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Of Balestrand is a municipality in the County of Sogn og Fjordane in Norway



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Oslo,Norwaythe city is located in the southeastern part of the country, which still 43 adjacent Islands. The city was called Christiania until 1924, was named after the Norwegian king, and until 1877 was called Christiania. As Oslo is a major port city, there are more than 900 companies. It makesOsloeconomically developed in Norway. The most visited place in Oslo is the Akershus castle. Of Balestrand, is a city in Norway, is also a municipality in the County of Sogn og Fjordane. Officially has Nynorske language, which distinguishes it from other dialects. Beautiful Norwegian landscapes, places where was not touched by the hand of man, untouched nature and beautiful lake. Because of this, the Balestrand, and annually visited by tourists, which made a favourite destination for family holidays. Walking around the city, can be considered beautiful architectural home, or the Church of St. Olaf which preserved the spirit of the middle ages. Most of the tourists love to go camping, Hiking on mountain trails. Here also come fans of rock climbing to try soy force, and to climb some of the rocky peaks. The name of the town of Balestrand is bound traveler and poet Henrik Wergeland that impressed by his travels to Sognefjord, wrote a poem.
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The oldest station, located in the small village of Finse and built in the early XX century.
Oslo, Norway 05.05.14
Railway station Finse
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