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In the Northern Caucasus along the Terek river lies the capital of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania – Vladikavkaz. This city has a rich history. The Foundation of the city was laid during the reign of Catherine II, in order which, in the second half of the XVIII century, 10 years after voluntary accession of the Ossetian society in Russia, the fortress was laid, which performed the functions of a Russian Outpost near the Ossetian settlement. The name of this fortress meant the city owns the Caucasus. In our time, is a developed industrial, cultural and scientific center of southern Russia, received the title "City of military glory" for outstanding battle during the defense of the Caucasus from fascist Germany. Those who came here for the first time – I advise to visit the city's museums, which contain the most valuable archaeological collections of the times of the Ossetian era, as well as unique in style and décor of Scythian weapons. In the exposition of the National Museum presents exhibits from the collection of the Koban bronze prehistoric era, of world importance. Art lovers must see collection of city art Museum, among which exhibits works from the collections of the Hermitage, the Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum, the work of young Ossetian artists nominated for the European competitions, as well as many rare documents and historical primary sources. The city has a great many and variety theatres. It is theatre of Russian drama, and Digor in the North Ossetian drama theatres, youth theatre-Studio, equestrian and musical theatres, children's puppet theatre, ritual theatre, as well as the oldest in the North Caucasus state Philharmonic hall, which hosts many concerts and festivals. In Vladikavkaz remained to our time extraordinarily beautiful architecture. Most of the ancient buildings located in the historic part of the city. Here is the majestic Cathedral. George is one of the most important attractions of the city and also the oldest Ossetian Church, the walls of which were erected during the fortress Vladikavkaz, which has not yet received the city status. Among other religious buildings in the city are the Armenian Church and the Roman Catholic Church, a synagogue and a German Church, and Sunni and Shiite mosques. In the city there are many monuments and statues. It is a memorial in honor of the 200th anniversary of the accession Ossetia to Russia, and a memorial to the participants of the great Patriotic and Civil wars, as well as honored the Ossetians, the monuments to the hero of folk tales – the sled Soslan and the founder of the village of Dzaudzhikau. A favorite place for walks with the whole family is the city Park of culture and rest, city embankment, as well as a functioning children's railway. The excellent scenery on the outskirts of the city, medicinal mineral springs and great hotels, making Vladikavkaz extremely attractive city for tourist trips.
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Upper Fiagdon (also just Fiagdon) (Oset. Ullah Yeadon) — village (until 2005 — urban-type settlement) in alagirsky district in the mountains of North Ossetia. Located in the Kurtat gorge, the river Fiagdon. The population in 1970 was 2.6 thousand inhabitants, have recently been declining due to migration to the villages on the plain and Vladikavkaz.
Vladikavkaz, Russia 03.02.19
The village of Upper Fiagdon web camera online
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Unusual luxury hotel is located in a beautiful Kurtat gorge in North Ossetia-Alania Republic at 1,300 meters above sea level. There are many attractions Midagrabin waterfalls and ancient monuments in Dargavs, Alanian tower.
Vladikavkaz, Russia 03.02.19
Art Hotel Fiagdon. Webcam Vladikavkaz online
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Vladikavkaz is the capital of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania, one of the most beautiful cities of the North Caucasus and a major industrial, scientific and cultural center of Southern Russia.
Vladikavkaz, Russia 03.02.19
Center. Webcam Vladikavkaz online
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Resort Tsey is a place of snowy peaks, mountain rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, protected areas, coniferous forests, Alpine meadows. All these gifts of nature are complemented by ozonized air.
Vladikavkaz, Russia 03.02.19
Resort Tsey. Webcam Vladikavkaz online
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The web camera is attached in front of the Ministry of fuel, energy and housing and communal services of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania. The survey covers an area of Freedom, from the height of bird flight. This plot is located also of Arbitration and the World court, Government house of the North Caucasian military Institute, the Central Park of culture and leisure. K. L. Khetagurov, as well as Central banks and a variety of food service establishments.
Vladikavkaz, Russia 02.02.16
The Liberty Square. Vladikavkaz webcam online
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This web camera allows to see a holistic, panoramic view of the area Generala Plieva in Vladikavkaz, the adjacent embankment of the Terek and dynamic sculptural composition of bronze monument to the great commander Issa Pliev, standing on the stirrups of his faithful horse.
Vladikavkaz, Russia 25.02.15
The panoramic camera. Area Plieva webcam onlin
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