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The long historyFeodosiyathat stretches back from prehistoric times, put an indelible imprint on the present appearance of this the largest cultural, tourist, transport and shopping centreCrimeaand justStates. The land enjoyed great popularity since ancient times. In Feodosia were found the remains of the Acropolis and ancient settlements, dugouts, utility pits, stone buildings and remnants of pottery, with the Scythian ornaments, amphorae and ancient coins Panticapaeum coinage. Among the well preserved monuments of history and architecture, it should be noted fragments of medieval fortifications – towers, the ruins of the Genoese citadel. As well as the remains of FORTS and temples of the Armenian people. Interesting monument of religious architecture is the Mosque the Mufti-Dzhami – is unique in its kind Muslim temple built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Other invaluable monuments and landmarks of the city, belong to the XIX-XX centuries. The most popular of these is the Museum of Aivazovsky – an amazing place where you will meet with outstanding paintings, which, as it seems, can at any time flow in the galleries, the raging flood waters. Unique monument created in the spirit of Oriental architecture is also the summer residence of stamboli. Stunning views, in the spirit of noble estates has a cottage Miles. Lovers of literature and all moreman will also be a tour of the literary-memorial Museum of Alexander green, the author of hundreds of exciting and elegant novels, salted with sea pages. About the amazing and incredibly long journey, which passed town after 27 centuries of its existence, can be found in the state Museum, or "Museum of antiquities". A unique collection of exhibits of the institution amounts to more than 70 000 monuments of archeology, Ethnography, Mineralogy, philately, numismatics, ceramics, and other values. Anyone interested in the cultural life of the city, definitely worth a visit are the Museum of the tsvetaevs Museum of Muhina. The extraordinary delight of collectors will cause exposure of the Feodosia Museum of money. Feodosiya is also a place of attraction of many pilgrims. Because there is a large number of Orthodox churches. The most famous of them is the ancient Church of All Saints, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Church of the archangels Michael and Gabriel, the Cathedral of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God, Catherine's Church, St. George temple, and many others.
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Camera with a view of the Chernobyl Square in Feodosia (Crimea). The lens captures a spacious, picturesque area, which has become one of 5 public locations, landscaped within the framework of the regional and all-Russian projects "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" and "Housing and urban environment". The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Feodosiya, Crimea 11.11.21
Square for Chernobyl victims. Feodosia webcams
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Webcam with a view of the adjoining territory at 12 Starshinova Street in Feodosia (Crimea). The lens captures parking for cars and a cozy front garden. Behind it there is a sports ground, which appeared here relatively recently, as part of the state improvement program. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Feodosiya, Crimea 10.11.21
Boulevard Starshinova, 12. Webcams of Feodosia
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Live webcam is installed at Simferopol highway, 1 in Feodosia (Crimea). The lens of the device captures a fragment of a modern playground and the adjoining territory, which was recently landscaped within the framework of the state program. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Feodosiya, Crimea 09.11.21
Simferopol highway-1. Feodosia webcams
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The webcam is installed in the courtyard of the house number 28A on the Crimean street in Feodosia (Crimea). The lens covers a landscaped area near the house, which was reconstructed within the framework of the state program. Here is the MFC, tax office, post office. The broadcast is carried out in real time
Feodosiya, Crimea 07.11.21
Street Krymskaya 82A. Feodosia webcams
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Camera overlooking the Monument to St. Andrew the First-Called in Feodosia. The monument is located next to Karl Marx Street. The lens captures a recently landscaped square and a monument representing a cult sculptural image. Nearby there is a parking lot, an extensive public garden. The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Feodosiya, Crimea 06.11.21
Monument to Andrew the First-Called. Feodosia webcams
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The camera is located in the courtyard of the house number 42 on the street. Gorky in Feodosia (Crimea). The lens captures a landscaped house area with a modern playground, cobbled sidewalks and flower beds. The landscaping of the courtyard took place quite recently, and now you can watch the renovated recreational area in real time.
Feodosiya, Crimea 06.11.21
Gorky Street, 42. Webcams Feodosia
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The device is installed at house No. 5 on Zheleznodorozhnaya Street in Feodosia (Crimea). The lens captures a cozy adjoining territory with a playground and flower beds, which was recently landscaped within the framework of the state program. Today, in real time, you can observe the well-groomed courtyard and keep abreast of what is happening in the distant sunny town.
Feodosiya, Crimea 05.11.21
Zheleznodorozhnaya street, 5. Feodosia webcams
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The camera overlooks the monument to the hero of the Caucasian War of the 19th century - General Pyotr Kotlyarevsky (Feodosia, Crimea). The monument adorns the embankment of the city, next to the house where the military leader lived, who did not lose a single battle. The monument is an equestrian sculpture placed on a granite pedestal. There is a spacious area around the monument.
Feodosiya, Crimea 07.10.21
Monument to Kotlyarevsky. Feodosia webcams
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Camera overlooking the monument to Sokovnin in Feodosia (Republic of Crimea). The lens covers the wide roadway and the adjacent square, where the monument is installed. The bust was installed in 2002, not far from the Good Genius fountain. N.M. Sokovnin is a vice admiral who became famous in the Crimean War during the defense of Sevastopol.
Feodosiya, Crimea 07.10.21
Monument to N.M. Sokovnin. Feodosia webcams
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Live webcam is positioned in the Feodosia park "Yubileiny" (Republic of Crimea). The lens covers a spacious, well-maintained alley with flower beds and bushes. In the background you can see the Good Genius fountain, which was created in honor of I.K. Aivazovsky, who bought a land plot for the city, on which a fresh water source was located.
Feodosiya, Crimea 07.10.21
Fountain to the Good Genius. Feodosia webcams
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The camera is positioned in the Crimean city of Feodosia. The lens of the device captures a large store "Novy Svet" and the adjacent territory. The object is located on the street. Nazukin 9/1. There is a shop, cafe and hotel here. The view opens from the side of the road. The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Feodosiya, Crimea 06.10.21
Shop New World. Feodosia webcams
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Webcam overlooking the monument to I.K. Aivazovsky, near the gallery founded by the artist (Feodosia, Crimea). The lens covers the spacious street, the museum building and the monument itself. The gallery was opened in 1880. It includes 417 paintings by Aivazovsky, representing the most extensive collection of paintings by the marine painter in the world. The broadcast can be watched in real time.
Feodosiya, Crimea 06.10.21
Monument to I.K. Aivazovsky. Feodosia webcams
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The camera is positioned in the resort city of Feodosia (Republic of Crimea). The paratroopers' embankment gets into the lens of the device. In the background you can see the cargo cranes of the Feodosia port and the Ferris wheel. On the left, the overview covers the Black Sea. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Feodosiya, Crimea 06.10.21
Paratroopers Embankment. Feodosia webcams
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The webcam is installed in the city of Feodosia (Republic of Crimea) with a view of the city port and the lighthouse. The lens covers the strip of the beach and the embankment adjacent to it. The port's cargo cranes and a lighthouse are visible in the background. There is also a Ferris wheel with amazing views of the sea and urban surroundings. The broadcast is conducted online.
Feodosiya, Crimea 05.10.21
Port and lighthouse view. Feodosia webcams
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Camera with a view of the station square in Feodosia (Crimea). The lens captures a spacious platform, in the background of which you can see the one-story building of the railway station. Nearby there is a park and a city embankment, numerous cafes and museums. The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Feodosiya, Crimea 05.10.21
Railway station square 1. Webcams of Feodosia
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