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The waterfront resort town of Pitsunda. The view from the hull "the Golden Fleece"


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Pitsunda,Abkhazia– a resort town on the coast. The climate here is very favorable, is therefore considered therapeutic. City residents care to tour it comfortable and organized on the coast and a variety of entertainment, dining and local restaurants. As a result of political events, the number of inhabitants was reduced to 4000 inhabitants. In economic terms, the city is very dependent on tourism, residents of the city of Pitsunda together with the authorities are doing everything to keep tourists come every season. Most hotels and resorts are located in beautiful nature reserves. Very popular grove of Pitsunda pine, which is very healing in combination with the local climate. Improves cardiovascular system, heal from allergies, asthma, and colds. In the city centre there are restaurants and shops, and a market rich in choice fruit and vegetables grown by local farmers. Abkhazian cuisine is very diverse in the choice of food and diet and meat with spices. As for attractions, you can go on a tour of the Museum and the temple of the 10th century. Also a trip to Gagra, Sukhumi, or to look at the Gega waterfall. You can also visit the beautiful lake Ritsa, to visit the monastery. All of this tourist Agency, the locals are always very welcoming to visitors. Pitsunda web camera online.
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Webcam in Pitsunda is located on the territory of the local park. Live broadcast allows you to view a small area of the public recreation area. It shows an abundance of vegetation. This is a small but cozy Abkhazian town that differs from other resorts.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 04.02.22
The park. Webcams Pitsunda
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Pitsunda webcam is located along Agrba street. It is directed towards the ring. In real time, you can see what is happening on the road, as well as assess the weather conditions. The street itself is located in the central part of the city. It got its name in honor of the Abkhaz politician.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 04.02.22
Agrba ring. Webcams Pitsunda
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The webcam is located at the entrance to the small town of Pitsunda (Abkhazia). Real-time broadcasting allows you to assess the weather conditions and the situation on the road. This resort leaves few people indifferent, because. on the territory of the entire settlement there are thousands of hectares of relict forest.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 03.02.22
Entrance to the city. Webcams Pitsunda
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Pitsunda webcam is located on Gitsba street. Live broadcast shows the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called. You can enjoy the architecture of the religious building, which was built in the X century. You can also see what is happening on the street and assess the situation on the road.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 03.02.22
Temple. Webcams Pitsunda
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Webcam Pitsunda is located on the territory of the boarding house "Literary Fund". It is located at the entrance to the city between Lake Inkit and the Black Sea coast. Live broadcast allows you to see part of the interior of the boarding house and the outdoor pool. The surrounding nature will charge you with vivacity and inspiration for the whole year.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 03.02.22
Pension Litfond. Webcams Pitsunda
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Pitsunda webcam is installed on the Ldzaa beach. In real time, you can enjoy the endless sea and picturesque surroundings. The camera conducts an overview broadcast, which allows you to view the entire territory of the beach. The nearby infrastructure, hills with green trees also fall into her field of vision.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 02.02.22
Ldzaa beach (overview). Webcams Pitsunda
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Pitsunda webcam is directed at the memorial to the defenders of Abkhazia. The monument is dedicated to the inhabitants who defended the territory during the Great Patriotic War and the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. Live broadcast allows you to view the structure. It consists of a white granite arch, on the sides of which the names of the dead are engraved.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 02.02.22
Monument to the Defenders. Webcams Pitsunda
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The webcam broadcasts the beach of the "Musser" boarding house online. Musser's pension is located in one of the most beautiful corners of Abkhazia, near Pitsunda, on the Black Sea coast - right in the Pitsundo-Musser Biosphere Reserve.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 20.06.20
Musser's pension. Pizzado-Musser Reserve web cameras online
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The web camera broadcasts the Pitsunda embankment in real time. Beautiful sea views, flower beds, city and wild beaches, numerous attractions make the embankment a favorite holiday destination for tourists and locals.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 20.06.20
The city's waterfront. Pitsunda webcams online
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To your attention the panoramic web camera of The Pitsunda Bay is one of the three largest bays of the Eastern Black Sea. The depth of the bay at the entrance to the western part is over 50 m, in the northeast to 20 m. Pitsunda, famous for its hospitality and amazing beauty of nature, which makes it a wonderful resort.
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 20.06.20
Panoramic webcam promenade. Pitsunda webcams online
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Web camera in real time shows the coast of Pitsunda in Abkhazia from the restaurant "Golden Fleece"
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 03.03.19
The view from the hull "the Golden Fleece". Webcams online Pitsunda
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Web camera in real time shows the coast of Cape "Pitsunda" of the hotel "Mayak"
Pitsunda, Abkhazia 03.03.19
The view from the building "lighthouse". Webcams online Pitsunda
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