Webcam Reykjavik online steaming Bay

Webcam Reykjavik online steaming Bay
Iceland, remote, wild and beautiful country. In Iceland, you can see unique landscapes you will not find in any place of our planet. Thingvellir, a valley in the southwestern part of Iceland, and also the Park was founded in 1928. Webcam of Reykjavik online 

Reykjavik, Iceland the capital and chief city, in the translation, which means the Smoking Bay. In spite of the climatic conditions in Iceland is very change, the city is located very well, in a warm area of the island.
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The main attraction of Reykjavik is its pompous Church Hallgrimskirkja. In front of the Cathedral, a monument to the discoverer of the North American coast, Leif the Happy, which was donated by the United States in 1930 in honor of the millennial anniversary of the Icelandic Parliament.

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The Park, the valley of Thingvellir. This is one of the most picturesque parks in Iceland. What place, other than the miracles of a nature, this place is the abundance bestowed upon God himself. Observing nature, just plunge into the world of colors, and wildlife.

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If you look through the night, be sure you can even see the Northern lights, which in these places is a common phenomenon.

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In ancient times, with a 930 in the valley of Thingvellir was going Icelandic residents at the public chamber, which discussed the laws. In the valley were many roads from all over Iceland. Here, in one of the meetings a decision was taken on the adoption of Christianity in these lands. Here, in the forty-fourth year was adopted by the independence of Iceland.

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