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The intersection of the Tallinn highway and Anna webcam online


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The City Of Krasnoye Selotechnically considered an administrative unit, belonging to the Petersburg. This wonderful St. Petersburg suburb is mentioned in the famous novel "Anna Karenina", and to this day has a historic district called "Village Races". The city appeared on the map at the beginning of the XVIII century. Then it was a factory worker village at the paper mill, built by Peter I. there lived serfs relocated from neighbouring villages, particularly the suburban village of Red, so that the village received the same name. It should be noted that in the city, near the shores of the pristine lake Nameless, is the neighborhood, which is called Factory village. After a couple of decades after its founding, it was built the Holy Trinity Church that pleases the congregation with their worship to this day. It is around this temple was used for the construction of the red Village. Trinity Church has a matchless features, which incorporates elements of both the early and late Baroque. In Catherine's era, this place was called the "summer capital of the Imperial military guard." There were exercises, reviews and parades of the troops of the Petersburg garrison. In the XIX century here was established a large military training area with a huge parade ground, with a total area of over 200 m2. A particularly strong shock, the city has experienced in the years of the great Patriotic war, when for 3-year occupation of the Nazis, there were destroyed almost all the city's buildings. Among the few surviving buildings of the Village of red was the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built in the XIX century. Stunning external and internal decoration of the Church, with its lavish lace decoration that pleases the eye of the parishioners today. In the walls of the temple houses the icon of Simeon the righteous, which according to legend appeared in a place suddenly formed source. Due to topography, rich in hills, there was particularly fierce fighting. Now in the Red Village, a large number of monuments and memorial complexes dedicated to the Victory over fascism and the people who brought it to their lives. Among the most modern war memorials, it should be notedThe Arch Of Victorylike the one that stood in 1945-m to year on Srednyaya Rogatka on the southern border of Leningrad. Another historic district of the city is the Mozhayskiy district, of the same square, named by the name of the legendary rear Admiral and a brilliant inventor, aviation pioneer and military leader Alexander Fedorovich.
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Camera overlooking one of the most important monuments of the red Village – the arch of Victory. The monument was opened in 2015 year and timed to the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascist aggressors. The monument stands on the round square of Military Glory, at the entrance to the city from the Gatchina and Kingisepp highway. Nearby is a small Park – Mozhaisk square, with the monument to the Russian inventor A. F. Mozhaysky.
Red village, Russia 26.03.16
Arch of Victory. Krasnoye Selo web Cam online
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The camera will provide a live broadcast from the crossroads of Lenin Avenue and guard street in Krasnoe Selo (St.-Petersburg). Nearby – Children's library, several food service establishments and residential houses. From here, you can quickly get to two large city parks – the Upper and Lower garden and also one of the important iconic landmarks of the city – Trinity Church.
Red village, Russia 26.03.16
The intersection of Lenina and ul Guards. Krasnoye Selo web Cam online
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Camera fixed at the intersection of the Gatchina highway street Krasnogorodskiy in the Red Selo. This area of the outskirts of the city. There are sleeping quarters, schools, kindergartens, branch Bank, several shops and stops of public transport to the train station, town Vilasi, CT. metro Moskovskaya in Saint-Petersburg.
Red village, Russia 24.03.16
The intersection of Krasnogorodskiy street and Gatchina highway
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Webcam with a view of the Lenin Avenue in Krasnoe Selo (St.-Petersburg). The lens gets the crosswalk, vehicular traffic, sidewalks, and adjacent buildings. The Avenue starts from the Gatchina railway lines and extends to the intersection of ul Recovery, Gatchina and Kingisepp highway.
Red village, Russia 24.03.16
Prospekt Lenina, Krasnoe Selo web Cam online
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Overview of the web camera covers the city's Central square in the city of Krasnoye Selo, Saint Petersburg and the surrounding Lenin Avenue. In this area is the historic centre where are the main city attractions, such as Square Mozhaiskogo, Park Krasnoye Selo, Church of Alexander Nevsky.
Red village, Russia 05.02.16
Central square red Village web Cam online
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The web camera is located at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and the streets Where, in Krasnoe Selo, Saint Petersburg. The area has several malls, childrens library, kindergarten, school, banks and residential flats. Nearby scenic stretches of the Lower Park.
Red village, Russia 05.02.16
The intersection of Lenin Avenue and the street Where the webcam online
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The webcam will broadcast a view of the intersection of Lenin Avenue and street of the Settlement Krasnoe Selo and part of the eponymous district of the Federal city of St.-Petersburg. Near the junction is the Church of Alexander Nevsky, Park of culture and rest, the Red Village and memorial Park, Grieving Motherland.
Red village, Russia 05.02.16
The intersection of Lenin Avenue and the streets of Liberty webcam online
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Lake Baikal, Listvyanka web camera online