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Town square. Nazarovo web camera online


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A small town with a large industrial potential – Nazarovo is located in the coastal area of the river Chulym river, which flows in the Krasnoyarsk territory. Named in honor of the Cossack, who founded the city,Nazarovonot always had such a look these days. Once it was a small village of Nazarovo, where there were about 15 families. Only after almost two centuries after the Nazar of Petukov built at the mouth of the river Adadym their home, this settlement began to acquire the rudiments of infrastructure. In the first half of the NINETEENTH century there was built a stone Church, and by the end of the century, when in Nazarovo already had social agencies, post office, and ferry, these lands were discovered deposits of brown coal. Later they built a school, hospital, folk and Church libraries, Telegraph, began the construction of the railway. And by the 20 th years of the twentieth century, Nazarovo has acquired the status of district center. The status of the city of territorial subordination, Nazarovo received only after the great Patriotic war, when actively began to conduct his residential buildings and businesses. At the same time began the construction of a coal mine and Nazarovskaya GRES, where nowadays go on trips. There came young experts and workers from all over the USSR. This period was also built the building Department and hotels, city and district administrations, College and College. After more than 10 years after the conversion Nazarovo urban settlement, there were opened new industrial plants – engineering plant and steel plant. In addition to the production, Nazarovo, known for its famous natives. Here was born and started his career of people's artist of the USSR Marina Ladynina, and actor Vladislav Demin. The main attractions Nazarova are, by and large, to the modern period in the history of the city. The most interesting of them is the Museum and exhibition complex where priceless architectural finds and exhibits including the unique nodules in the core of which was discovered fish fossil. Another recommended place is St. Basil's Church – the one that was first built during the village of Nazarovo, and which, literally, was revived from the ashes after a fire during the Communist persecution of the Church. Next to the temple is a monument to the founder of the city. If You want to touch the cultural life Nazarovo – go to the City Palace of culture, where You will find lots of kinds of events, competitions, concerts and festivals. The most fun will come in Nazarovo in the winter, when the Northern city completely covered with snow, and the streets are snowy towns where there are fun games for children.
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Nazarovo webcam with a view of the Memorial to the Nazarov Warriors. The lens covers a cozy square and a memorial complex with a high stele. Nearby is the Museum and Exhibition Center, as well as several other monuments. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Nazarovo, Russia 03.03.24
Memorial to the Nazarov Warriors. Webcams Nazarovo
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Nazarovo webcam overlooking the popular city park Rainbow of Childhood. The lens covers the territory of the amusement park, as well as adjacent residential buildings. Nearby there is a city recreation center with ticket offices, several cafes, a court and other objects of the urban environment. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Nazarovo, Russia 01.03.24
Rainbow of Childhood Park. Webcams Nazarovo
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The Nazarovo webcam broadcasts a view of the building of the Leader physical education and sports complex. Near this place there are several shops and cafes, a gym, and the city and district administration. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Nazarovo, Russia 28.02.24
Sports complex Leader. Webcams Nazarovo
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Nazarovo webcam with a view of the Holy Trinity Church under construction. The structure is being built from red brick, in a magnificent architectural tradition and thanks to real-time broadcast, everyone can watch the progress of the construction of the shrine.
Nazarovo, Russia 26.02.24
Construction of the temple. Webcams Nazarovo
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The webcam is located on the territory of Yablochny Square. The lens covers part of the recreational area with outdoor exercise equipment and swings. Nearby there are residential buildings in a residential area. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Nazarovo, Russia 23.02.24
Apple Square. Webcams Nazarovo
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Nazarovo webcam with a view of the intersection of Arbuzov and Karl Marx streets. Near this place there is Central Square, the city recreation center, Rainbow of Childhood Park, shops, cafes and other city infrastructure. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Nazarovo, Russia 19.02.24
Crossroads of Arbuzov and K. Marx. Webcams Nazarovo
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The camera is installed at the intersection of Arbuzov and Chekhov.
Nazarovo, Russia 10.11.16
Nazarovo. The intersection of Chekhov and Arbuzov
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This webcam provides a live view from the square at DC Energy, located in the picturesque village of Bor. This place is a remote residential district of the city of Nazarovo, and is surrounded by pine trees, which grow relict coniferous trees. Bor almost on all sides surrounded by water. Here there is indescribable atmosphere and great climate.
Nazarovo, Russia 20.06.15
DK Energetik. Area. The village of Bor web camera online
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