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The Town Of INTAit is located at the same river, in the North of the Komi Republic. The land stretches between the forest and the vast tundra. Founded in the first half of the twentieth century, on the place where they were discovered deposits of coal. It was a small mining town, which was granted city status 22 years later. During the great Patriotic war, was built here energy and repair facilities, as well as new mines and railroad. Here were delivered the coal in the besiegedLeningrad. About terrible historical events of this period tacitly evidenced by the Monument of Glory, dedicated to the memory of the fallen inhabitants. The monument was opened in 1977. It is a multi-figure sculptural composition, the development of which belongs to the architect A. Klein. Do not forget intinti to honor and heroes of the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya. The monument "Explosion" was built on charitable funds by sculptor G. Maas in 2009. Another famous monument of the city – "Science and labor", Sculpture stands on a Hill. The images of the composition symbolize the unity of the geologists and miners to learn new peaks of production development of the country. The monument is located just at the landing of the first exploration group. Among other monuments of the fuchuan is a sculpture of Kirov, as well as the famous composer Tchaikovsky. Among the main attractions of INTA should, first of all, note the Water tower, built of red brick in the mid-twentieth century. Recently the building was renovated and has now become a symbol of the modern city. Another historic building of the city is the INTA railway station, commissioned in 1964. The story of the development of the city, its industry and the people who worked here and worked, tells the INTA local history Museum. To date, the city has only one mine. But a more difficult economic situation does not preclude cultural, spiritual and social development of the city. So it has recently been reconstructed Palace of culture, which appeared in 1945. Also recently, the city opened the Avenue of faith, hope, love – one of the favorite places for walking among residents and among visitors to the city. She stretched out close to the PC & CA, decorated with a fountain and stunning wrought-iron bench, where they like to be photographed newlyweds. Another great place for walks and picnics in INTA is a Park on the island, which is connected to the Tchaikovsky street suspension bridge.
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INTA, a city of Republican subordination of the Komi Republic. Located on the North-East of the Republic.-D. station on the line Moscow-Vorkuta.
INTA, Russia 10.10.17
INTA web camera online
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The city name comes from Komi-Nenets word "INTA", which translated means the place where a lot of water. The history of the city and region goes back to antiquity. Close to INTA, in the town of Adak geologists discovered prehistoric man.
INTA, Russia 10.04.17
INTA web camera online. The view from the water tower
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INTA is a town on the North of the Komi Republic, a city whose economy is concentrated on mining of thermal coal. Located in the area North of the railway line, in 1999, km from Moscow.
INTA, Russia 10.04.17
The city of INTA with height of bird's flight
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INTA is a town in the Komi Republic of the Russian Federation.
INTA, Russia 10.04.17
Panorama of the city of INTA. The view from the water tower
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Camera overlooking the main square of the town of INTA in the Komi Republic. The overview covers the square and the monument to Lenin, whose name she bears. Here are the most significant events in the life of city – folk festivals, celebrations and rallies. Located near the city administration and the Central post office of Russia.
INTA, Russia 14.03.16
Webcam online with a view of the main square in the city of INTA
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The camera covers the views of the residential quarter of the city of INTA, in the Komi Republic. The district is called "Mining town". There are 5-storey and 9-storey buildings. This is the Central part of the city, which, in the mid-twentieth century and began its development.
INTA, Russia 14.03.16
Webcam INTA fuchuan online
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View facing Gorky street in INTA, Komi Republic. The web camera is located on Lenin square. The overview covers the building of the Central post office and savings Bank. Nearby is the heritage Centre, children's library, scientific research institutes, several supermarkets, as well as the monuments to Lenin and the Emblem of INTA.
INTA, Russia 14.03.16
Gorky Street. INTA web camera online
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View the Lenin square in the town of INTA, located in the North of the Komi Republic (Russia). The camera is attached on the building of the post office. The overview covers the square with the monument to the Leader, as well as the city administration building. This area is full of shops, supermarkets, food service establishments.
INTA, Russia 14.03.16
Lenin Square. INTA web camera online
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