Sights of the Urals through the lens of the web camera

Sights of the Urals through the lens of the web camera

Did you know that in Chelyabinsk, settled on both banks of the Miass river, there is the Arbat? This street is lovingly called by locals "Kirovka". Pedestrians the opportunity to walk down the Kirovka, without fear of injury from wheeled transport.

Many of the houses of Chelyabinsk Arbat street are monuments of architecture. They were built in the 19th century for noble. Today, there are trade organizations, banks, pharmacies, cafes, bars and offices. On the street is always crowded. Citizens spend their leisure time in shops and cafes, visitors with interest unusual monuments. Well, where else can one short walk to see so many sculptures?!

Челябинский Арбат

To get to the pedestrian area, passing under the beautiful arch located at the beginning of the street. Near the arch, symbolizing the city gates (exactly as they were once), installed the first sculpture - "Policeman". Solid bronze guardian of order closely followed the others, ready to immediately stop any offense. The sculpture "a Walker with the dog" is very well located - directly opposite the Legislative Assembly. The farmer reads the new Ordinance. And his companion – a dog, lay down at the master's feet waiting for the continuation of the path. Near the "Walker" a statue of "Saxophonist". Next attraction is much lower musician.

This "shoeshine boy", he was perched on the sidewalk, and looking for another client. "Fashionista" in an elegant hat with a closed umbrella looks in the mirror. Maybe she hurries to the young man sitting on a bench outside the Opera house (also sculpture). The cafe is "Chef", inviting visitors to taste its delicious dishes. The Bank on the sidewalk sat a "Beggar" while holding in the hand a hat in anticipation of her filling the coin. Granite rock sits "Rosenbaum". He, as always, with a guitar. Bent over her, apparently writing another heartfelt song.

Попасть на пешеходную зону можно, пройдя под красивой аркой

No wonder every guest Chelyabinsk considers it his duty to walk down the Kirovka, to see beautiful sculptures and many other attractions the most interesting streets of the city. Anticipating your desire to see this wonder, we joined Webcams Chelyabinsk online that clock shows the street Kirov.

Small town with great wealth

In Nizhny Tagil such pedestrian streets yet. It remarkable objects removed from each other.

The creators of the engine

At Theater square is a monument Cherepanov. The father and son depicted in the moment of creative engineering work. The figures of the founders of the Russian locomotive is made of bronze and mounted on a granite pedestal. The total height of the composition is 8 meters.

Памятник Черепановым

What the soul pleases

Drama theater in front of which is a monument Cherepanov, one of the most beautiful city buildings. Impressive columns and beautiful sculptures make the theater a well-recognized and attractive.

The city's many churches. The most popular are three: the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Cathedral of Dmitry Donskoy and Holy Trinity Church.

Alexander Nevsky Church was built shortly after the abolition of serfdom. It is noteworthy that this event was the impetus for the creation of the Cathedral. Money collected the whole world. Responsible for fundraising elected former serf Shorin.

Храм Александра Невского

The Cathedral of Dmitry Donskoy, appeared in the twentieth century. On the one hand, it is a religious building – a monument to all those who made our "Uralvagonzavod" who, working in the back, collected equipment to fight the Nazi invaders during the second world war.

Храм Дмитрия Донского

The history of the modern Holy Trinity Church was started two centuries ago. The structure burned and re-built, prospered and experienced the decline, experienced a complete ruin and a new revival. At the end of the last century, after several decades of dilapidation, the building passed into the hands of religious communities. Today, the Church is "Mature". It was given the status of Cathedral.

Свято-Троицкая церковь

Love and fidelity dedicated

In 2010, on the mountain Sheehan was a monument to the Russian saints Peter and Fevronia. The husband and wife, in clerical attire, standing facing each other. Everyone head over to the halo. The monument is not similar to, it is clearly avant-garde. However, its simplicity and singularity do not interfere with young couples to give tribute and honoring the patron Saint of the family. Come with the wedding procession. Here, newly-married couples give each other an oath of love and fidelity.

Шихан памятник Петру и Февронии

The nature of the region

Nature lovers will be interested to visit Museum of nature and the environment . The exhibition placed in the building of former provision warehouses. It is an architectural monument of the 19th century.

Here visitors can see the history of the region, inextricably linked with discovery of mineral deposits. Have survived to the present day and a map of Demidov. This document is dated 1757, and is the most valuable exhibit of the Museum. Stuffed animals and birds, as well as numerous photos of wildlife exhibited on the second floor of the Museum.

Folk craft

Special attention deserves the Museum podnosnogo fishing. In Nizhny Tagil trays started to do back in the 18th century. Over time, a simple metal trays got intricate shapes, began to paint the colors. By the beginning of the 20th century, trade flourished. The work was sold throughout Russia.

Музей истории подносного промысла

The Museum, housed in an old two-story building, gathered a collection of trays. Some may not have trim, others appear before the visitors fully decorated. Rectangular and circular, polygonal and oval trays decorated with floral paintings. Some depict landscapes, on the other - legendary scenes.

Look at these masterpieces through the lens web cameras in Nizhny Tagil and the soul is filled with joy from the contemplation of beautiful works of art created by our countrymen.

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