, Canada 21.04.23
Cam Center Canmore Civic Center. Albert's Webcams
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