Webcam Sheregesh online - journey to the ski resort

Webcam Sheregesh online - journey to the ski resort At the foot of the mountain Green is located in the popular ski resort that bears the name of the village Sheregesh, located in 4 km from it. The village was founded by the iron ore company, which supplies raw materials to steel mills in Novokuznetsk. And its name, the village owes the names of the brothers Sheregeshevy discovered in this area the deposits of ore in the early twentieth century. Ski resort Sheregesh has excellent infrastructure and a wide range of services and activities that give the opportunity to spend an unforgettable active holiday in any season. Even though the rather distant geographical location, Sheregesh is one of the best resorts of such kind in our country. In 2013,

Sheregesh was included in the Guinness book of records. This area is known for plenty of snow and the stability of snow cover. Over the last few seasons it was visited by a record number of tourists. Come here to rest people from different corners of Russia and even abroad.

In this place there is an opportunity to ride not only on top notch tracks, but also off-piste directly from the ski lift. Ski runs have different degrees of difficulty and different length and width that will be very useful, both for beginners and experienced skiers. The advantage of the resort takes the features of the landscape. The level slope is in the range of 30-45 degrees. The entire resort is divided into several zones, in each of the lifts, rentals, catering establishments and riding schools. Also, the resort built a huge number of hotels, sport hotels, and entertainment venues – bars, Nightclubs, and bowling alleys.

Area for skiing on the mountain Green is divided into 2 parts – upper (with two sleeves – black-and-red and black) and lower. The total length of the route is 35 km away, while the left and right of them are great places for freeriding off-piste in the forest. The sporting potential of the resort suggests the possibility of activities such sports activities as paragliding, snowtubing, Snowmobiling, cross country skiing and many others. Here are held competitions on a national scale, festivals, snowboarding and professional sports training.

The real name of the Green mountains, whose height is about 1300 m. – Karishal, which means Shor language as "the edge of the mountain (manes)". "Green" is the mountain called locals because in the warmer months of the year its gently rolling slopes are densely covered with lush green thickets of the forest. The most busy this place gets in the winter. The ski season here lasts a very long time – from November to may. But even in the summer months there is a possibility perfectly to spend time on the various excursions and hikes. Indeed, in the vicinity of the village there really is something to see. Near the Green mountain, from the mountain Mustag, which is the most paacetamol top Shoria. Mustag shrouded in ancient legends, among them a belief about the two heroes that fell in love with one girl named AK PURBA, and decided to fight for her hand. But, not beating each other down on the ground and turned into a two-humped mountain, sprinkled with the streams of girlish tears lovely AK Purbi.

Another beautiful and interesting natural area are the rock-outcrops of the slopes of the mound, which have a magmatic origin and, due to their bizarre shapes, called "Camels". Recommended attraction is also the Memorial Cross, erected according to the ancient Orthodox tradition, on the hill and the crossroads, dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity, and having a height more than 15 meters. Here are the tour routes snowmobile and snowcat tours. It also can be reached on snowshoes from the top station of the cableway "bread". A special grandeur and extraordinary, is striking to the eye and the imagination of beauty, the Memorial cross becomes after a snowstorm, when his form grows "miraculous ornate plasterwork" of snow and ice.

Stay in Sheregesh is a great opportunity to have fun with friends or family. Here reigns a special atmosphere of a winter fairy tale with beautiful scenery where among the mountain peaks emerge from the snow relict cedars and cozy wooden houses with warm light from Windows and tile roofs. And, of course, healing the fresh, cold air will not only cheer, but also, in combination with active rest, will be an inexhaustible source of strength and health, and the vast mountain let any one bring to the soul peace and tranquility.

You can come here by car and by public transport – bus or train. Also, a few hours drive from Sheregesh is Novokuznetsk airport. But even if You have no opportunity to go soon in Sheregesh, You'll always be able to see the resort from the comfort of your home via the webcam. On our site You will be able to see breathtaking views and extreme, breathtaking action on Green mountain, its slopes in the sector of A (bulging), as well as two snow-covered lines of descent sector E (sector E1, E2 sector) that on the mountain Utua, track Dollar, located on the mountain Mustag, and Clearing.

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