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Strict and romantic, exquisite and purposeful, sincere and cheerful. No. It's not about the man in the dream. It's about a very real city. One of the oldest and most amazing cities of the Baltic States –Tallinnaffects the mystique of the ancient walls, harmoniously combined with a highly developed infrastructure of the modern capital. Tallinn is well equipped as a tourist centre. But its historical heart – takes guests on the page of an ancient record of a great state. Unique architecture with lovely decorative knick-knacks, colorful shop signs, narrow streets, a café in a medieval style and even real chimney sweep – it is the little that makes thousands of tourists endlessly to come back here. Another undoubted attraction of this place – of course, the sea, which completes the urban ensemble resonant chord, the sound is pierced in the heart. The true treasure of this luxurious and very welcoming of the city is its iconic architecture. The brightest example is the Church of St. Olaf – one of the main symbols of Tallinn. The height of the Church tower is 124 m. it has a viewing platform where you can cover the eyes all the splendor of the Estonian capital. Special greatness and some inconceivable magnetism has Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, built here in the late XIX century. One of the oldest temple objects in the Estonian capital city is the Cathedral, with stunning stained-glass scenes on the Windows, old German organ, as well as picturesque ancient cemetery, where preserved tombs of the XIII-XVIII centuries. Antiques lovers will love a visit to the pharmacy Museum, performing their direct functions still. The institution was founded in the early XV century, and since then has not changed its purpose even for a day. In the pharmacy two halls – in one, the old cabinets and showcases, presented to the realization of modern medications, the other has a great collection of Museum exhibits. Happy to spend time in the fresh air, and enjoy the luxury of the Imperial garden, it is possible to Park Kardiorg, founded by Peter the Great in his summer residence. A legendary Park with a 300-year history founded in the tradition of the French regular gardens. Among flowery flower-beds, you can meet Swan pond with black swans, towering into the sky fountains, and even a real Japanese garden. It is home to several museums.
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Public organization Varjupaikade was founded in 2007. Today, under her leadership, there are 7 shelters across Estonia, in Viljandi, pärnu, Valga, võru, Virumaa and Laanemaa.
Tallinn, Estonia 05.02.17
Home "VARJUPAIKADE" Tallinn web camera online
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Non-profit organization Pesaleidja was created in the spring of 2009 to help homeless and abused animals.
Tallinn, Estonia 05.02.17
Home "Pesaleidja". Tallinn web camera online
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In shelters the organization is home to about 3000 animals. Mission Varjupaikade to help lost dogs return home to find a new family for the poor Pets, and to educate society about the problem with uncontrolled growth in the number of homeless animals.
Tallinn, Estonia 17.01.17
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Public organization Varjupaikade was founded in 2007. Today, under her leadership, there are 7 shelters across Estonia, in Viljandi, pärnu, Valga, võru, Virumaa and Laanemaa.
Tallinn, Estonia 17.01.17
The animal shelter "VARJUPAIKADE"
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The camera is attached on the building of a 3-star Oru Hotell is in Tallinn, which is located at a distance of 600 m from the Baltic sea. Nearby Kadriorg Palace with a large Park, Concert hall "Singing field" and an Art Museum.
Tallinn, Estonia 03.04.16
The view from the hotel Ouro. Tallinn web camera online
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The camera shows a view of the business center of the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. Prosperous Tallinn, in addition to its rich and diverse historic district, protected by walls, is also of modern quarters with skyscrapers and hotels, banks, restaurants, Nightclubs, boutiques and bars.
Tallinn, Estonia 04.03.15
Webcam in the centre of Tallinn, in real-time
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The port of Tallinn is one of the largest jackpots in the Baltic sea annually receives a huge number of tourists arriving on cruise ships, other than passenger vessels this also comes on different cargo ships. Very often in the port you can also watch the large ships.
Tallinn, Estonia 01.04.14
The water area of Tallinn web camera online
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