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The area of meadow towards St. Sports. Vladivostok webcam online


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Inimitable in its sightsVladivostoktook place in the hearts of many who visited the far East. The history of this amazing city begins with the construction of a small military camp of 30 tents. However, in 20 years, a rapidly developing Vladivostok was given the status of the city, which became the biggest trading center and seaport in the region. It attracts foreign merchants, and that's because Vladivostok was (and still is) one of the most diverse settlements in our country, here was built a huge number of temples belonging to different faiths. The most important factor in the development of Vladivostok was the construction of the Great Siberian route that linked the peripheral and Central partsRussianEmpire. For a long time, Vladivostok was closed to enter the city without special passes from here it was possible to get only after the collapse of the Soviet state. A modern city, despite its remote geographical location, is one of the most attractive for tourism and excursions. Beauty and the globality of the buildings of our era are combined here with ancient buildings and temples, monuments and cozy squares, giving the city a special look, complemented with lush vegetation and, of course, sea vistas. Visitors to Vladivostok meets the old railway station, the first construction of which dates back to pre-revolutionary times. From the station and the Forecourt are the most beautiful street of the city – Aleut and Admirala Fokina, where you can admire magnificent monuments of the war years, and old buildings that give this Asian city a real European look. Also the oldest street of the city is Svetlanskaya street, named after the ship "Svetlana" which Grand Duke Alexey Alexandrovich for the first time arrived in Vladivostok. This is the historic center, where every building is a monument of architecture and stores the history of the formation of this magnificent city, starting with his birth and ending with modernity. These old walls, elegant facades, lavishly decorated with stucco, columns, spires and turrets, seen war and rebellion, the Royal processions and many other outstanding events. One of the most important buildings of Vladivostok is Vladivostok fortress, erected 2 years after the founding of the city, and now a grandiose military-historical Museum under the open sky, which should certainly visit in order to know the true spirit and character of this impregnated the military glory of the city – a powerful Outpost in the far East of our country.
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Web Cam broadcasting real time Kotelnikova street, Vladivostok, Russia.
Vladivostok, Russia 06.11.18
Kotelnikova Street. Webcam Vladivostok online
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Web Cam broadcasting real time Nekrasovskaya street in Vladivostok, Russia.
Vladivostok, Russia 06.11.18
Nekrasovskaya street. Webcam Vladivostok online
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The webcam transmits real-time circular motion on Lev Tolstoy street in the city of Vladivostok Russia.
Vladivostok, Russia 06.11.18
Leo Tolstoy Street. Webcam Vladivostok online
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The webcam transmits real-time circular motion on the street of Captain Shefner in the city of Vladivostok Russia.
Vladivostok, Russia 06.11.18
Street Of Captain Shefner. Webcam Vladivostok online
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Web camera online broadcasts Prospekt Krasnogo Znameni, Vladivostok, also in the survey falls Shopping center "the Pacific"
Vladivostok, Russia 29.10.18
The shopping center Pacific. Webcam Vladivostok online
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Webcam broadcasts Congress street Admiral Yumasheva in Vladivostok. Ulitsa Admirala Yumasheva passes through 2 districts: Leninsky and Pervorechenskogo. The street is 1129 meters.
Vladivostok, Russia 29.10.18
The Street Of Admiral Yumashev. Webcam Vladivostok online
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Webcam broadcasts Golden bridge — cable-stayed bridge across the Zolotoy Rog Bay in Vladivostok. Was built in the framework of preparation to the APEC summit. Opened on 11 August 2012.
Vladivostok, Russia 29.10.18
Golden bridge. Webcam Vladivostok online
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Webcam shows a view of the intersection on the street Fadeeva, in the Leninsky district of Vladivostok. The street was named in honor of the Soviet writer A. A. Fadeeva. The overview covers the traffic in the intersection Voropaeva, homes and offices, as well as rail traffic on the bridge.
Vladivostok, Russia 13.09.17
The intersection of streets Fadeeva and Voropaeva. Vladivostok webcam online
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The broadcast is implemented Semenovskaya square in Vladivostok, which is located at the intersection of Mordovtseva and the Aleutians, and has a very developed infrastructure. The view covers a fragment of the roadway, the Park of culture and recreation, the building of the Regional administration, shopping centers, shops, cafes and part of the Golden horn.
Vladivostok, Russia 28.09.15
Semenovskaya square. Vladivostok webcam online
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Webcam overlooking Rudnevsky bridge in Vladivostok, covers a splendid urban landscape, surrounded by ancient hills and forests. The camera is attached to the house No. 68, street meadow. The bridge was constructed in the late twentieth century, and passing through the valley of the First river, at the North-Western outskirts of the city.
Vladivostok, Russia 28.09.15
Rudnevsky bridge. Vladivostok webcam online
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A webcam shows traffic on the street in Vladivostok, the view which opens from the shop "1000 small things". From here you can go on the street Nekrasovskaya, and visit the House of museums DVGTU. Here is located in the urban residential high-rise buildings, shops and shopping centres, as well as the upper station of the Vladivostok funicular.
Vladivostok, Russia 28.09.15
Interchange at elm street. Vladivostok webcam online
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Stream is transmitted from the web camera installed on the street name of test-cosmonaut A. I. Borisenko, 16, in Vladivostok. The overview covers the exit of streets of 40 years of Komsomol Heroes Hassan, also located here residential and office buildings. Near the junction is the Lyceum №41, a café-restaurant and petrol station.
Vladivostok, Russia 28.09.15
Street Borisenko. Vladivostok webcam online
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The view from this webcam is facing the interchange of the intersection, O. Koshevogo Okatova and Heroes of the Pacific fleet, in Pervomaisk area of Vladivostok. This intersection is also called Okatova area. Here located mainly sleeping quarters, with residential houses, educational and medical institutions.
Vladivostok, Russia 06.09.15
Okatova area. Vladivostok webcam online
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The webcam will broadcast a view transportation street Russian and prospect to the 100-anniversary of Vladivostok. In this district the alley of them. Denis Davydov, a few commercial enterprises, residential buildings and schools, the famous Vladivostok Musical College, the district administration and the Parliamentary Avenue.
Vladivostok, Russia 06.09.15
Russian - 100 years of Vladivostok. Vladivostok webcam online
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Web camera with view of the Avenue 100th anniversary of Vladivostok, gives viewers an overview of the longest Avenue of the city, in the direction of departure from Vladivostok, and captures the building of the factory "dawn", which is a modern shopping and office complex. The Avenue was built in 1960. There is also a children's library, youth house, shops, court, police station and stadium.
Vladivostok, Russia 06.09.15
Factory Zarya. Vladivostok webcam online
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