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Heart of Croatia – the ancientcity of Zagrebfirst mentioned in the late ELEVENTH century. The modern capitalCroatiais one of the Central parts of the machinery, textile, chemical, manufacturing and electrical engineering industry and has developed excellent printing and leather-Shoe enterprises. The legend associated with the origin of the name of the city, says that in the old days in these places, during military campaign, exhausted by thirst and fatigue, the soldiers found the water when their leader stuck in the ground sword, and in a moment from the ground huddled a saving source. Then the Governor shouted, "Rake!", then gain new forces soldiers were victorious in battle. Zagreb is the center of various events, celebrations and festivals. Thanks to its long history, the city has preserved many unique architectural monuments, betraying the streets of Zagreb a unique look. Most of the buildings belongs to the middle ages and Renaissance, and the imagination with its beauty and grandeur. Is the Gothic churches, an Episcopal Palace with its picturesque chapel, the Baroque buildings, Opera and Conservatoire, Academy of arts, as well as more than 40 museums of various subjects, 16 theatres, among which the pearl of the architecture of the state is the building of the national theatre, more than 3 dozen galleries, as well as an unimaginable number of other monuments and picturesque places. One of the features of the town is the large number of pedestrian streets, where there is a cozy open-air restaurants, decorated with flowers and greenery. Among the most popular attractions in Zagreb it should be noted the Church of St. Mark, St. Catherine Church, Cathedral of the assumption of the virgin Mary. It is also worth mentioning the natural attractions of the city is the promenade, decorated with parkland and the beach of the river Sava, which acquires a special charm in the evening, in the rays of the setting sun. Across the river thrown more than 10 bridges. Also here You can go by yacht or ferry, admiring the view of the lower part of Zagreb. The large-scale garden-Park attraction of the city is a gorgeous Park "Maksimir". Young travelers will surely come like the Zagreb zoo, whose area reaches more than 7 Hectares. The largest area of the capital is King Tomislav square, where there is an absolutely charming building of the pavilion of art and the Museum. Also the oldest building of the city are the Stone gate and defensive tower, the construction of which relates to the XIII century.
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The camera shows the view of the square named after Croatian poet and commander – Peter Preradovica located in the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. In this square there is also the informal name – "Flower square", since it placed a large flower market. Also here is one of the religious buildings of the city – the Holy Transfiguration Church.
Zagreb, Croatia 11.05.15
Flower square - Square Peter Preradovica
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Webcam shows a view of the funicular in the capital of Croatia, which joins the two oldest parts of the city together. Along its length, funicular reaches only about 70 meters, but has a very steep angle. Zagreb funicular has started its work at the end of the NINETEENTH century and still retain the same technical characteristics and design, making it also a cultural monument.
Zagreb, Croatia 11.05.15
The funicular in Zagreb
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The camera shows the view on the small street of Zagreb – Tomic. Here is the Zagreb funicular connects the Upper Town (street Strossmayera) and Lower Castle (Ilica street) – the two parts of the historic centre. Zagreb funicular was built in the late NINETEENTH century and operates to this day. The covered pavement of street with one of the many outdoor café terraces.
Zagreb, Croatia 11.05.15
Street Tomic
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The webcam shows the Central square of Croatia's capital – the Square of ban Jelacic, named after the Austrian commander, count, born in Croatia and its former ban (Governor) for more than 10 years. The locals call the square, Jelačić-Platz or just the Area. Previously it was called Republic Square and Harmica.
Zagreb, Croatia 11.05.15
Square ban Jelacic
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The webcam shows the popular ski resort Sleme, which is located in the North of the Zagreb mountain Medvednica. This resort caters primarily for beginners ski and children, as the eponymous mountain Sleme has gentle slopes and not too high.
Zagreb, Croatia 11.05.15
Ski resorts of Croatia - Mountain Sleme
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Web camera shows the surroundings of the ski resort Sleme in the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. There are four ski slopes with different difficulty levels, the longest of which has length more than 1 km there are several ski lifts and snow cannons, ensuring the resort even in warm weather.
Zagreb, Croatia 11.05.15
The slam - ski center near Zagreb
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