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Yevpatoriyawashed on three sides by the waters of the salt lakes and the warm Gulf Kalamitsky, is the jewel of the Western Crimean coast. This city is a crossroads of civilizations and traditions of the various peoples inhabiting these lands at different times. Collected here are the greatest cultural wealth. A magnificent and salubrious climate and well-developed tourism sector – make the Evpatoria one of the most attractive resorts in the whole Crimea. The road from Simferopol to the city is through the narrow isthmus separating the Bay of Yevpatoria and the largest salt lake of the Peninsula – Sasyk where in the last century was founded the enterprise for production of salt. Here, far away, in the coastal strip, towering monument to the heroes of the war – sailors-Marines, who seemed bursting from the sea, rapidly rushing into battle. This powerful 9-meter high monument erected in the wreck of the trawler "Fuse" and the group of other ships that arrived here back in 1942 for the landing and was shot by the Nazis in the face. Other heroic events of the war years, everyone will be able to tell the Yevpatoriya Museum of local Lore, collected in its walls the magnificent, an extensive exhibition that tells the history of the city. As well as a large memorial complex "Krasnaya Gorka", where the war had killed hundreds of who are looking, residents of nearby settlements, and the surviving paratroopers. Places for flower-laying are also about a dozen other monuments, obelisks and monuments depicting military equipment and individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Great Victory. In addition to the monuments, devoted to the prominent military past of the town, in Yalta assembled a treasure trove of unique architectural monuments, which allows to obtain a complete picture of the life of the city throughout its 2500-year history. It is a monument to Muslim culture, the mosque Juma-Jami, the monastery of Dervishes, Turkish baths, an Armenian Church and underground city with water system – Kariz, Karaite Kenasa and adjacent pedestrian street with the atmosphere of antiquity, the remains of a medieval fortress Gezlev gate of the wood market (Odun-Bazar kapusy), leading to the historic part of the city, called "little Jerusalem", the Jewish synagogue and the excavations of the ancient Greek settlement of Kerkinitida. A separate value for the Slavic population of Crimea present a luxurious Nicholas Cathedral, built in the late nineteenth century and the Greek Orthodox Church of the Prophet Elijah, with a strict monumental forms of the facade, a magnificent neo-classical frescos, and the lamps with living flame, brought from the Greek town of Zakynthos. And, of course, like most modern resortcities of the CrimeaDiesel fuel has prepared for its guests an incredible array of entertainment venues, modern museums and art galleries, theatres and the largest in the Crimea, the Dolphinarium, a water Park and chic promenade, clean sandy beaches and numerous resorts and holiday homes from around the world, hotels and children's camps, colorful clubs and restaurants, colourful markets and chic shops.
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With this web camera You can enjoy the view of the historic part of the unique Crimean resort city of Yalta. It overlooks the gates of the ancient Gezlev-building, the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Europe's only multi-domed mosque Juma-Jami and the town's waterfront harbour.
Yevpatoriya, Crimea 12.06.15
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Webcam shows a view of the historic part of Evpatoria in the Crimea. Here are collected the most popular tourist attractions, which belong to different eras in the long history of the city, starting from antiquity and the middle ages, to modern.
Yevpatoriya, Crimea 12.06.15
Quay. Yevpatoriya web camera online
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Webcam shows a view of the Park. Frunze in Evpatoria, sanatorium "Victory". The main functions of the health resort is diagnostic and therapeutic-preventive activities. Come here for the recovery of people with impaired function of respiratory, circulatory, musculoskeletal, urogenital, nervous and endocrine systems and diseases of the skin.
Yevpatoriya, Crimea 12.06.15
The sanatorium is Victory Park. Frunze in real-time
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Webcam shows a view of the beach of the sanatorium "Gold coast" in Yevpatoria. This is one of the few sanatoriums in the Crimea, which operates all year round. The health resort is located on the territory of the city Park. M. V. Frunze. Specialization of the resort is aimed at the prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, ENT-organs, nervous, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, and skin.
Yevpatoriya, Crimea 12.06.15
Sanatoriy Zolotoy Bereg in real-time
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From this webcam overlooking the intersection of streets and Matveev, Karaev in Yalta. Here is the cultural and ethnographic center Odun Bazaar-the kapus, which translated means "gate of wood Bazaar". This is one of five that existed in ancient Evpatoria city gate of the fortress.
Yevpatoriya, Crimea 12.06.15
The intersection of Matveev, Karaev and webcam online
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Chapaeva street, located in the heart of the Sunny city of Evpatoria. Street is the Central street that goes to the street, the Second Guards Army. Yevpatoria, a seaside town on the West of the Crimea, which attracts many visitors to its spas and beaches.
Yevpatoriya, Crimea 20.03.14
Ul.Chapaev. Yevpatoriya web camera online
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Evpatoria – a resort town situated on the West side of the Peninsula of Crimea, where every year attracts a large number of tourists in the holiday season. Those who love the sand and the sea the Evpatoria is the best choice. The camera takes the Museum of heroes of Chernobyl, the Wormwood Star.
Yevpatoriya, Crimea 26.12.13
The Museum of heroes of Chernobyl is "Wormwood Star". View of the monument and Park
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Evpatoria – a resort, having a large number of children's sanatoriums, sanatoriums, resorts, children's camps located along the shore. The best family vacation can be called safely in Evpatoria. The camera shoots theatre square. All the most interesting events occur here.
Yevpatoriya, Crimea 11.10.13
Theater square web Cam online
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